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Fat Joe Doesn't Write ANY Of His Material???

The "Lean Back" case is back again as it seems that there is more traction that Fat Joe stole the song and now it is said that "Fat Joe doesn't write ANY of his own material."


Katt Williams: Pimping This Comedy

He's a comedian, an actor and now an emcee. Katt Williams aka Money Mike talks black & white audiences and his career.


Russell Simmons: The Power of One

"The arrogance of white men is why I


Floerty: Saving Grace

Their new album features Scott Storch, Common and Rafael Saddiq. But what is their relationship with Michael Jackson?


Crooked I: Life on Death Row

Crooked I unloads the story of his time on Death Row and airs out the Suge Knight situation/beef. Read about it!


David Banner: God's Stepchild

"I think one of the worst things to happen to the black community is integration. With integration we gave up all our power."


Hurricane Katrina: A Commentary

Why is it that <b>Fidel Castro</b>,has offered to help to aid Hurricane victims, but it seems <b>President Bush</b> is staggering a few steps behind. When the Tsunami hit Thailand <b>Bush</b> was quick to swoop down from his secure nest...


Fratt House: Overthrowin' Kings

<b>TI</b> say he the crown king of the south...He just a self proclaimed king. If he got something to say then he can take shots back. We got the whole <b>Dogg Pound</b> behind us. We taking shots at the <b>East Coast</b> because they taking our style and trying to run with it. Running around with khakis and chucks thinking they


Billboard Awards Wrap Up staff writer, Talitha Kelly, gives a first hand account of the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards


Trey Songz - I Gotta Make It

In a world where sex has gone wild Trey delivers intimacy to a 3rd power with genuine sincerity.


Trey Songz: Makin' It

I listened to <b>Hip-Hop</b> growing up. By the time I started singing I was about 15...I just did that


Cellphones in Hip Hop

It's PINK and heavy as a brick. It can


Bizarre: When The Drugs Kick In

From the shadows of Eminiem and D12 comes the biggest boy in the Rap scene (since Biggie and Big Pun): <b>Bizarre</b>. Does 2 group albums allow this shock MC the chance to showcase his skillz on a full length. HHDX sat done with Bizarre, read on.....


VIBE Fest Sets Off Atlanta

Hotlanta rips the chain out of the ground in s star studded weekend hosted by <b>VIBE</b> magazine.


Bobby V: Ludacris' R&B King

He grew up not only gardening but also listening to <b>Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder</b> and <b>Prince</b> utilizing those musical influences on his album. His goal was to defy the odds and go back to the real R&B.


Young Gunz: What's Left of Roc-A-Fella?

We got our first check and ran through it real quick. We thought we gonna get out the hood, get our moms out the hood. Naw, it didn


Common: Did Kanye West Make Him Classic?

<b>Common</b> is the artist who alone can be seen as a classic figure amongst the Hip-Hop community. He


Z*Trip: Shifting Gears

16+ years of DJ'ing has prepared <b>Z*Trip</b> to take on the world. After more than a year he has finally completed his album, <b>Shifting Gears</b>, featuring hit song, <b>


C-Murder: The True Shit

<b>Corey Miller</b> a.k.a. <b>C-Murder</b> can

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