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Sean Price Interviews Harry Fraud: They Discuss Hamburgers, Surfing & Producer Tags

Exclusive: Harry Fraud calls this "the best interview I've ever done," as Sean Price and him discuss the origins of "La Musica De Harry Fraud," Surf School, and go on record about an upcoming collabo.


Sean Price's Top 20 Favorite Albums Of All Time

Some bonafied Hip Hop classics, some R&B picks, one of his own, a soundtrack and even an album that's less than a year old, guest editor Sean Price gives HipHopDX readers his all time Top 20 albums.


Sean Price Interviews Mac Miller: They Discuss Drug Use, Wu-Tang Clan & "Star Wars"

Exclusive: Sean Price asks Mac Miller about "The Man With The Iron Fists" and his musical tastes, while Mac asks Sean about the drugs he used to make Heltah Skelktah's "Nocturnal" album.


Sean Price Interviews Scarface: They Discuss Religion, Emceeing & Ultimate Rap Collaborations

Exclusive: Sean Price's guest-editing kicks off with an impromptu discussion with Scarface. They discuss Beanie Sigel's recent arrest, dream collaborations, golf, tennis, and A$AP Rocky.

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