In what was arguably the hottest concert of 2016 so far, ColleGrove collaborators 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne presented an exclusive members-only concert experience to TIDAL members. The private event took place in Atlanta at the Tabernacle, and for Tidal fans not in the ATL, the event was streamed live via TIDAL.COM.

CollegeGroove Interrupted

Moments into his performance, 2 Chainz abruptly halted his set to address indie artist who were tactlessly tossing CDs on stage interrupting his performance. “Yo they throwing CDs on stage while I’m performing,” he pointed out. “It’s 2016, when was the last time you seen somebody with a CD? We don’t do that shit no more, we stream. Bless you if think that’s gonna get you somewhere. Free Gucci.”

“Anybody celebrating a birthday?” 2 Chainz asked before reemphasizing the turn up with his hit “Birthday Song,” and without further ado, TIDAL’s exclusive members were privy to performances of hit songs “Where You Been,” “Feds Watching,” and “I’m Different.” From there Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz would share the stage again performing “Bentley Truck.’

For ColleGrove fans, the idea of having Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz on the same stage, the same building, at the same damn time, was the ultimate Hip Hop adrenaline rush. 2 Chainz had the crowd completely lit the entire night performing with his classics “No Lie, “Crack,” “Gotta Lotta, “Riot,” and a few others to include the Lil Wayne collaborative mega hit, “Duffle Bag Boy.” Middle fingers were also raised in the air when Wayne dropped hits like “The Motto,” “Loyal,” “Milli,” “Goin’ In,” and “Mrs. Officer,” with the latter being accented by a surprise performance with R&B hitmaker Bobby Valentino.

King Of Features (2 Chainz Vs Lil Wayne)

As two of the most arguably requested rappers, it comes to no surprise that Tunechi and Tity Boi faced-off in an epic song competition.

“All Me” – 2 Chainz
“I’m on One” – Lil Wayne
“Cut Her Off” – 2 Chainz
“Pop That” – Lil Wayne
“Fuckin’ Problems” – 2 Chainz
‘Loyal”- “Motto” Lil Wayne
‘Mercy” – 2 Chainz
“Bounce” – 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne

Mixtape Set

The mixtape set was really dope and offered up some of our favorite tracks; you know the ones that stay in your playlists and have made room in your Friday through Sunday weekend.

2 Chainz
“Spend It”
“MF’N Right”

Lil Wayne
“Sky’s the Limit”
“Hot Boy”

R.I.P Bankroll Fresh

The stage began to fill up like a concert choir via a very remarkable tribute to slain Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh. “He was a good dude,” 2 Chainz prophetically spoke moments before performing “Walked In,” “All We Do Is Trap” and “Take Over Yo Trap’ in his honor.

Weezy F. Baby Fan Tribute

Before addressing some of his more recent public label discrepancies, Lil Wayne took to the stage to vent saying “I know you know I’ve been going through some bullshit with this music shit, and I have only three words: ‘Fuck them niggas.'”

As the event began to come to a close, 2 Chainz humbly thanked Lil Wayne for being one of the first people to believe in and support him. “Shout out to Lil Wayne, who gave me a shot,” he told the audience.

With everyone on their feet Lil Wayne went super hard performing vintage Cash Money material: “Go DJ,” “Hustler Musik,” “Steady Mobbin,” and “No Worries.” But that didn’t stop him from taking a moment before closing out his performance to thank the fans. “We wouldn’t be nothing without you. Without you, none of this would be possible, and we thank you, you make this possible”

TIDAL is headed in the right direction and events like the Live TIDAL concerts will arguably build and engage with key audiences and indirectly create a much-needed avenue in music.