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Big Freedia Calls "Just Be Free" The First, Clear Worldwide Bounce Album

Exclusive: Big Freedia speaks on mainstream appropriation of twerking and being embraced by New Orleans regardless of her sexual orientation.


Tory Lanez Chronicles His Journey From Homelessness To A-List Collaborations

Exclusive: Tory Lanez explains how he went from hustling, robberies and court cases to hoping to be a worldwide vehicle for change through his music.


Bishop Nehru Details His Chemistry With MF DOOM On "Nehruvian Doom"

Exclusive: Bishop Nehru outlines how part of his name pays homage to India's first prime minister and asserts that Hip Hop music is "too stuck in materialism."


Rhymefest Talks Empowering Rap Peers & Disowning "Chiraq" Moniker

Exclusive: Rhymefest reveals the strategy behind his hiatus and connecting Lupe Fiasco, Common and Kanye West for his "Got Bars" outreach program


David Dallas Explains Securing "Madden 25" & Freddie Gibbs Features

Exclusive: South Auckland's David Dallas notes the significance of getting an album premiere via "Billboard" and shares a few New Zealand Hip Hop classics.


Lil Debbie Recalls White Girl Mob Memories & Addresses Miley Cyrus Controversy

Exclusive: Lil Debbie reveals why she pushed forward as a rapper after her falling out with White Girl Mob and notes that the Bay continues to assert silent influence over Hip Hop.


Kitty Pryde Reveals Receiving Death Threats For Using A J Dilla Beat, Opens Up About Backlash To Her Music

Exclusive: The artist also known as Kitty speaks on J Dilla, "If you want to talk about how great he was, he was great, but why are certain people not allowed to appreciate that? I don't get it."


Dizzy Wright Outlines What It Means To Put Las Vegas On The Map, New EP

Exclusive: Funk Volume's own opens up about how his label has allowed him succeed by ultimately getting out of the way.


Future Reveals Why T.I. Hopped On "Magic" Upon Release, Confirms Upcoming Tracks With Diplo & Kanye West

Exclusive: Future admits it took six years to find his sound, speaks on "Pluto 3-D" re-release.


Cashis Details Album Delay, Relives Moment Eminem Offered To Help Him With Drug Rehab

Exclusive: Cashis details what to expect from his upcoming full-length, "The Art Of Dying," and says it's a shame that fans never got to hear Eminem's shelved album, "King Mathers."


Roach Gigz Explains Mac Dre Influence, Opens Up About "Bugged Out"

Exclusive: The SF spitter says no one will ever replace Mac Dre in the Bay and offers some cautionary words about girls with lip rings.


10 Things We Learned From Reading "Rap And Religion: Understanding The Gangsta's God" by Ebony A. Utley

The professor at California State University, Long Beach has some powerful theories about Hip Hop and God in her new book. We decided to share 10 that struck us.


IamSu! Explains Finding A Hit In "Up!" & The New Wave Of Bay Area Hip Hop

Exclusive: Richmond, California's own explains that a random call from E-40 led to his verse on "Function" and that he thinks the Bay Area is simply too big to classify its sound in one box.


10 Things I Learned After Reading "Knowledge Of Self: A Collection of Wisdom On the Science of Everything in Life"

With Wu-Tang Clan, Brand Nubian and other Hip Hop luminaries involved with the Nation Of Gods & Earths, DX broke down a recently published book on Five Percenters.


Flosstradamus Believe That Electronic Dance Music Is Here To Stay, Recall Hip Hop's EDM Roots

Exclusive: The duo responsible for both "Post-Apocalyptic Trap" and De La Soul's "Are You In?" album look back to Hip Hop's roots on how Electronic music is relevant to the culture and the mainstream.


OCD: Moosh & Twist Call Black Thought A Mentor, Highlight Their Choice To Quit Cursing In Music

Exclusive: While the "City Kids" enjoyed first hearing Chiddy Bang comparisons, they now think any similarities are only on the surface.


Danny Brown Talks Potentially Signing To a Major, Says "No One's a Bigger Fan of Danny Brown Than Danny Brown"

Exclusive: The Adderral Admiral also opens up about "XXX's" Grime influence and admits that Detroit's Techno scene helped him better understand Dizzee Rascal.


Troy Ave Opens Up About "Bricks in My Backpack 3," Claims He's The Bridge To The Streets & Hipsters

The Brooklyn emcee reveals that 50 Cent inspired him to rap, and explains his associations with Mobb Deep, Tahiry and Fabolous.


Honors English Details Needlz' Role In "State of the Art," Breaks Down Troy Davis / Casey Anthony Line

Exclusive: Honors English explains his deep ties to Grammy Award-winning producer Needlz and expounds on, "I'm Troy Davis until I'm Casey Anthony, meaning I am guilty till I have proven my humanity.


Red Pill States His Spot In "Blue-Collar Rap," Discusses Involvement With Occupy Detroit

The Michigan State alum recalls growing up in a place where Hip Hop was hard to find and how he progressed to be part of Detroit's emerging array of talented voices.


T.Shirt - The Fuck

Despite its circumstances, "The Fuck" sounds far from amateur, an album that unleashes his many voices without letting them overstay their welcome.

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