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Reel To Reel: The Week Of 12/12 - 12/19/2009

Fredro Starr explains old beef, Mike Posner and Big Sean take clich


Reel To Reel: The Week Of 12/5 - 12/11/2009

Juicy J and Slim Thug get Chris Brown widdit, Kid Cudi gets artistic, while Lupe weighs in on Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. Immortal Technique gets amazing support from fan.


Reel To Reel: The Week Of 11/29 - 12/4/2009

Death Row, Ed Lover and Frat Rap provide a blast from the past, a German swallows 50 and shows Puff how to properly incorporate "Angels" in a video.


Reel To Reel: The Week Of 11/20 - 11/27/2009

Slaughterhouse keeps it simple, Wyclef slashes his video budget, Jimmy Fallon showcases the old and new versions of Brooklyn and Trinity pays tribute to the late, great Roc Raida.


Reel To Reel: The Week Of 11/13-11/20/2009

U-God goes from role player to breakout sensation, the Clipse's vision is questioned, DPG goes low-budget and LMFAO makes Beta ask, "WTF?" in this weeks edition of Reel to Reel.


Reel To Reel: Dreams Of Cuttin' An R&B Chick

The Pop with a capital P edition has new videos from Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga & Beyonce, Rihanna, and Shakira and Wayne.


Reel To Reel: The Week Of 11/6-11/13/2009

BlakRoc lives up to their name, Rick Ross gets his Mo Vaughn on, and the Goodie Mob reunion takes center stage.


Reel To Reel: The Week Of 11/1-11/6/2009

Grand Hustle reinvents the video, Lil Jon gets DDR, Shyne speaks, and Bone Thugs shows their accapella harmony.


Reel To Reel: The Week Of 10/25-10/31/2009

Onyx introduces their Rock sound, Eminem messes with the FCC, Flo Rida gets a hand from Adult Friend Finder.


Reel To Reel: The Week Of 10/18-10/24/2009

Kanye West makes art, 50 Cent makes aggressive content, Diddy gets corporate punk'd by Ma$e, and Kardinal goes club.


Reel To Reel: The Week Of 10/11-10/17/2009

50 Cent & Coco have a pow wow, Eminem & The Roots get down, while Necro gets disturbingly extreme.


Richard Pryor: Nigga 4 Life pays homage to the legendary comedian Richard Pryor. Before NWA he was the true Nigga Witta Attitude. Read why...


SunNY: New York Bred, Atlanta Fed

"<b>VH-1</b> is doing a Hip-Hop awards show. When the fuck has <b>VH-1</b> cared about Hip-Hop? We all know who


Naledge: Don

People put you in the box. Now I


Young Jeezy: Real Talk

<i>What kind of nigga tell lies to himself, then turn around and tell the same lies to his fans?</i>


Joe Budden: "The next 50 Cent" - MTV

The rapper publicly confessed to performing oral sex on her.


Memphis Bleek: The NEW Roc-A-Fella

<b>Memphis Bleek</b> discusses life on the Roc post <b>Dame Dash</b>, his beefs with <b>NAS</b> and <b>The Game</b>...


Styles P: Ghost Story

Styles P on 50 Cent


Sang: Say Hi 2 The Bad Guy

<i>"Claiming to get shot 9 times like that


Bone Brothers: Still Thuggin'

With collabos with Hip-Hop


Bump J: Native Son

<b>Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson</b> was a notorious New York gangster of the 1930

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