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Dr. Dre's Newest Discovery, Tito Lopez, Reveals How He Hooked Up With Dre And If He Worked On "Detox"

Exclusive: Dr. Dre's latest find discusses the co-sign, previous mixtape work, balling with Big K.R.I.T., and why "legendary takes longer."


Too Short Responds To "Advice" Video Backlash, Tells CNN's Nancy Grace To "Shut Up"

Exclusive: Shorty the Pimp explains how he came to be advising teen boys how to pleasure teen girls and breaks down the meaning behind his "Shut Up Nancy" song inspired by Nancy Grace.


Pill Says MMG Opportunity With Rick Ross "Saved" Him, Predicts Death Of Original-Material Mixtapes

Exclusive: Gangsta Pill discusses his split from Rick Ross, explains why Warner Brothers' "head was stuck so far up they ass," and reveals that The Epidemic will be his final mixtape.


Mannie Fresh Discusses Possibly Signing To G.O.O.D. Music, Reveals Kanye West's Cash Money Past And His Current Relationship With Mystikal

One of the South's original sonic architects says he is "proud" of Big K.R.I.T., confused by Cash Money's newest signee, thankful to Kanye and humbled by Dr. Dre.


Erick Sermon Details His History With Rick Ross, Says He "Coulda Had Biggie" And Reveals EPMD Is Done Making New Music

Exclusive: In a revealing convo with DX, E Dub breaks down his career intersections with notable names like Game, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Quik, 50 Cent and The Notorious B.I.G.


K'Naan Discusses Nas' Comments About Africa And Explains Why Other Rappers Backgrounds "Can't Hold A Candle" To His

Exclusive: The Somali spitter expands on Nasir's breakdown of the divide between Africans and African-Americans and explains why fictionalized street talk can't compare to his real-life experiences.


Drayz Of Das Efx Discusses Hit Squad Reunion Show, His Debut Solo Album

Exclusive: One-half of one of Hip Hop's most daring duos explains how the Hit Squad reunited and why there was no Das on their classic crew cut, "Head Banger."


Lil' Zane Explains Response To Tyler, The Creator, Says He Is Still Friends With Game

Exclusive: The onetime teen Rap star reveals why he felt compelled to respond to the Odd Future front-man's mocking of him and why he's taking similar slander from Game as friendly encouragement.


Charli Baltimore Talks 2012 Comeback, Responds To Rumors Of Jay-Z Ghostwriting For Her

Exclusive: One-third of The Commission explains why music, and not gossip, tops her itinerary for '12 and responds to longstanding rumors of ghostwritten rhymes.


Simone Green Discusses Death Row Memoir, Says Suge Knight Apologized For Assaulting Her

Exclusive: The former photographer for Death Row Records explains her hot and cold encounters with Suge Knight, Tupac's fondness for her "wings,"and responds to Jewell's claims regarding Dr. Dre's sexuality.


Brother J Talks "The Best Of X-Clan" And Blending With The Drake Sound

Exclusive: The Grand Verbalizer tells DX about X-Clan's past and future, and why it's not necessarily a bad thing that "This generation is caught up on an Electronic sound."


Big Mike Talks "Bayou Classic," Forgiving J. Prince, And Rick Ross' Respect

Exclusive: The onetime Geto Boy discusses his new disc, his current feelings about his fiery fallout with Rap-A-Lot Records, and the Boss' homage to Nawlins Phats.


Shawn Pen Speaks About The Quad Studios Attack On Tupac, His History With Bad Boy And Roc-A-Fella Records

Exclusive: The artist formerly known as Little Shawn shares for the first time his knowledge of the '94 attack on Tupac, and explains his ties to Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jack.


Powaful Impak! The 10 Most Powerful Videos In Hip Hop History Part Two

The second five of HipHopDX's rankings for some of the most potent visual representations of Hip Hop over the last 25 years.


Powaful Impak! The 10 Most Powerful Videos In Hip Hop History Part One

In honor of The Roots daring four-part video series, we take a look at the 10 videos that set the standard for jaw-dropping, soul-stirring visuals.


Cappadonna Talks "The Pilgrimage" And Absence From Upcoming Wu-Tang Clan Tour And Album

Exclusive: The unofficial tenth Clansman candidly explains why he is currently not part of a planned 2012 Wu reemergence and why his own rhyme revival is not a comeback.


Gangsta Boo Defines "Wigger," Discusses "Throw It Up" With Eminem and Yelawolf

Exclusive: The former first lady of Three 6 Mafia clarifies her recent "wigger" comment, shares her affection for Slim Shady, and reveals her current relationship with religion a decade after leaving the game behind for God.


Rick Rock Talks 2Pac And Jay-Z's "Weird" Writing Processes, Slaughterhouse's New Sound, & Frequently Sampling Digable Planets

Exclusive: The Hyphy pioneer producer explains why he believes Tupac Shakur and Jay-Z have comparable writing approaches, what his new sound for Slaughterhouse consists of, and why he loves Ladybug Mecca.


Jaz-O Says He's Back To Stay And Revisits M.O.P./Scarface Beat Scandal

Exclusive: The man who mentored Jay-Z tells DX about his reemergence and reveals what role his protege played in M.O.P.'s "World Famous" becoming Scarface's "My Block."


TIMELESS: Dres Revisits Black Sheep's "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"

D-R-E-S engages in a historic conversation to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Black Sheep's timeless debut, including mentions of his criminal past, Big Daddy Kane, and the Native Tongues crew.


Mannie Fresh Reveals Mystikal Project Has Stalled, He And Lil Wayne Are Talking, And Hot Boys Reunion Was Staged

Exclusive: Cash Money's former sound provider tells all to DX, including on where the rift between Cash Money and No Limit Records started, over an allegedly stolen hit hook.

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