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EMI Drops Mariah Carey

R&B diva Mariah Carey has reportedly seen the last of her time at EMI Records.


Koch Signs Made Men

Beantown's Made Men have signed a new deal with Koch Entertainment, an album is due in March.


Hollywood Radio Protest for Hip-Hop

Friday, December 28 will see a protest in North Hollywood, CA, over the suspension of a politically active DJ.


Chuck D; Getting Into Publishing!

Public Enemy's frontman Chuck D has announced his intention to get into the book publishing industry.


Ali tells Ethnic Jokes at Party

The new Will Smith movie, Ali, came out yesterday, but its real-life subject took some heat.


Judge Sentences Teen to Listen to Afroman

A Connecticut teen has been sentenced to write a report on Afroman's song "Because I Got High," after being caught with weed.


Access Hollywood Shows Trailer For Eminem Movie

The tv entertainment show Access Hollywood debuted the trailer for Eminem's new movie 8 Mile.


Cypress Hill to Hit the Road

Cypress Hill will begin a tour in January with hardcore rockers Lincoln Park opening for them.


New Eazy-E Material is On Its Way

Ruthless Records will be releasing an EP of previously unreleased songs recorded by Eazy-E before his death.


Jury awards Sugar Hill Gang $3 Million

The Sugar Hill Gang has won a court case against Snapple and Turner Broadcasting System.


Larceny Sentenced to Rikers

Junior M.A.F.I.A. member Larceny has been sentenced to one year in prison for weapons charges.


Lil Bow Wow Gives "free" Concert

Ohio's youngest rapper- Lil Bow Wow- gave fans in New York City a free concert, if they bought his CD.


Jigga Responds to Nas with Dis Track

Jay-Z has thrown off the gloves and has replied to Nas's "Ether." He debuted his own dis on Wednesday.


Mos Def goes Hollywood

Mos Def is set to appear in three major films next year, rocketing him onto the acting scene.


Puffy to open for Britney Spears

P. Diddy is reportedly going to open the last two concerts of Britney Spears' current tour.


MTV Making Tupac Documentary

MTV films will co-produce a documentary about the life of slain rapper Tupac Shakur, due next year.


Red/Meth Movie Premieres In New York

Redman and Method Man's new movie premiered Monday in NYC, the movie is called How High.


Mixtape Awards Winners

The Sixth Annual Mixtape Awards were held Tuesday night and DJ Kay Slay came away a winner.


Shure's Jimmy Needlz Retires

A major figure in the DJ equipment business has called it quits after years of promoting DJ culture to the industry.

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