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"I’m Gonna Screw the World Up" — Honoring Houston Legend DJ Screw On His 46th Birthday

You may have heard the name in a rap song or two but here's a bit of insight why the chopped and screwed creator accomplished so much in such a short time.


How J Dilla Turned a '60s Folk Record Into One of ATCQ’s Best Songs

Donuts Week 2017. Respect The 12-Minute Man's greatness.


The Legacy Of Sean P: A Look At "Jesus Price Supastar" 10 Years Later

Sophomore slumps are for wimps and while Ruck's second solo offering may not be his most celebrated, it's still worth revisiting.


The “Amen Break”: The Incredibly Sad Story Of Hip Hop's Most Sampled Drum Break

It's been used by the likes of David Bowie to N.W.A, Amy Winehouse to Tyler, The Creator, making The Winstons' 1969 record "Amen, Brother" the most sampled song of all time. So how is it the creators of the track never received any royalties?


More Than Ice Cube's DJ, Crazy Toones Also Excelled In Beat Mastery

Often overlooked in 1995 retrospective discussions, W.C. & The Maad Circle's "Curb Servin'" album showed why the recently deceased DJ was a "real West Coast rider" © Ice-T.


“Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa”: The True Story Behind Rap’s Darkest Christmas Record

25 years ago, De La Soul cast a stark prophecy that the future wouldn't hold much promise for Christmastime in the hood. DX Contributor Gino Sorcinelli goes beneath the surface of the record.


How Run-DMC Made The Greatest Christmas Rap Song Ever

You probably know the lyrics to "Christmas in Hollis" just as well as you know "Jingle Bells." What you probably didn't know is its dopeness is attributed to the King of Queens member who didn't even rap on the song.


Remembering RZA & Wu-Tang Clan's Stolen Classic Album Moments

Like it was reported in biblical times, a pair of floods once threatened the Wu-Tang Clan's very existence, as RZA had to scramble to recreate music he had already deemed ready for public consumption. Can it be that it was all so simple then, indeed?


Tall Black Guy Discusses "Let’s Take a Trip" & Chopping Michael Jackson Samples

Exclusive: The Midwest producer by way of Chicago and Detroit is set to take listeners on a journey through sound with his upcoming album due out on October 28.


David Banner On Switching Styles: “I Got Tired Of Being America’s Nigga”

From creating the rule book to conduct yourself “Like a Pimp” to evolving into a businessman, community leader, and film composer, Hip Hop's very own Incredible Hulk has been a direct inspiration for all for over a decade strong. But what lies ahead on the road next for Lavell William Crump? Unlike most artists of his ilk, he has the exact answers to those questions.


"Mr. Scarface Is Back" Turns 25: Drugs, Madness & Violence Galore

The mind of Brad Jordan is one of the most complex labyrinths of thought Hip Hop has ever witnessed. In 1991, the shocking contents of his solo debut album were exactly that because they were deeply rooted in fact. Gino Sorcinelli takes us beneath the surface for Scarface's most numbing project.


Philly's Gospel: Celebrating The Roots' "Illadelph Halflife" 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago, Questlove, Black Thought and the rest of The Roots members released an album so lyrically compelling, it became introduction for thousands of unsuspecting fans and would go on to serve as the template for the direction their career would eventually catapult in.


“Summoned By Aliens”: How Beastie Boys, Pete Rock, Q-Tip & Others Changed Rap Music With The Pause-Tape

Wait...Nas's "One Love" was a pause-tape beat?!? According to DJ Premier, yes.

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