Practice makes perfect and that is key. Coming up in a city that is no newbie to the music industry can be tough. But through diligent training in classical music, starting at a young age Josh X-An-Tus proves that practice can get you not only to perfection but to higher grounds as well. On the come up from a young age in New York City the 22 year old artist spent hours daily practicing his major and minor scales on the piano. With his current single “Let’s Ride” featuring Jadakiss being played sporadically on the radio catching the ears of many, its’ simple beat accompanied by smooth tones remind you of having a healthy good old times.

Being classically trained at Julliard then to move on to Five Towns College, this young talents mind was really on the music. Young and fresh faced on the scene it’s hard to find much information about Josh. All that’s pretty much there are numerous outlets to watch his video for his first single. What is so great and different about Josh? He’s a new singer who is coming onto the scene from New York and there hasn’t been too many huge acts coming from the area in a while as far as pop R&B goes. He also can play and writes his own music as well. He stays true to what he believes in and that most definitely is his music. Why not let this be your introduction to the possible next big deal?

On Why He Chose His Name To Be Josh X-An-tus: Josh X-An-Tus is actually my real name. it is my first name Josh X-An-Tus. X-An-Tus is a powerful name. The meaning behind it means golden. I just thought that it was such a strong name and that I rather just go with it.

Why He Stands Out:Well first of all being 22 and being classically trained and going to Julliard and graduating Five Towns College with a bachelor in music, I think that’s different right there. I write all my material. I think that’s really far away from what’s going on right now.

Pressures To Try To Be In The Big Leagues With Other Songwriters/singers Such As Ne-Yo And The Dream:I don’t feel pressure at all. I have written with some of the biggest writers in the business such as Denise Rich, and I’m currently writing for certain artists such as Celine Dion. I think the fact that I’m classically trained and I have the credentials to go with it, graduating from college with a masters in Music, I think makes me a well rounded and ready to be geared for that.

How It Was Working With Jadakiss For His First Single “Let’s Ride”:When I got the beat I had an idea on who I wanted on the track. Jadakiss [click to read] is a very good friend and one of my friends deejays for him. I’m always around him and I’m always hanging out with him going to shows. It just made sense. He came to the studio and he liked it and thought it was crazy. He said he wanted to be on it and I said I wanted him to be on it. I recorded it and sent it to him and he put it through his process and that was that.

His Music School Training:The thing is Julliard is focused on straight classical. You’re here at a school learning pieces such as [Frederic] Chopin, [Amadeus] Mozart and stuff from these really, really big artists and at a young age I was really training myself to learn this music. The teachers were way stricter. The classes were intense because the business is a hard one to get into so being an African American at Julliard definitely stood out. Therefore I had the mentality like, okay I have to go home and practice for six to seven hours on this stuff. In Five towns it was easier for me to relate to the content given. It was more commercial music and stuff you listen to everyday. It was much easier at five towns because I understood it more. I wanted to be an R&B singer so I enjoyed playing the music there. Both schools are great and it gave me a chance to be able to play Jazz, Classical and more current pieces.

Why He Chooses To Write And Who Inspires Him?: Normally when I write about something it’s about what I’m going through. About 90% of my album was written by me so most of it is about things I am going through personally. I bring up topics I feel that other people can relate to. Normally when I write it just really depends on the vibe. Some of my inspiration is Brandy, Lauryn Hill and Sade. Those are the people who I really listen to.

How His Personal Journey To His Current Position Was A Grind: Actually, I have been pretty blessed. I had two major deal offers before I signed my current deal. I got to open up for Ne-Yo [click to read], 50 Cent [click to read], Fabolous [click to read], Chrisette Michele and Danity Kane; I got to open up for a bunch of artists before I signed my current deal. But the process was a grind. I stuck to it and kept performing just to get to the point I’m at now. It definitely was a grind. I will also say that people will try and sell you false dreams and the struggles young artists have to go through before you finally get to where you wanna be has been apart of that grind.

On What He Hopes To Bring To The People Musically:Honestly, I would just want to educate and really come and show people how important it is to have music in your life. It helped me get a full ride into college and it really taught me and helped me become who I am now. I would say lets save the music.

Other Side Projects:Basically I am focusing on my album right now. But I am also writing for Celine Dion and writing with Denise Rich.

Projections For A Year From Now:I would have to say on the top. My goal is to get as much people as possible to understand where I’m coming from as an artist and artistically. I want people to really feel where I’m coming from because I honestly feel that my album is all about me. I really wanna share that with people and record and get as much people as possible to hear it.