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Lil' Flip: U Gotta Feel Me

With his own hit, "Game Over" and cameos on <b>Beyonce's "Naughty Girl" and <b>J-Kwon's "Tipsy" remixes, u gotta feel him.


Royce Da 5'9": Death Is Certain

After a year of beef & battlin', Royce is back to claim his title as one of the greatest MCs to ever do this.


The 2003 Source Awards Disaster?

Guess what you won't see on BET. The Booing of Ja Rule, the 45 minute wait times in between awards the.... Let's just say the editing team down at BET & the Source are going to get a good workout at the 6th Annual.


Joe Budden: Def Jam's Hope

Def Jam calls him The Future. Besides 50 Cent, nobody's heating the streets like Joe Budden. He's funny, feisty and he don't give a f**k. Find out why.


Mr. Cheeks: The Real King of Queens

Yeah, she called him (Lil' Kim). Why wouldn't she call the rapper responsible for that catchy hook she swiped for her hit? Well, she did. And as spring approaches, so too does the release date for Cheeks' second solo shot, Back Again.


Choppa: New No Limit's Great Hope

He's on the Street Ballerz Tour with 50 Cent and in the Still 'Bout It DVD with his mentor Master P. He's everywhere

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