Dear Loyal HipHopDX readers. We have a lot, and I mean a lot to discuss. I have been steering this site for over 16 years, and you have heard from me very very little.

I will do better.

Over the next couple months we are making significant changes to HipHopDX. All of which we hope are for the better, but without your feedback we may build things that might not make a difference, are not intuitive or god forbid are just not user friendly. We want your feedback.

HipHopDX is a very large site. According to ComScore, the Nielsen ratings of the internet, over 3.4 million readers (2.7 million Americans) visit our site every month. This means we have to think and test our changes. Unfortunately we can’t move as quickly as we’d like. So as we make changes we will outline them on this page—Behind The Site (BTS). This is where, I want to know what you think. I’m open to all feedback. Give me the good, the bad and the absolute ugly.

Enjoy the first round of updates and we will be looking for your comments below. I do want to build with all the fans and the haters, so let’ go!

Here is what’s new on the Desktop version of HipHopDX.


Most of the commenters/readers have been complaining about our Comments Section for some time. There has been SPAM, it looks terrible, It’s hard to follow etc.. Contrary to popular belief, we do read our comments and we are listening. Welcome to comments v2.0. It’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful, easy to read, easy to understand and of course easy to comment! The experience you have been enjoying on mobile has now been brought to desktop.

We have designed a series of avatars for people who don’t have Gravatar. Sign up for Gravatar if you want your image to appear or wait for a new login system which is coming later this summer. We have inline replies , voting up or down a comment , and we now have a way to Flag comments that you feel don’t represent the community we are trying to build.

Breaking News & Announcements

Sometimes a news story is too important to miss. Sometimes we have a new feature that we want you to know about. We will use this new announcement box to tell you about it. Click and you shall receive.

Album Releases

This section has been broken for a while. It needed some TLC (T-Boz, Left Eye & Chilli… Just kiding: Tender, Loving, Care) and we’re giving it some. We are not 100% there yet with the layout but we are enjoying where we are so far. Most importantly, it works!

Click on the “Year”  and/or the “Month”  and the “Dates”  below will change. Any album without a date means we don’t know it yet. Like Yeezy said: “Release dates are played…” We’re all adjusting to the new world together. Previous dates will be accurate. Future dates in Hip Hop are… these days… a work in progress.


For a while now we have known that search has needed some work, so we are starting with a few cosmetic changes and then moving on to the search results. This is a big project so be patient and we will make the results just as great .

We have updated the input field. Click on the search icon and the input field appears. Type whatever you want then press enter (or hit the search icon) and you will get the search results .

The Header

We gave the header an update. Cleaned it up, and made it more user friendly.

  •  The HipHopDX logo has moved from the left to the center. In Yo’ Face!
  • Social Share buttons have moved from the right of the header to the left of the header. Plus we have added numbers that update in real time to each one. We don’t buy Likes!
  • The new menu is taller and more spacious . We’ve broken-out our catch-all categories “Audio” and “Features,” to make it easier for you to find exactly what you’re searching for: Singles, Interviews, Editorials. Room to breathe!

The Footer

Just like the header, this section needed cleaning, it was looking a little messy. There were a lot of links and little organization. We now have four columns/categories: Sections, Connect, More Info & Our Sites.

  • Sections: These are the quick links to all the different areas this site has to offer.
  • Connect: We live off of DX as much as we do on DX. We have our social feeds Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Our video hub on YouTube and our RSS feed you can integrate into any rss reader.
  • More Info: is for you to learn more about our business (Behind the Site – BTS), connect with us (Advertising and Contact Us), or understand what you can or cannot do on the site (Terms of Use & Privacy Policy)
  • Our Sites: Cheri Media, the parent company, is larger than just HipHopDX. Dive in and check out all of the things our company has to offer.

Finally, we now allow you to jump back and forth between mobile and desktop views of HipHopDX. Click on “View On Mobile” and enjoy.

Like I said, we want to hear from you. Give me the good, the bad and the absolute ugly. Post your thoughts below.