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Jermaine Dupri: Back In Business

JD discusses his new label venture, Jay-Z's huge deal and if OutKast's debut album would be relevant if released today.


Tracy Morgan: Smooth Operator

The 10-year Saturday Night Live veteran talks about re-channeling pain, working with Ice Cube, and a porn career missed.


Andre 3000: Renaissance Man

HipHopDX's 2007 "Emcee of the Year" gives a rare interview on film, fashion, and da art of album-making.


Ludacris: Standing Bridges

Ludacris talks about staying grounded with holiday charities, changing musical climates and his 1993 Acura Legend?


Dallas Austin: A Children's Story

The super-producer/songwriter touches on his plans to put studios in schools, and growing up alongside James Brown.


Usher: Thanks For Keeping My Throne Warm...

"The Godson of Soul" revisits benchmarks of his career, deals with paparazzi and shows his graceful maturity going into the next album.


President Jimmy Carter: (Not) Dead President

What Hip Hop website has the 39th President of the USA, Jimmy Carter, speaking on the state of today's government? HipHopDX that's who!


Oh No - Dr No's Oxperiment

You won't find it in da club, and these beats probably won't be rockin' your Jeep anytime soon. But for late-night headphone listening, when you're ready to take a heady, twisted trip around the world, this is just what the doctor ordered.


Sharkey & C-Rayz Walz Are... - Monster Maker

When you do a point-by-point breakdown, comparisons between Gnarls Barkley and Monster Maker seem inevitable.


Bone Crusher - Free

It's been four years since AttenCHUN! put the boisterous Atlanta emcee formerly known as Wayne Hardnett on the Hip Hop map, and a lot has changed for Bone Crusher in that time.


Talib Kweli: Beautiful Struggle For Respect

Is Talib pissed about never going platinum? He speaks on this, Jay-Z, Black Star reunion and the effect music has on our kids.


Yesterday's New Quintet - Yesterday's Universe

The LP is more tailored to fans of Sun Ra than Sa-Ra, encapsulating 100's years of African-American musical history. If fans of Weezy, Jeezy & their ilk don't get its relevance to Hip Hop, it's only because they haven't been paying fucking attention.


Sage Francis: The Battle For Respect

"It seems like commercial hip-hop has systematically eliminated the need for lyrics..." Is Sage Francis correct?


DJ A-Trak - Dirty South Dance

Tracks like Frenchies Act A Fool, Walk It Out Trizz and Hustlin' Hustler are so mind-numbingly repetitive on a musical level and so totally vacuous on a lyrical level, I personally found them utterly unlistenable.


The Hip Hop Project: Can Hip Hop Save Lives?

A documentary about a unique after school program gives hope to Hip Hop culture and its founder is here to discuss its impact.


Halle Berry: The Perfect Stranger

Halle Berry is the finest 40 year old ever and she sits with DX to discuss her film career and embracing her sexy. Oh and we got pictures too!


Sage Francis - Human The Death Dance

Coming two years after his critically acclaimed A Healthy Distrust, Human the Death Dance is being billed as Francis' most personal record to date, offering diehard fans a glimpse inside the mind of one of progressive rap's finest wordsmiths.


Aesop Rock: A Definitive Original

Aesop Rock is a major label nightmare. He rhymes fast and abstract. But why do labels and corporations keep calling him?


Phat Kat - Carte Blanche

Forget what you heard about 8 Mile: This is the real sound of Detroit Hip Hop. And while not every track here is a winner, there is more than enough evidence to prove that Phat Kat is an emcee worth watching.


El-P: Def But Not Dumb

"People keep arguing about why people aren


Eva Mendes: Easy On The Eyes

Eva Mendes is a bad one and she talks Ghost Rider and "growing in the 'fun' areas". Check her pictures!

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