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Trophies: 8 Times Hip Hop & Talk Shows Collided

2 Chainz On Nancy Grace wasn't the first time Hip Hop found itself before the wider culture either making dramatic appearances or debating on Hip Hop's behalf.


The Top 8 Leaks From Dr. Dre's Aborted "Detox" Album

With Dawaun Parker's statement that Dr. Dre will not release an album with the themes or title from "Detox," we look back at eight leaked tracks that were slated for the project.


Saigon Details Quitting "Love & Hip Hop" Midseason & Derides Hip Hop's Imbalance

Exclusive: Saigon explains his hopes for a better mix of business and commerce in Hip Hop with his Squid Ink Squad imprint and how actor Omar Epps surprised him with his mic skills.


Adrian Younge Says A '94 Attack On Souls Of Mischief Sparked "There Is Only Now"

Exclusive: Adrian Younge responds to being sampled by Timbaland and Army of the Pharaohs and reveals coordinating Souls of Mischief and Busta Rhymes' collaboration via Twitter.


Seen It All: Analyzing Jeezy's Career Through 5 Albums

Young Jeezy has shouldered numerous off the mic troubles in his career but has never been derailed, and on the heels of his new album, "Seen It All," we take a look back at his triumphant career.


Top Billin': 10 Must See Tours Of 2014

Jay Z and Beyonce cash in, the Jurassic 5 reunite and Wiz Khalifa puts his buddies "Under The Influence of Music" as we list 10 great tours to catch in 2014.


The World's Freshest Likens West Coast Revival To Dr Dre's Post-Death Row Run

Exclusive: After crafting "The Tonite Show" with Freddie Gibbs, The World's Freshest explains not running from a signature sound and the evolution of the mixtape game.

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