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The Best Rap Albums Of 2017

The best of the best.

The Top Rap Songs Of 2017: By The Numbers

People lie. Numbers don't.

Cardi B Needs To Embrace Being A Rap Queen & Not A Social Media Pawn

Will her own antics take her down?

The Top Rap Songs Of 2017

HipHopDX has boiled down 2017 to the Top 50 songs, highlighting the best records to drop this year along with the ones that were constantly in rotation.

Diddy's Potential Peers: A Depth Chart Of All 32 NFL Team Owners

Should Mr. Puff Daddy make Hip Hop proud and become the first African American majority owner, this affluent list of businessmen (and women) will become his new peers.

The Best Memes Of 2017

From Kendrick Lamar to Roll Safe, the gang's all here.

The Most Slept-On Rap Albums Of 2017

Time to wake up!

The 10 Wildest Lil Wayne "Dedication 6" Lyrics

The mind of Weezy can be an unbelievable place.

2017 In Review — Instagram Flexin'

Some of the most memorable Instagram moments of the year, including Beyoncé announcing her pregnancy, Nicki Minaj "Breaking The Internet," and Migos getting involved in multiple beefs.

Instagram Flexin': Diddy's Bad Boy Panthers?

Also, Joe Budden enjoys parenthood, Drake gets back in the studio, Chance The Rapper joins the cause, and Quavo & Travis Scott deliver an early Christmas gift.

2017 In Review — Tweets Is Watching

Some of 2017's most memorable moments happened on Twitter.

Tweets Is Watching: Hip Hop Salutes Combat Jack

Plus, Eminem drops "Walk On Water" music video teaser, Gucci Mane explains why he has no features on his new album and Lil B gives an NBA curse update.

The Best Of R&B 2017

Plus DX's picks for R&B Album Of The Year and R&B Song Of The Year.

Review: Will Smith’s “Bright” Is Never Fun But Piles On The Sci-Fi Shootouts

If you're into guns and Galactica, this is the movie for you. Just don't expect a consistent plot.

The Best Mixtapes & EPs Of 2017

The top non-studio album projects of the year, including hits from Drake, Lil B, Freddie Gibbs, Prince Paul, Joyner Lucas and more.

5 Rappers Who Could Replace Joe Budden On "Everyday Struggle"

The sign says "NOW HIRING!!!"

Remembering Hip Hop Community Members We Lost In 2017

“Meet me in the cemetery, dressed in black/ Tonight we honor the dead, those who won’t be back,” — Makaveli, “Hold Ya Head”

The Most Disappointing Rap Albums Of 2017

From Eminem to Macklemore, we list off the most frustrating listens of the year.

The Best Rap Videos Of 2017

Some standout visuals from Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, Migos, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, French Montana, Kendrick Lamar and Kendrick Lamar.

Final Justice For Tupac Shakur — Will The Police Step Up To The Plate?

A&E "Who Shot Tupac?" producer, P. Frank Williams asks the hard questions, including will, Orlando Anderson, finally be officially recognized as the late rap icon's killer?

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