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Wisemen Member Kevlaar 7 Explains Taking Back An Unused Ghostface Killah Beat, Making Solo Debut

Exclusive: The Detroit emcee/producer explains how his city makes it difficult to record when your studio is broken into 10 times. He also breaks down his just-released debut, "Die Ageless."


KA Explains Process Behind "Grief Pedigree," State Of Emceeing In 2012

Exclusive: One of 2012's biggest comeback artists, Natural Elements alum KA speaks on his quest for lyrical depth and minimalist production on "Grief Pedigree" and the realness of his message.


Mike G Reveals Jungle Brothers Reunion, Explains Early Days And Later Tensions Of Native Tongues

Exclusive: As all three JB's perform together for the first time in years, DX asks Mike G about the likelihood of all the Natives showing support and rebuilding on their golden-era collective legacy.


Bronze Nazareth Explains Conceptual Growth As Emcee, Learning From RZA

Exclusive: The Wisemen producer/emcee breaks down some deeper moments from his "School For The Blindman" album, and says that watching RZA and Divine allowed him to learn to multi-task.

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