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Tu$ Brother$’ ‘808s & Amats’ Review: Horrorcore-Influenced EP Falls Short

The Filipino duo’s attempt to have a go at gothic rap is years late


How Morobeats Is Putting Pinoy—And Mindanao—Hip Hop On The Map, DIY-Style

Morobeats founder DJ Medmessiah on what an indie hip hop label means in 2022: ‘It’s a chain of balance’


10 New Underground Filipino Hip Hop & R&B Tracks To Listen To

These new releases offer a glimpse of a growing indie hip hop scene in the Philippines


Jack Harlow On New Album ‘Come Home the Kids Miss You’, Louisville Pride, And ‘Always Thinking Worldwide’

On his latest album, the fast-rising Louisville rapper talks about Kanye West, Audrey Nuna, and how he is determined to become the face of his generation


Urban Gathering 2 Is Out To Globalize Pinoy Hip Hop—Event Review

Urban Gathering is a bi-monthly event-slash-community-driven initiative that aims to bring all styles and generations of hip hop all over the country.

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