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The title says it all. Busta Rhymes is now a member of YMCMB.


  • Anonymous


  • Azhar

    I always been a fan of Bus... but its crazy that he been in the game for few now. And he signing to YMCMB. No hate.. just would've thought as many records he sold and as many hits he has had. He could've went indy or started his own label..guess Flipmode went belly up.. Anyway Bus do ya thang.. Industry is rough right now. So get ya paper playboy.. I see 1 album max if it ever comes out..

  • Stupid Retard

    Anonymous said: "i have an idea how about all you white guys start calling the FEW blacks who get rich in america sell outs.. stupid retards" Yeah, right, because everybody who agrees with that opinion is presumably white... Look, why don't you go get yourself an opinion. Something I never understood about this genre is how people are ridiculed for not wanting to conform to every little questionable little business venture, or unsettling trends, yet rap has continuously been screaming non-conformity in every topic you can imagine for years. Fans have plenty of reasons to be alarmed or disappointed at this signing; frankly I agree. Just because these guys are rich and black, and black economic power is disproportionate, doesn't mean anyone should be obliged to like what they are doing or agree with everything they say. That is a form of consumerist dogmatic conformity. Look, I have no problem with conformity in and of itself, but deferring to condescension and name-calling because someone you don't know disagrees with you- on the basis of them being white and feeling that these guys are sellouts is a sign of astonishing absurdity. Your assumptions misunderstand anyone's reasoning for not being sated with Busta Rhymes movements, and it is very clear that you don't understand that: (get ready for it) most people's opinions about Busta Rhymes business decision, or any other rapper's, generally have very little to do with their race. In this case, no one has even mentioned being disgusted with this venture because they are rich and black; that is a form of psychological paranoia on your part. So, watch who you call a stupid retard.

  • bigpoppa

    where do i cop that shirt busta has?? i needs me to gets one a dems.

  • phil

    busta is a fast spiter man

  • Anonymous

    i have an idea how about all you white guys start calling the FEW blacks who get rich in america sell outs.. stupid retards

  • steven

    busta is so fast lightning aint shit! go get em bus a bus!!

  • Josue Silva

    I remember when he fucked with Dilla & Dr. Dre....smh, miss those days

  • Anonymous


  • realshit

    Why is this nigga signin to cash money? Is it to stay relevant? Dude, you're fuckin busta rhymes!!!! and you've been in the game for years. You should have your own damn label. He's above this shit.why down grade? It just doesnt make sense.

  • NoMedication

    Every time I hear about a rapper going to cash money, all I think is thats another album I will bootleg. I will not $upport them with my $$$$. Jus dont feel Cash Money like that.

  • Anonymous

    busta always made quality albums up until his last 1(back on my B.S)which was terrible!looks like its only gonna get worse,busta should take a leaf outta raekwon's book and stay in his lane.fuck this young money movement and give the fans another "genisis" or a "big bang" 1

  • jason

    the chain around his neck just made me think what if busta and treach got together that would sound fast and cool.