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Interview: DJ Muggs & Meyhem Lauren On Their Walt & Jesse-Like Chemistry In The Studio

After breaking bad on three projects in no time, the bi-coastal duo lays out their future plans.


Get To Know Why Fredwreck Is Invaluable To West Coast Hip Hop — Past & Present

Snoop Dogg. Nate Dogg. Kurupt. Xzibit — and countless others. Who knows where their discographies would be had Fredwreck not been around to lace them with that special G-funk production. Although he likes to stay behind the scenes, he's been visible as of late rather it's deejaying on "Snoop & Martha's Pot Luck Dinner Party" or working on movie soundtracks. Get to know a West Coast rap legend who lets his keys do the talking.


Westside Connection: Butch Cassidy Bringing Back Nate Dogg For New R&B Album

You could say the G-Funk is back but it never really left. Just ask Butch Cassidy, the West Coast hookman-for-hire famous for his collaborations with legends such as Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Warren G and his late cousin, Nate Dogg. HipHopDX contributor Chad Kiser caught up with veteran crooner as he preps a new project that he feels will be a game changer.


From Michael Jackson To Dr. Dre, Battlecat Knows About A Classic Record

Read up how the West Coast production staple bounced back from a near-fatal heart attack to reunite with The Good Doctor and how was able to align his Hip Hop sensibilities with the likes of Madonna and the late King of Pop.


Too Short Says His Greatest Verse Is The Dr. Dre "Detox" Sessions, Talks Vh1 "Couples Therapy"

Exclusive: Too Short says an unreleased Dr. Dre record called "Man's Best Friend" is his personal favorite in a 30-year career. He also explains how he got on couples reality TV without a girlfriend.

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