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Seun Kuti: African Dream

Seun Kuti discusses Hip Hop's influence, his Afrobeat pioneer father, and how Barack Obama personally helped him.


Understanding The H.N.I.C.

With Prodigy behind bars, Havoc, Alchemist, Cormega, Noyd and other Queensbridge reps rally for the H.N.I.C. 2.


Sheek Louch: Point Blank

The quietest member of The L.O.X. talks his creative control at Koch, Diddy's decency and the J-Hood falling out.


Sheek Confirms L.O.X. Coming On Interscope

Sheek says that 50 Cent's power may have soured them on Interscope, but Jimmy Iovine wanted the trio back.


Michael K: Williams: Omar Never Scares

As Omar on The Wire, Michael K. Williams makes mouth drops. See where his performance comes from, and get character insight.


Prodigy: Exit Wounds

Just days before serving over 3 years, Prodigy breaks his silence on Hip Hop Police, Jay-Z and teaching his son about guns.


Raekwon: Stirring The Pot

The Chef simmer-sautes the forthcoming Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang album in a discussion on why 8 Diagrams isn't what he wanted.


Joe Budden: Returned Ransom Note

Joe Budden reacts to Ransom's disses, discusses leaving Def Jam, and why no matter with who, he'll be on shelves by June.

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