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Roc Marciano: Brass Knuckles

"Gangsta Rap don't make it to Pepsi commercials. Gangsta Rap don't have a life there. Gangsta Rap can still sell, but they've got bigger plans for the music now." - Roc Marciano


E-40: Deep Water

Earl breaks down how radio stifled his national popularity, and gave birth to "Captain Save A Hoe," as he speaks about independent freedom, why mixtapes aren't his steez, and Mac Mall's talent.


Waka Flocka Flame: Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

An interview and analysis with Brick Squad 1017's raucous sensation, who may be carrying the N.W.A. torch and making some of the last Gangsta Rap on a major.


Richie Rich: Dollaz + Sense

The legendary 415 emcee talks about influencing Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound, making the front page of the papers for hustling, and praises Lyor Cohen's character.


Too Short: Digital Dope

Short Dog tells DX if digital albums remind him of out-the-trunk sales, the state of the Bay, and why he won't be tweeting cocktails anytime soon.


Brotha Lynch Hung: Cannibal Vox

The Horrorcore Rap pioneer talks about why he's going to make Avril Lavigne his wife, why Insane Clown Posse helps Rap, and his first LP in seven years.


Gucci Mane - The State vs. Radric Davis

Commercial coercion or critical illusion. Last year Lil Wayne managed to synergize both approaches with The Carter III. Gucci Mane seems uninterested in either with The State vs Radric Davis.


Schoolly D: Funk Upon A Rhyme

From "Gucci Time" and "P.S.K." to reverb and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Schoolly School recently reached out to HipHopDX to remind HipHopDX just how the fuck he got so cool.


Peanut Butter Wolf - 45 Live

If the mix manages to convince a few modern fans that the golden age of Hip Hop is bigger than just the Juice Crew and James Brown loops, then Peanut Butter Wolf has succeeded. Beyond that, 45 Live doesn't need to exist. But it sure sounds great.


The Clipse: White Teeth

Pusha T tells DX about he and Malice getting up with Rick Rubin, the state of Re-Up Gang and making anthems for slangers and scenesters alike.


Lil Boosie: From Bank To Bank

The Bad Azz explains why his freedom may be on a thin line, and though bootleggin' made him, he wants his gold and platinum.


Busdriver - Jhelli Beam

But Jhelli Beam too often feels like a regression, like he's rapped himself into a corner. Unconcerned with innovation, Busdriver is running in circles and flailing. But maybe flailing is what he does best.


Playboy Tre

After years of helping others pen hits, the Atlanta native is among the new wave of fresh faces with colorful verses.


Willie Isz: Something Else

Khujo Goodie and Jneiro Jarel talk about their group, Organized Noize sound, Cocteau Twins and Z-Ro.


DOOM: Shadows On The Sun

MF DOOM explains his character, impostors, reviving KMD, and his public and private war with Batman.


UGK - UGK 4 Life

Bun and company have done a remarkable job of synthesizing Pimp's vision given the circumstances. UGK 4 Life needs no formal Pimp C tribute because the album itself is a grand testament to his legacy


Themselves - theFREEhoudini Deluxe

Because that's what rappers do. theFREEhoudini is just boom bap twisted beyond recognition, raw Hip Hop obscured by noise bursts and thesaurus abuse and identity politics


Gorilla Zoe: Complicated Monkey

In the wake of "Lost," the boy from the hood explains musical evolution, working with Wayne and his changed tastes.


The Lonely Island - Incredibad

E-40 and Slim Thug in jokes will surely be lost on Lonely Island's target audience as a whole and exist solely as a winking nod to fellow hip hop heads. It's nice that someone finally cares enough about rap music to mock it properly.


Spice 1: Murder He Writes

The recent shooting survivor promises his most carefully created album in a decade, and says step your lyrical game up.


San Quinn: Fillmore's Finest

San Quinn explains why he wants to get on Diddy and T.I.'s radar, and why the Bay has always been about musical freedom.

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