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A large contingent of the comment section seem to think we're Drake dick riders who got bribed by Universal, so this "diss" track should go over well.


  • B.L.I.

    Gettem nikka! Nikka b spittin..

  • Anonymous

    big sean is weak. drake's iight

  • Makaveli The Don Lives On

    Pretty good track, loving the beat.

  • fuck u ok

    let them beef...thats the only way hiphop will get better...let Drake respond lets see if hes so great as u guys think he is

  • Akim

    fuck beef i will rather make money than beefin, niggaz alway beefin with each other its a shame

  • Rich Mahoghany

    Ya'll really think ya'll shit is up to par DX? It's obvious ya'll receiving Universal checks, so why the fuck front? To protect your "Street credibility"?? FUCK OUTTA HERE. Just be real, maybe people wouldn't come at ya'll sideways, Ya'll PAYOLA like a mutha fucka, most of these bullshit so called underground artists that ya'll promote paying ya'll, just like they wasted G'z on weak ass guest verses from some faggot ass industry rappers. WACK. Ya'll know ya'll wrong, I guess thats why felt ya''ll had to defend ya'llselves by posting this Ludacris jawn, which, by the way, does not address who exactly is being attacked. This is wack, all them niggas care about is keeping their names relevant, and all ya'll care about who's paying that g ball to feature their corny industry bullshit on this bullshit industry site, yea I'm hatin, step ya game up DX!

  • rass

    I like to see Drake respond to that track. luda is using there fam right now to jump start back his career after rolling with bieber

  • Anonymous

    is there any specific point that makes this about drake for sure ? but great song LUDA!

  • Anonymous

    he needs to use his time better, why is he taking it so serious. lame lame lame lame lame lame... JUST LAME.

  • Truth

    Rockin' that stupid ass beard again luda?

  • Anonymous


  • Shanika Boyd

    OMGGGGG LUDACRIS WENT HARDDDDDDDDDD>>>> ouch ouch .. some of the best music is made out of RAP beef... as long as its battling on the mic and now real life.. i love it... man when Jay and Nas was going at it.. Ether was the ishhh.. ***anticipating who responds on the mic next*** loll

  • Glenn Tucker

    Luda f'd dem biys up lol

  • Ella Bee

    LUDA! WHAT?! SHUT UP (lol in a good way) I love Luda...he is so versatile. He can play like that nice, crazy rapper, then just start killing mofos. Ludacris is solid. He represents hip-hop well. Notice the headphones and the conjure in the video. He's smart too. LOVE that he brought up the old skool beef too...its good for hip hop!

  • Jason S. Smith

    I wonder how anyone could've possibly gotten the idea that you guys were Drake/Wayne dick riders...?

  • Abshir Bile

    HAHAHAHAH that next friday reference was peerrrfect! but dont fuck with luda

  • Fado

    Its funny how some people interpreted your article as dick riding and some as your hating on him. The article was much more favorable of Drake then not so. alot of good points were made. You know alot of your readers are FAKE hip-hop fan elitist who have a tight rope definition of what "real" hiphop is. Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac, Biggie. You have to understand the same people on this site that "hate" on Drake and some other artist probably have him on their ipod. They act like they dont on this site cus its the cool thing not too like, sort of like a viral trend. HipHopdx does remind me a bit of a cyber HipHop based high school. I will make a really good point with a comment and the next 6 comments will be what I said re worded with something small added on lol. Drake doesn't sell like he does for no reason. I bet if you allowed people too have profiles on hiphopdx and had an weekly contest for an aspiring artist too get their video posted yall would expand and get more $$ from advertisers. This video is really dope, and I know what he said about twitter shots at the end was directed towards Drake, It will be interesting too see how this plays out. Its annoying when artist halfway address something or do it in an underhanded way like I feel as though Drake did with his tweet too Big Sean. Either ignore it completely or Go at it head on lol.

  • Robert Ledezma

    don't fuck with Luda