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No costume changes or exorcisms here, as James Delgatto gets his hands on some older footage of Nicki straight spitting presumably in the streets of New York.


  • wishworks

    Back to Basics. Good to see one's humble beginnings. A Shame to see just how mush she has strayed , But Her flow was her. Can't say i heard mush differences other than small things (cadence) THAT'S WHY YOU DON'T CHANGE YOUR FORMULA, tAKE FROM ADD TOO But A Flows Should Be YOUR OWN, Not Scripted by some Ghost Writers

  • Anonymous

    Great advert for cosmetic surgery! Bravo.

  • buffalo bill

    She even talks different here. Not all up herself, emphasizing particular words.

  • Geko

    Nicki Minaj need 2 watch this/Playboy

  • georgel

    How can u blame white media lol, if the bitch had a brain she wouldnt change herself so much people make their own choices. shes like the black lady gaga but without much talent.

    • Anonymous

      Nicki Minaj is getting paid. I ain't mad at her. She tour with Lil Wayne and Britney Spears then she performed half-time at the Super Bowl. Stop! being dumb. Nicki Minaj is catching money. So she is trying to appeal to an bigger crowd. True to told. Hip hop fans don't support female rappers much.

    • GoReadABook

      For real. Black folks always blame all the shit they hate about rap on white people because its the cool thing to do, not because they educated themselves about what's really happening to create the issue. Nicki sold the fuck out. Just like the rest of YMCMB. White people had nothing to do with it, except that suburban white 12 year old girls buy more of Wayne's albums than the rest of the hip hop fans, so he catered to that demographic. If you are all really that upset start buying music from the rappers you support and the industry will move toward that look and sound, because there is monetary incentive.

  • Anonymous

    hey yo niggaz check dis UK rapper tune smoke n drink here is da link http://youtu.be/S9OmWEkkb4g

  • Anonymous

    She looks alot better on this video than any of the bullshit she doing now, I would fuck the shit outta her, now.. nah... she plastic

  • Anonymous


  • trulo

    she is a prime example of how MONEY and the WHITE MEDIA CHANGES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next-------->..... real female rappers please stand up cause this chic right here is gone over to POP

  • bklynsfynest2000

    the sad fact is she was nicer back when she did this video than she is now. the other sad fact is she is a gimmick. I don't care about the record sales and hype...she has no substance at the end of the day. I would bump old Lauryn Hill or Jean Grae before you would see me near pink friday. In 10 years this chick will be on a episode of "Where are they Now?"

  • so

    best song she ever made, the rest is trash

  • TCM

    So how come her ass isn't swollen here. And you fools co-sign this fraud? You stay there. S/N look how much she sounds like Kim/Fox. SAD!

    • Anonymous

      Wow.. You're one of the dumbest people on this planet.. How the hell are you gonna ask "So how come her ass isn't swollen here" when it doesn't show her ass ONE time on this video.. How do you know her ass isn't big right here, if you can't can't see it?.

  • Anonymous

    I like this Nikki more though!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she was tight back then and she still have more talent than a lot of artists in the industry

  • Anonymous

    this bitch said who's the best female mc... minaj, fox & Kim. this bitch confused, she gonna end up drowned in a Beverly hills hotel fucking with that white girl! I do gotta say I like her image on this video better than lady tag shit she biting nowadays.

  • DefBoy3

    Lil MC Lyte wanna be, lol. . .She sound more iller than now. Wow, money does change everyhing. . .YMCMB!!!

  • m.i.c

    Even then she still knew that KIM bitch was tha shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well wot do u say now Nicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This video works: http://hiphopmayhem.com/music/new-tracks/unreleased-video-nicki-minaj-dirty-money.html

  • Anonymous

    Damn money changes people niki didn't look good at all then.

  • Anonymous

    this fuckin video dont work nigga!!!