For the 10th straight year, the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards solidified their presence of being the authority for current honorees in the rap community.

And like always, the round of cyphers was the biggest draw as several of today’s stars and OGs teamed up for some informal competition. With everything that’s going on in the country, a lot of the statements were created to be political, while some MCs just flossed in their artistry. All in all, it was an incredible display of unique lyricism across the board.

Uncle Snoop Dogg is not some “bitter, old rapper who’s mad because the young MCs is having it” and you shouldn’t be either.

Without further ado, here are the most engaging, exciting and flat-out best punchlines from the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards lyrics.

“Been with the shits/I was raised for the revolution/Because I’m a Black Panther like Cam Newton” — Consequence

“I used to pop ex with Paris/I used to make her lay next to Sarah/We used to have sex on camera/I used to pop ex and Viagra/And act like it was natural stamina” — Lil Wayne (Wait, what?)

“They dressing like women, they calling it fashion/I call it ‘checking a nigga’/You calling it ‘bashing'” – Beanie Sigel

“I’m working to the wheels fall/Just don’t pop my tire/Because I’ll let that thing sing/You can’t stop that choir” — Young M.A

“And every time they get to saying All Lives Matter/All that ever sounds like is all white crackers” — Millyz

“While y’all cheering on every silicon clone for four summers my flow been dumb as Raven-Symoné” — 3D Na’Tee

“They ain’t seen nothing yet/Y’all can’t even penetrate her/Slick as oil/You ran like water/And for that, we separated” – Bre-Z

“I treat beats like black men when I’m policing/in other words, I be killing them for no reason” — John John Da Don

“Two chicks blowing on my mic like it’s Floetry” — Don Q

“I got so many bars, you’d think I’d miss subpoena” – Kent Jones

“Embody the Body of Christ while y’all niggas failed religion/And this is the scripture of a stand-up nigga who’s Kaepernickin'” – Oswin Benjamin

“See every year that I don’t win an award is such a sad reminder/That I get robbed like Blac Chyna” — 3D Na’tee

“So post this on your ‘Gram or Snap/’Cause like Usain, I can’t be beaten on the track” — Consequence

“A black person can not be a racist, so let’s recite the tendencies/Racism is an institution, created by the lies that hide in white supremacy” — Locksmith

“I like a face like Rihanna/A body like Trina/And she call my d!ck ‘Martin’/I put it in her va-Gina” – Kent Jones

“We gotta bring the rap game back/’Cause all I see is colorful dread-heads that can’t rap” — John John Da Don

“These rappers all copy/They lying to the world like Ryan Lochte” — Jidenna

“Now it’s time to drop the window, slime/Toss out your demo, I ain’t even like your intro, slime” – Lil Wayne

“These custys must be on dopamine or something/Who’da thought being dope in today’s age would mean nothing?” — Your Old Droog

“It’s Young M.A/Some love her, a lot don’t like it/But word to Alicia Keys/this “girl on fire” — Young M.A


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