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BET's "Cousin Jeff" Johnson: Hip Hop Traitor???

What did Jeff Johnson do that has many in the Hip Hop community calling him a "sell out"? Is there a bigger picture? Jeff defends himself here!


2006 NHHPC In Chicago: National Plan To Take Down The Man?

With "Vote or Die" dead who is going to seriously make a run against the man and change the landscape of America?


Forgotten Elements: Air Force Ones

At one time you only rocked Air Force Ones if you couldn


Mr. Complex Brings Game Show to SOB

Think you got game? Better go see Mr. Complex at SOB


Forgotten Elements: Cristal The History

Who was the first rapper to boast about getting pissy with Cris? Cristal: 50 Cent likes to show hoodrats what it tastes like, while Mannie Fresh mixes his with strawberry Kool-Aid. Find out, learn the history of this fine champagne.


Forgotten Elements: A Bitch Iz A Bitch

Who was the first rapper to say "bitch" on wax? Rappers may not love them hos, but they sure seem to love bitches-or at least, calling women that. The answer will probably surprise you.


Forgotten Elements: The Scratch with GrandWizzard Theodore

He perfected the scratch, he inveted the Needle drop, then he got pissed off at Heineken and started some sh*t. Once DJ for the Fantastic Five, the Wizzard speaks on his contributions, that irritating Heineken commercial, and what he


FEDS CEO - Executive Editor of The Source

Source Magazine co-owners David Mays and Ray Benzino elected FEDS publisher Antoine Clark to the magazine


CEO of F.E.D.S. - Antoine Clark

Tales of the Streets! He ran FEDS from his van, now he has offices in The Source. But why does he want to sue Damon Dash (Roc-a-Fella CEO)? With its real-life tales of kingpins, killers, pimps, prostitutes and more, FEDS Magazine has taken the world by storm.


Forgotten Elements: Wild Style

<i>Wild Style</i>, released in 1982, turned twenty this year. The brainchild of director Charlie Ahearn, along with Fred


In Tha Background: Kwame - Once dissed by Biggie... But Now?

What's the secret to longevity in this game? Kwame knows. Once a punchline in a Biggie lyric, Kwame is now having the last laugh all the way to the bank.


Forgotten Elements: The Return of the Fat Lace

The fat laces are back, and you know they could never be wack...unless you're wearing them with Pro-Specs.


Rock Steady Crew Celebrates the Big 25th: Pt. 2

On Saturday, the third day of the celebration, a free outdoor concert held at Manhattan


Rock Steady Crew Celebrates 25th Anniversary: Pt. I

This past Thursday, July 25th, saw history in the making. It was the beginning of the four days of parties and performances turn Manhattan into B-Boy heaven. Days 1 and 2.

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