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"OF Tape Vol.2" drops March 30...it's safe to say it features more of this.



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    love it and hate it !!!!!!!!

  • Drbold

    "That's what we like to do with our music; we like to make music to piss you off..... and FUCK YOU if you don't like it."- Eazy E The ideology behind punk rock and hardcore hip hop is simply this: don't give a fuck about what the rest of society thinks about you. Do it because you like it and maintain creative control. OFWGKTADGAF

  • 8oo8ie-doo

    1:18-1:22 LMFAO!!!!!

  • Fuckdawack

    Total garbage these kids define wack.

  • ....

    why does everybody have to over analyse what OF puts out. if you dont like it then why are you commenting on this page. its just music people.

  • Its Um

    Despite how gay and weird it looks, it still very creative, and I like that. 4/5

  • Love All Hip Hop

    Different and very creative. Message to the school kids that love to display hate: everything grows n changes. Rnb, hip hop, soca, reggae, rock, jazz! Nothing remains the same. So shut the fuck up!

  • Anonymous

    Not really a fan but this video had me rollin.

  • bklynsfynest2000

    don't know what else to say except the video was funny...LOL

  • jerome

    hiphop is officially non-existant anymore... it went extinct man thanks to dudes like this

    • SAYED

      ur dumb ass probably listened to yonkers and thought u have odd future figured out listen to the internet album purple naked ladies tell me that's not talent. i hate lil wayne why? cuz he calls himself a rapper and makes pop and rock music these guys admit that they're not hip hop they calls themselves a punk band but they are really alternative hip hop at least these guys got a message and don't follow the money they're not the most creative but they're better than i got hoes i got money my car's sittin on 24's deadwrong is right who the fuck are you to criticize them deep inside u wish u have what they have i hate lil wayne drake but i don't run around talkin shit about them because they have accomplished more shit than i have ODD FUTURE DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU YOU ARE FUCKING INFERIOR TO THEM SO STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND SIT BEHIND YOUR LAPTOP AND PUT ON DRAKE'S NEW SHIT ALBUM

    • Anonymous

      i hate lame ass niggaz preachin about what they think is hip-hop.but really they dont know shit.this IS hip-hop muhfucka.if your rhyming its fuckin hip-hop ya jackass! Odd Future does what ever the fuck they want!!!!THATS HIP-HOP!!doin what ever the fuck u want n sayin FUCK ANYONE WHO DON'T LIKE IT

    • Jet

      @Dead Wrong: I have listened to alot of genres ranging from early House music to 80's Hip Hop. There is nothing creative about what odd future is doing. I do however commend some of the former members for breaking out of the group to go and do proper music void of shock tactics. This beat in particular incorporates both uk grime and elements of electronic music which is neither new nor creative. Jerome has a strong point in that If this is what their fans push forward as hip hop music, the integrity of the genre becomes messed up and pushed into extinction. You then add It to all the YMCMB's and Wiz Khalifah tactics of your average rapper and you get a genre of the walking dead. Its all good though, cause I sense a hip hop renaissance coming. There will still be one hit wonders and wack rappers etc but there will be new tide of lyricists that will make people forget about the billboard 200 and the mass media outlets. These rappers will have better control over the genre and will thrive while the wack niggas that fucked everything up for the past 6-10 years will live like roaches. Mark my words!

    • Dead wrong.

      These guys are creative. These guys made it with their own style. They didn't do what everyone else was doing. They knew what they had to do to make it big, to have this fan base, they know how to get noticed, they have crazy skill. Like who are you? You're just some angry kid sitting behind is laptop, you aren't shit, buddy. Say what you want. At the end of the day, people know their name, and not yours. You're a nobody. Now show me your ignorant comeback.

  • J Kwon

    errrrbody in the club gettin tipsy!

  • rise and shine

    best video 2012...so far i thought kanye west was on this album. unless hes doin sum shit for tylers 'wolf'?? 4/5 three for the video one for the track

  • Dy2330

    this is not hip hop just 3 kids rhyming a cluster fuck of words o concept or nothing.

    • Anonymous

      its funny cuz Odd Future like Eminem,YMCMB & Bricksquad.just sayin

    • Anonymous

      when was the last time u heard rappers with a concept drake no concept weezy no concept gucci mane no concept flo rida no concept even the biggest sell out eminem no concept u got kendrick lamar and these guys listen to every single song by every single artist then judge u probably listened to 2 3 songs odd future is more than jus shock rap and they have accomplished in one year more than you ever will

    • Anonymous

      ok then whats ur definition of hip-hop then?

    • No dude

      He's a Gucci fan, look at his grammar. Haha, you dumb, ignorant, illiterate fuck. Hahahahaha!!!

  • Anonymous

    slangcorp.com Try them instead

  • Anonymous

    i aint gonna lie, this shit is pretty gay music sucks

  • Mike

    Nothing like ur wack ass stereotypical rap video

  • georgel

    dumbass you can say anyone is copying anyone now. theres not much u can do that hasnt been done. they are just having fun with the music.

  • Anonymous

    they just copying em's style back when he first come out