Sixteen years is a long time for anything. It’s a long time in life. It’s a long time in business, especially one in an industry that seems to teleport every three months. In the time since HipHopDX was first launched by Cheri Media CEO Sharath Cherian, babies were born that now have driver’s licenses. Netscape still existed. The sound of a computer connecting to the internet rang as ubiquitous as a DMX’s menacing bark. To reach such a significant milestone requires significant celebration. Which is exactly what the Team Cheri Media did on July 19.

“We did our 15th Anniversary Birthday event last year, a month earlier around BET weekend,” says DX founder, Sharath Cherian. “It was pretty crazy, we introduced, we got to hang out with all our friends in the business world. Man, even Floyd Mayweather showed up.”

“This year, for year 16 I just wanted to do something with a super relaxed vibe. The DX team is amazing and I’m proud of what they have achieved in the last 16 years. Think about that, 16 years. That’s a long time, it’s important to spend it with friends and family.”

To commemorate 16 years of viability, HipHopDX threw a relaxed BBQ affectionately dubbed “Chillin’ N’ Grillin’.” Our friends at Skee TV/DASH Radio were awesome enough to let us host the event at their spacious Hollywood compound. Roslynn and the good folks at MyDiveo held us down righteously. Hennessy came through with the premium cocktails (tended by the ladies of Pourstarz Bartending service). Baby’s Badass Burgers made sure everyone reveled on a full stomach. With the exception of the mini monsoon that drowned Southern California, everything blended perfectly.

“We got rained out, well at least that is what I thought was going to happen,” Cherian says. “Shout out to DJ Skee. I had run to Target and grab a bunch of pop-up tents so people could stay out of the rain. The RSVP had over 800 people but since it was raining I didn’t know what was going to happen. Around 400 people came, we ran out of Baby’s Badass Burgers, we ran out of Hennessy. The support, even with the rain was amazing.”


16 years is a talisman for every employee in the history of HipHopDX, for every reader that’s rocked with us, for every editor, for every byline ever to appear on the site. It’s an accomplishment only achieved through countless sleepless nights, an ability to adjust to an ever changing macro environment and a relentless resilience through challenges no model could project. A tremendous thank you goes out to everyone who’s ever contributed to the legacy of HipHopDX. We wouldn’t be here without you.