Bobby Shmurda is somewhere in penitentiary limbo at the moment, not quite indicted, not quite free. These situations are uncomfortable for everyone, but the teenage GS9 star is trying to keep his spirits up despite his situation. How so? By calling Ebro and the Hot 97 Morning Show team, of course!

He kept it very, very real, however, lamenting on his label issue with Epic and their parent company Sony, and giving us the low down on life in the box. Rowdy Rebel was with him, and the two gave an enlightening first person view into their situation. They even managed to soften the normally granite heart of Ebro, who vowed to help him find a manager if they beat the case. With that in mind, we’ve picked nine of the interviewer’s most interesting quotes.

Bobby Shmurda Doesn’t Have A Manager And Wants 50 Cent To Manage Him

Bobby Shmurda: “Right now I don’t have no manager. I’m looking for a manager right now while I’m in jail…I’ve been trying to get in contact with 50 for management or something.”

Since being locked up, Bobby Shmurda’s management has deserted him. Therefore, he’s been on a search for someone to control his brand while behind bars. One person he’d like to take on that responsibility is 50 Cent who recently talked about Shmurda earlier this week during an interview on The Breakfast Club.

His Label Issues Aren’t With Epic But With Parent Company Sony

Rowdy Rebel: “I can’t really say Epic hasn’t been really supporting us. It’s really Sony cause Sony is over Epic.”

Rowdy Rebel got time to speak alongside Shmurda during the interview with Ebro & Rosenberg and spoke on their label situation. According to the rapper, the issue with support has more to do with parent company Sony than Epic. From the looks of things, the label may or may not have turned their back on the boys of GS9.

Epic/Sony Is Ready To Make Around $20 – $40 Million From Them

Rowdy Rebel: “No doubt, they’re ready to make $20 – $40 million off of us.”

The lack of label support may be surprising considering the amount of money Epic/Sony were allegedly looking to make from Shmurda and Rebel. Then there’s the fact that regardless of “Hot Nigga”s reception within Hip Hop, the single went platinum. Strange considering Shmurda mentioned not receiving any money from the label some time ago.

Rowdy Rebel Was Sent To Solitary Confinement

Rowdy Rebel: “Yeah man, I just got out the whole man eating good and shit. I’m eating good right now. Everybody giving me Chi Chi.”

Even while locked up, Rebel couldn’t managed to stay out of trouble. Though actual reasons weren’t given, here’s hoping he can keep out of the hole of The Tomb a.k.a. Manhattan Detention Complex. For those who don’t understand culinary jail terminology, check the video above for a better understanding of Chi Chi.

His “Uncle” Debo Wilson Isn’t Actually Related To Him, Lied About Putting Up Bail Money, Stole Money And Is Attempting To Sue

Bobby Shmurda: “That nigga a lie, that nigga ain’t my real uncle. That’s the nigga always trying to rob me on some shit. That nigga a lying as nigga man. That nigga trying to sue me right now while I’m in jail and everything.”

Shmurda’s manager Debo Wilson isn’t actually his uncle and was suppose to originally post bail money when Epic/Sony failed to do so allegedly. According to the interview, the two aren’t on good terms. Shmurda says that not only did Wilson not post bail, but stole money and is attempting to sue him while incarcerated.

Cops Told Them They’re Tired Of Their Kids Listening To His Music

Bobby Shmurda: “It’s bias and racist right now…The day they locked me up you know what they told me? They said they’re tired of their kids listening to my music.”

Law enforcement’s history with rappers have never been the greatest. However, if what Shmurda said is true, this isn’t making things any better.

Doesn’t Feel He’s Done Anything Wrong

Bobby Shmurda: “Nothing but say hi and bye to people. Probably take a couple of pictures with people and that’s it.”

The question proposed by Rosenberg was simple: Does he feel like any of his actions contributed to his current jail situation? Shmurda’s answer: Taking a couple of pictures with people? So getting caught with enough guns to start a small jihad wasn’t it?

Only Person Giving Him Commissary Is His Mom

Bobby Shmurda: “I’m asking my mom and shit for money for real.”

Before quoting a Drake lyric to describe the fact that no one has really backed him, the only one really supporting Shmurda at the moment is his mother. If things turn in his favor, hopefully he’s better able to discern who exactly his real friends are.

Meek Mill Sent Him A Letter

Bobby Shmurda: “Meek sent me some mail. That’s it. I’m trying to get his address but he bounces around all over so I’m trying to get his address so I can send him something back.”

Meek Mill sent him some mail, which is important. Being in jail can feel like you’ve fallen off the face of the earth, and who understands more than Meek? Who was just in the bing for a dubious parole violation? Of course, he’s gotten out to real success but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten those feelings of life behind bars.