There isn’t a simpler way to express philosophies, cultural relevance and seemingly unimportant ideas than memes. Throughout the years, Hip Hop has had its fair share as well. In fact, some within the culture have benefited tremendously from memes of all type. Some have found interesting ways of flexing their knowledge on the culture at large while others utilize memes to engage in hilarious shit-talking. Just in case you missed some of the funniest takes on life the internet can offer, we’re here to help through memes describing today’s top Hip Hop stories.

This week, take a look at some of the most hilarious Thanksgiving memes available.

Meek Mill’s Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Clapback trended this week in an interesting display of witty humor. Today, can Meek Mill make a joke around his family without questions of his fairly crappy year?

Putting The Food Away


Once the family and friends leave, someone has to put the food away.  Que questionable Kanye West face.

Another One


Instead of asking for plate after plate, be a boss like DJ Khaled and just say two words: Another one.

Lil Momma Crying


The infamous Lil Momma Crying meme from that one particular Breakfast Club interview has made quite a resurgence.  

Classic Big Sean Meme


One of the best meme series ever involves Big Sean’s appearance on 106 & Park last year. The usage of Photoshop couldn’t have been better for popular Twitter hashtag #Thanksgivingwithblackfamilies.   

“Corner Store Run”


The best part of Thanksgiving involves making that store run with cousins which in reality is an excuse to go smoke weed before the food is ready.

Explaining Employment


We all have that one family member who plans on promoting his mixtape this Thanksgiving.  

Stevie J Look


Bringing a bad one near the family today for the first time? Expect that one uncle to give the utmost respect.

Drake Gets More Pie



Drizzy’s celebratory applause meme really can match any happy mood. That means finding out there’s more pie as well.

Saying Grace “My Way”


Fetty Wap’s eye has become a fairly distinct feature for him leading to a slew of memes. For Thanksgiving, saying grace before a meal with one eye close.