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DXclusive: Mar-Q Speaks On His "Young Chick Old Chick"

This is so foolish.

B-One & Ortiz Paints The "Worst Case Scenario"

Maintaining a Chicano/Mexican-American image that has been absent since the early 00's.

Dame Grease Co-Signs Scott King's "Get At Me Dog"

"He's got next... period!"

Rare Studio Footage: G-Unit & DJ Whoo Kid "Set The Pick"

Stumbling across a hard drive at the G-Unit offices.

Neto Reyno & M Dot Taylor Look At Them "Leggings On You"

They can't wait to peel them off.

Quan Has To "Take What I Want"

Nice guys finish last.

HUNTR Surrenders In "Veins"

We are not the same.

Deebo Lotti Is "Never Enough" f. Kevin Gates

The streets love him.

P-Dice Claims Fetty Wap Owes Him Money

So he made T-Shirts of a cartoon Fetty with his head ripped off. Doggie Diamonds landed the exclusive.

DXclusive: B.B.O.D. Get "Str8 To It"

The money.

DXclusive: Memphis Ash Goes To "Rehab"

For his addiction of a female.

DXclusive: Supreme Ace Puts His Flight On "AUTOPILOT"

Going up, way up.

Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Sweat It Out In "Side to Side"

Watch as they get their work out on.

Gucci Mane Reminisces On The Day He Got "Robbed"

He ain't ashamed to say it.

Sir J Drops His "Hollywood Freestyle"

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Grand Daddy Trigg Got Them Hollow Tips In His "TackleBerry"

Don't fuck with the wrong one.

Watch Zeal Static "Fight My Battles"

He works hard to make ends meet.

How To Beat Drake In A Rap Beef

Let's break it down...

Hopsin Shoots Down Instagram Hoes In "False Advertisement"

Hoe, shut the fuck up.

King Myers Says Welcome To "AmeriKKKa"

Showing the world the heart-wrenching truth.

Empire Drops Season 3 Trailer "Kill Or Be Killed"

Returning this September on FOX.