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Spike Jonze helms the lens as Jay and Kanye deconstruct both a Maybach and an Otis Redding sample. This should keep "Watch The Throne" trending.


  • shot at beans

    P-p-p-paranoia (cause the nigga that said he'll) Blast for ya (is now) blastin for ya That's an assassin for ya (These niggaz got a shot they'll shoot) Please lord (forgive him) For these niggaz (not know) what they (do) {OOH~!}

  • justfly

    all these people bitching about the video and how they hate jay...but u took time off from watching star wars to watch the video right....ok then and u took time out ya life to let us know how much you dont like it...that means u must like it ...lol

  • justfly

    man i hate when people talk crazy about kanye and jay-z....they support movements made 300 schools in africa...and when jay-z did his fade to black movie in MSG..all that money went to buying computers in local schools ...do ya homework

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    go to the hood, what are they hearing at the moment? Jay and Ye don´t represent Hip-Hop, they present themselfs: each one of them a own brand, a product. Not a product of a movement (it don´t have to be, to make money) Better go buy some Wacka Flocka-Shit to support a movement.

    • dumbass

      you sound like beans,,. want jay an ye to roll up in a sleigh n shit handing out bags of money>> get a job.

    • Anonymous

      Idiot. It's to make sure that Hip Hop survives in the long run, decades from now.

    • Stupid

      And that's why it remains "The Hood." Fuck, get a job, quit killing black folk. Proud bc crack vials, guns, hoes, and shit represent a movement??? Nah man, make something out for yourself. And If it's too late, then make something for your kids, and grandkids. I'm tired of hearing ignorant shit like this.

  • Prekin Davies

    Officially, The vehicle used in this visual will be offered up for auction.. Proceeds will be donated towards the East Africa drought disaster.. Now ain't this lovely, Jay-Z Hatazzz?

    • ^^

      At least they're doing something ur favorite rapper aint doing, douchebag. Shit, people gonna hate. but what to expect, even Jesus got crucified. Not to compare, just making a statement...

    • @prekin

      so what. offer every sale from the album to East Africa if you are such a hero.

  • jack johnson

    well that video was weird. i like the beat but thats all, lyrics were kinda average and the topic is kinda uninspired

  • Sales are NOT Facts

    Sales are facts right? Just like the banker bailouts went to the people right? Just like the national debt is an exact number that MUST be paid back right? Just like fox & cnn & nbs & mtv all 100% accurately speak the truth right? Nope.

    • @east coast

      WTF are you talking about? When was the word illuminati ever mentioned. Go scroll down below and tell me where you read that word? Nowhere. How do you have any clue of what I do in my life? You have no clue whatsoever. Part of the problem is on the computer, so getting ON the computer is a way to do something about it. Obviously there is a bigger picture as well which has nothing to do with the computer, but the computer is DEFINETLY a part of it. Nothing here is a complaint, it is facts, information and knowledge. You call it a complaint because it goes against your agenda which is to pull in more money through the media from brainwashed teenagers. You are the one who has to make the change, not me. Because you are clearly on the wrong side. You side with big gov't, big media and the mantra that you can't actually do something about it. I'm doing the right thing. You are not. You are the one complaining.

    • east coast bias

      ya know, instead of complaining about sales, tv, the elite, etc, why dont you get off the computer and go do something about it? Its always some weirdo talking about the illuminati and the media but you never see that cat actually working on changing the system. You just go to some website and complain. Damn right the media controls the world but until u actually make a change, shut the hell up and go read some more of "behold a pale horse"

  • Anonymous

    Posted6 minutes ago Anonymous: 1. "No beef with Jay" "one blood" 2. "Got a hook from Faith, no verse from Jay I guess on Westside Story he thought I spit in his face" "Westside Story" 3. "Dre told me he ain't doin "Detox," this his only run Ma$e comin back, and Hovi done" "No more fun and games" 4 "It's "Me & My Girlfriend" like 2Pac and them Jay-Z and Beyonce, or Bobby and Whitney "Special" 5. "Rap critics politickin, wanna know the outcome "Ready to Die" "Reasonable Doubt" and "Doggystyle" in one "Dreams" 6. "Make the club R.O.C. without Timberland boots "Higher" 7."I was gassed up, Murder Inc., Roc-A-Fella passed up" 8. "It took me a little while but I am now understandin Jay ****ed up in the first round when he picked olowankandi" "Memp Bleek Iz" 9. "Oh, that boy colder than Hova unless he sober" "300 Bars" 10. "And ain't nobody tryin to take Beyonce from Jay But I know a ***** named Superhead he ****ed back in the day" Wouldnt Get Far" 11."Took you to award shows, there go Jay right there" "One Night" 12."Bangin "The Black Album," track #1 she like that Jay ****, that's her favorite'' "Around The World" 13. "Behind the back to Nas he alley oop to Jigga" "Why U hate The Game" 14. "Niqqas show me love in the hood like i was HOV down Flushing" "State Yo Name" 15. "The day Jay retire I'ma park next to the throne, in a Maybach on gold wires, yeah "Hands On The Pump" 16. "Cuz he know Jay-Z departed And these other rap labels know don't feed they artists Talkin blueprint **** you got three garages Gettin money off Roc like little E and carter" 17. "And 2Pac was in jail the day you called to hit him up I wouldn't be outside 40/40 bumpin 'Jigga What'" 18."I'm the king, and you better respect it All I need is Beyonce, and a Roc-a-fella necklace" 19. "I'm the golden boy, and I'm making Hova noise Got the whole world clapping, just like the Nolia Boys" 20. "I told 'em bomp, slow down baby Got to get this **** firm like Foxy, NaS and AZ She said '**** you,pay me So I left her in AZ That's what I get for letting her listen to my Jay-Z" 21. "*****, I'm number one, motherfukka bar none Who else kick knowlegde outside of Hova and the God Son" 22. "U gon make me/ make Jay lose his cool" "Feel It In The Air" 23. "Too much West coast dikc lickn, remember Jay-Z? "1-800-Homicide" 24. "No Em, no Dre, I'm the hottest since Jay" "Get Up" 25. "Cause I'm the man behind the Roc like Kanye West" 26."A pimp like 50, the niqqa to leave you broke ma 6 in the mornin, you stretchin on the sofa singin ain't no niqqa like Foxy Brown and Hova" "Compton to Fillmoe" 27. "I'm runnin the ROC, not Jay, Dame Dash of Hoffa" "Jackin 4 Beats" 28. "Who the fuk holdin me? i was just waitin 'til HOVA leave wit my eyes on the thrown that belong to me" "Round Here Freestyle" 29. "yeah its me and young cass til hov come back" "Aim Ya Gunz" 30. "Throw Jay-z in the pot, mix em with ren or O.J on the rocks, mix em with gin whatchu got? the westcoast riding again" "82 Days" 31. "i found out it was a hard knock life without asking Jay" "Duck Down" 32. "Fake king of new york, U aint Jay z" "soundscan" 33. "Me, Em and 50 racin' this rap siht is basic I followed that Jay siht" "We Aint" 34. "The kings comin', no I'm not Jay-Z" "One Blood Remix" 35. "Not the rap martyr, or the second rap Carter" "for My gangstaz" 36. "niqqa I'm about a dollar, what the fuk is 50 Cent? When Jay said it, I didn't know what it meant" "100 Bars" 37. "used to push that rock like Jay Hov" "Red Bandana" 38. "then this marcy-project niqqa came and stole the crown" "Im a soldier" 39. "But Kanye and Hova killed it without a doubt" "Just a lil Bit freestyle" 40. "Who had the hottest chick in the game, wearin they chain Mr. H to the Izzo, Nas and Hurricane" "too Much" 41. " cuz ain't nobody movin units but Jay, pimp Juice and Us" - Down 4 my *****s freestyle 43. "I used to have visions of retiring like Jigga" "Du Rags 44. "He in a vest with a hoodrat from Marcy with a tattoo of Jay-Z name on her chest" "Its So Hard" 45. "Im classic like Detox & Blueprint 2" "Get Yo Money" 46."Yall thought it was over when Hova retired" "Get Yo Money" 47. "Make the world feel like the niqqas before 2pac Shakur Christopher Wallace & Shawn Corey" "Dont Push Me..." 48. "... He aint teach Jigga how to rhyme" "Juice freestyle" 49. "Im going to same place Jay-z went Fredrico & Pico" "100 Bars" 50. "Hov retired but Compton still pushin Roc" "On & On" 51. "I came to see chicks shake they ass like Beyonce so let me be Hov 4 a min." 52. "All I gotta do is hit her wit a Jay-Z line like u deserve to be my sunshine" 53. "Biggie Smalls is the illest so is pac Jay retired i wonder if nas gon drop" "Unbeliveable freestyle" 54. "i kno they sayin y u gotta mention Jay" "State Yo Name" 55. "First Jay & Beyonce then Nas & Kelis" "A Week Ago Part 2" 56."u 36 And U Still Rappin Uhh, Im 26 And Homie So Iz Da Dubz" "one Blood" 57."So I reconciled my differences like he did with Jigga" Game on 'Hustlers' 58. "Im ready to die Without a reasonable doubt" "The Documentary" 59. "In '99 i studied +The Chronic+ inside out, a Doggystyle for breakfast, lunch was Reasonable Doubt " "im A Soldier freestyle" 60. "Shouldnt been influenced by Calvin Broadus, Nasir Jones & Shawn Corey" "Pain In My Life Remix" 61. Yo Jay what it do niqqa, i done rocked enough fellas,to be u niqqa,i got the 40/40,they my 2 jigga's" Tell me that whack fuck ain't on Jay's dick.

  • Anonymous


  • hipps1064

    WOW!!!!! You can't hate Jay and Ye. This is some really fun sh!!. Ye is killin' em, Jay is killin' em....... Woooo. What more can I say?????!!!!!

    • hipps1064

      Once again, people just can't have fun. Always tryin' to make something out of nothing. Enjoy good music, that is what it's for. I think your comment means nothing. Everyone enjoy this song, despite all these whiny ass b!tches.....

    • @hipps

      If you can't hate them, you can't speak for them either. So your comment is useless as well.

  • Anonymous

    You faggots are lame. Music is and will always be subjective. Sales are facts.

    • @anon

      Sales are NOT facts. Albums are not always purchased from consumers. The soundscan numbers are not accurate nor can they be proven. Anybody who has access to sounscan numbers or sales activity can forge the numbers. Then when you talk about yearly earnings, all you have to do is get one of the big companies to sign on to a mega endorsement deal if they can't earn what the elites want them to earn through sales. Sales are NOT facts. The sales numbers are also given to you through the media, and the media is full of lies.

    • mobinga

      @anon Nigga shut the fuck up. Sales are facts! Bum ass

    • @anon

      Sales are NOT facts. If the sales don't come out the way the investors and elites want they forge the numbers.


    Jayz talks to Warren Buffett correct? Probably has a coffee with Bill Gates correct? I know Obama has him on his ipod, correct? You know he's chillin with Oprah, am I right? So he's nothing more than another part of the financial elite that is ruining this country. Otherwise he wouldn't associate with any of those people. And none of those people are kings, they are corrupt assholes.

  • Sales Volume

    Sales volume means jack shit. The elites and the financial investors, the CEOS within the companies they want certain people on top and they decide who gets there because they control the media outlets, the advertisements and the money to fund the distribution process. If the sales volume doesn't match up to the financial elites requests and exactly what they want then they find a way to put whoever they want on top anyway. You know why stupid Gaga supposedly made 90 mil last year which is almost triple of what Jayz made? You want to know why. Because the major companies who control these industries WANT her to make that much. And if she doesn't get that much in sales from brainswashed teenagers, the CEOS of the big companies will sign here to mega million endorsement deals and that will put her over the top in earnings, because that is their plan, that is what they want to happen. All these CEOS, financial elites the pick and choose who will be the top selling music artist, who will sell the most albums, and who will clock in the most dough for the year. And if they don't make the targeted numbers the big companies just up the ante on the endorsement deals and one of the mega companies will sign that artist to a 30 or 40 mil deal to promote their product, and that 30 or 40 mil deal will also be the deal that puts that particular arist on top as far as yearly earnings goes. So sales volume means jack shit. The financial elites control sales volume.

  • tarrieq

    The people them a suffer, and them a wave dutty rag in a dem face!!!

  • TheThinker

    A fun and simple video. Good to see these guys are bringing back smiling and having fun in videos. I'm over everyone mean muggin all the time. These dudes have something to smile about. They made a great album. Peace.

  • ThakidNoah

    "Jay is Chilling Ye is Chilling what more can I say" just 2 guys having fun great video

  • yeah

    PULLIN APART MAYBACS!!! That's so awesome. But why are JayZ and Kanye West on the same channels and shows as the politicians. Tell me what is so dope about that.

  • yeah

    PULLIN APART MAYBACS!!! That's so awesome. Yet why when I watch TV when they are talking about unemployment, shitty jobs, corruption, debt crisis, unusual and cruel tragedies, do they slip in JayZ name or Kanye name? Why am I watching both of these things on the same channel?

  • anotherpasserby


    • @another

      cause its on the same shit that everything else is on. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, MTV, TV, mainstream media outlets, politicians, etc. Media/gov't is corrupt. Why would it not be hated?

  • MBTM

    jay z is such a fucking sell out. blueprint 3 was the nail in the coffin, this nigga would drop a collabo album with beiber if it kept him hot. i never seen a nigga hold on like this. writing articles for bullshit rolling stone, a publication that has tried to destroy hip hop on several occasions. not only is jay begging for acceptance, his music is shit now. dumb bitch nigga. self praise is no praise at all. a king doesnt crown himself, a king is crowned by the people, WATCH THE THRONE SUCKS

    • Anonymous

      and u a bitch for watching the video....so looks like hov won...must be a lil wayne fan

    • @anon

      Men lie, women lie, numbers don't huh? When the financial elites control the numbers damn right they gonna lie. All they fucking do is lie. And that is who JayZ rolls with, so his numbers don't mean shit.

    • @anon

      the financial gloabilist elites, the foreign bankers, the ones who put up the money and big investments to run the companies within the music industry they are the KINGS. Jayz is the pawn doing exactly what his masters want him to do. They would pull the plug on his ass any second if they wanted to. Sales volumes means jack shit. It is tailor made for exactly what the financial elites want, they control things. JayZ gots lots of #1 albums huh? That is exactly what the financial elites want, and if he didn't technically get the #1 albums, the elites would make sure he got them and told you he was on top if that is who they wanted, even if he wasn't. So cut the bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      The KING has been crowned by the people, with #1 in 23 countries. ''Men lie, women lie, numbers don't''. So, you're lying. Jay the GOAT and you can't do shit about it. 12 number one albums, worldwide icon. Don't come with the shit that sales don't matter. I hate that lame excuse for the desperate fucks who couldn't make a decent career after 10 years. It's called music business and sales say volumes about relevance.

    • Anonymous

      Sad to say but your right.

    • Anonymous

      great comment

  • Hey Crabs

    Hey crabs they are losers. Want to know why? Because the media system is corrupt, and here they are fighting back and you are criticizing them when you take no part in the process, claiming art is behind your motivation. When art has nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody who think WTT is about money rap is CLUELESS. You thinking WAY too slow.

    • @life

      who gives a fuck if the album is hot or not. It doesn't mean shit.


      u sound dumass fuck..every outlet is here to make money..so whats ur point..is the ALBUM hot or not..that is the question..some of u fucks is just dumb..dude said CLUELESS and he speakin real shit..u either get it or u dont

    • @anon

      the outlets that distribute WTT are though and that is the issue.

  • LX

    JayZ-makes it because he's black. Kanye-makes it because he's black. Biebler-makes it because he's a kid. Gaga-makes it because she's a woman. Eminem-makes it because he's white and takes it to another level and just angrily hates everyone and complains about everything. That is why they make it. The elites who put up the money to advertise for their campaigns want to promote someone who represents and unlevel playing field. That is why these people are on the same stations as the politicians, hell they are even on the same shows!!! They want to talk about slavery because they know when the blacks get going they will be going off of revenge and compensation for past occurences. They want to talk about domestic disputes between men and women, or becoming sluts, because they will be going off of settling an earlier score, or promoting their sexuality. They want to talk about kids, because they want to show you how even a child can have the amazing so called talent that the public doesn't supposedly doesn't have. They want to talk about the hate, anger and evil of whites, because they know can pin the origins of evil on something and rally against a common enemy. That is why these people are promoted. They want a world of chaos, of people settling past scores. They don't want an equal playing field. They want people taking sides, and not coming together for a common cause. They want to talk about all the injustices of the past 10,000 years because they know that injustices will continue if that is all that is talked about. They don't want people moving on and getting along with each other. They want the drama, and the racial/sexual disputes. Because they can make money off of both sides. Let the people hate the media and the artists that get 100 times the airplay of everyone else. They are real heroes.

    • @jack

      part of that is true. However you have to fit a certain profile of the race you are. How many black rappers are out there talking about the shit Eminem talks about? 0. How many white rappers are out there talking about the shit Kanye talks about? 0. If you are black you can't be insecure and complaining about the problems in the world(Eminem), you can't be bitching about women or your family life, because you won't fit the agenda of being a victim that turned into a prosperous leader through revenge and settling past scores. You have to be flashin and profiling and smiling, enjoying life, enjoying the fact that you got over on the people who were oppressing you and in fact became perfect because you went from slavery to being on top. If you are white you can't be flashing, talking about how many bitches you get and how much money you got(Kanye) because your family was supposedly full of slave owners and your ancestors are known as plunderers who were racist and all had slaves, so you can't be having a moment of triumph. You have to be talking about the problems in the world today if you are white, you can't act like you are enjoying your life, you have to be humble and admit mistakes because it was your ancestors who all held slaves. That is what the media wants. If an asian rapper came out that fit their agenda they would make it, but you have to fit the stereotypical role throughout American history, otherwise you would not get endorsment deals and advertising time.

    • jack johnson

      i suppose if an asian rapper got big you'd say they only made it because they were asian. Basically they made it because they're human? corporations just want to make money with them its, thats it

    • @anon

      shitty theory because you lose money in the scenario. No jealousy here. Don't want to be another pawn asshole of financial elites. Woudln't trade places if I could.

    • Anonymous

      Shitty theory. Stop your jealousy.

    • Anonymous

      they make it because we support them........

    • @life

      has nothing to do with the post.


      Every artist is successful because of a reason..whether talent or marketing..the best have both..its up to you who u like and promote..end of long ass story

  • LX

    Bill O'Reilly be running his mouth about the debt crisis, then he be running his mouth about Gaga new hairstyle. msnbc will give you the headlines about the 2012 nominees than give you the facts on Kanye West. So fuck em all. They ALL roll together, and YOU are not a part of it. I LOVE the people who hate mainstream media artists, they are the real heroes, because media is fucked up. Its not about art/music, black/white, repubs/dems. Its about money and control. And if Kanye, Jay, Biebler, Gaga were really on the people's side, they would only be avaialable on alternative media. But they are not. So they are NOT on your side. So fuck em. Stop being a sucker and stop "supporting". Let the people hate the media. They are real heroes.

  • Tarik Tannir

    Seriously, what percent of the world does this music relate to? The only people I can think of are rich republican executives that own jets. Why do people listen to this garbage anyways?

  • LX

    If you support Jay or Kanye you are supporting the politicians, because that is exactly who they want you to support. Otherwise they wouldn't be on the same stations. And we all know that FOX, CNN, or NBC will go from a real tragedy story, and then 1 second later be telling you about a new album that one of these clowns put out. Wake up motherfuckers.

  • LX

    Let people hate the people they see through mainstream media. There is nothing wrong with it. You know the media and gov't is fucked up so you can understand that mentality. Its not like these "haters" are hating random people that aren't famous or on TV. They are hating the people that big gov't and big media relentlessly push in our face. Look at the news headlines. 1.Economy fucked up. 2.Unemployment, jobs fucked up. 3.Tragedies, shooting sprees fucked up. 4.Jay & Kanye have a new album. So what the fuck is wrong with hating Jay & Kanye? They are obviously a part of all the other shit that people don't like. They roll with gov't and media. They are telling you on the same stations that they report real national news from, about the artistic careers of Jay, Kanye, Biebler, Gaga, etc. They are also financially supported by the same globalist elite motherfuckers that work so hard to ruin this country. The artists are just puppets for the international elites that spend money to promote their artistic expression. Why hate people who are sticking up for the country they live in. You know the gov't is fucked up, you know the media is fucked up. You see Jay, Kanye, Biebler, Gaga on the same stations you see the politicians. So if you support the music and movie "idols" that even the news stations CNN, FOX, NBC love to promote, you are supporting this crooked gov't. But you're not gaining any part of any of their success, so ya'll are the real ones fucking up this country. All these stupid mainstream media artists, they need dumbed down stupid nobody supporters who spend good portions of thier lives wasting their time and money on them to be successfull. The people in Group #1, need the people in Group #3 to be successful. Group #3 is the biggest bunch of suckers in this country. They are the ones fucking everything up. If you are a fan of Jay or Kanye or Biebler or Gaga you are a fan of corrupt gov't, because you are doing exactly what corrupt gov't wants you to do. You see the headlines on CNN, they be tellin you about this new album being put out by so and so artist. So what the fuck are you supporting it for? Ya'll are some fucked up motherfuckers, living your life through somebody else and not taking part in anything they do. All the while, fucking up the real people in this country who are against this bullshit.

  • LX

    1.I understand the mentality of Jay & Kanye. It doesn't bother me. 2.I understand the mentality of people who hate Jay & Kanye. It doesn't bother me. 3.I don't understand the mentatlity of people who hate the people who hate Jay & Kanye. It bothers me. Someone please explain to me #3. #1 imo is only partially ruining this country. Its ok because they speak for themselves and everybody has that right. They are only 1 part of it, because if nobody supports them, then they won't play a role in the media. They are real. #2 imo is hepling this country because they know the media idols that the gov't pushes in our faces is exacty what they want to push. They hate Jay or Kanye because they hate gov't and the artists the media pushes. They are real. #3 imo are the people destroying this country. They are not taking part in anything that the people in #1 are taking part in. And they use purely fictional means to make their point that they hate the people who hate the artist that gov't and media push in our face. You know Jay & Kanye are there because you know the media and gov't want them there. Just like Obama/Bush are on CNN, FOX, & NBC, so are Jay & Kanye. The people in group #1 again, they don't bother me, because even if they are ruining this country they are personally gaining something from it. So that is just the philosphy of many people in life. How can I gain from it. The people in group #3, they do bother me, because they are not personally gaining anything by doing what they are doing. So to the people in group #3 WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?????????

  • LX

    The media and the gov't go hand in hand. They work together. Media works with gov't, not against it. So when somebody hates Jay or Kanye maybe they hate them because they hate the role that media and gov't have. And they hate the fact that maybe these artists support media and gov't, and maybe these are the artists hand picked by the media or gov't to gain success, advertisements or airplay. Who hates these people, honestly? The gov't is corrupt, the media is corrupt. Jay and Kanye are only 2, of a selected few be it movie stars, musicians, etc, that the media likes to push to the public and ram down their throats. You know gov't works with the media. You know both are corrupt. And you know that the bigger artists, take up a majority of that airtime in their particular field, because the media and gov't want them to. Face the facts. Jay and Kanye, like most others in music or media, are there because the media and gov't want them to be there. They are on the same stations that the politicians are on, they have the same access to things that the politicians, gov't, and media has access to, and the public does not. And you know gov't is corrupt, you know media is corrupt. So why do you hate people who are against big gov't and big media. If the gov't or media didn't want Jay or Kanye to be popular in the media, then they wouldn't be. So someway, somehow the gov't and media supports Jay and Kanye. So why would anyone hate the people who don't like that kind of stuff, when you know they are in support of the public and people's rights.

  • LX

    Here is the short version. If someone tells you they hate Jay or Kanye, why do you care? Wouldn't you be the biggest loser on the list if you did that? If someone hates Jay or Kanye, I understand the mentality of Jay or Kanye being "better" than the haters, because they don't give a shit, they don't have time to waste on people who hate them. I understand the mentality of hating Jay or Kanye because they are involved in media, and can be doing more harm than good. So the haters can be "better" because if what they are saying is true about Jay or Kanye's place in the media, than they would be correct. But if you hate the "haters" wouldn't you be the biggest loser of all? At least Jay or Kanye can look at their millions or music success to have their victory and feel good about themselves. What exactly are you looking at? What exactly are you feeling good about? You're living your life through someone else which is pure fiction, and you're not taking part in any of their success, and nothing they do effects any part of your life. That seems to me to be the lowest on the totem pole.

  • LX

    I have a question for some of you and a want a normal response, not some automated marketing bullshit. I want a response from a real person, not someone who is trying to sell the album. I've noticed that some of you are like "Yeah Jay & Kanye are having fun" or "Jay & Kanye have millions". and then it seems that you are enjoying the fact that they are rich and having a great time. Like somehow this is a victory for you because they are making money and videos. I'm not here to hate these 2 niggas, I don't give a shit. I know they make millions, plenty of people do. Why I clicked on this video is to try and understand the mentality of a Jay or Kanye "fan". If Jay clocks in 37 mil, some of you will be like "Yeah that nigga makes 37 mil, he's rich" If Kanye gets a number 1 album, some of you will be like "Yeah that nigga is number 1 on the charts" And then because you say you like that you will also make it look like you spent some of the 37 mil, or you received some of the accolades to a number 1 album. I want to understand the mentality here. Its ok to want someone to be successful, but just because you say you like it, doesn't mean you actually participate in the success. And if you don't participate in the success, why do you act like you feel what they are going through? These niggas are making money, but you're not profiting off of the exact dollars they make. I understand that music is art and people appreciate art, but that only goes so far. Making money, having a house, food, clothes, shelter, happy family life is what is important. Music or art is a sideshow to that. It only has secondary importance, because if you don't have the basic neccessities of life, you won't have art or music. You need the basics first. So when someone posts that they don't like Jay or Kanye because they may feel they cause more negativity than positivity, why do you hate those people for voicing their opinion. And why do you go on to brag about their accomplishments like it is a victory for you? If niggas don't like Jay & Kanye, they don't like them, that's all its not a big deal. It is their choice. If you like Jay & Kanye and enjoy their music that is ok, it is your choice. But when someone tells you they don't like Jay & Kanye, and then you are like "Ha ha those niggas are making 37 mil and number one on the charts" How are you getting over on someone when you have to resort to living your life through someone else, which is pure fantasy? The way I look at it is if people don't like Jay or Kanye that is reality. They are real. If people act like whatever Jay or Kanye do, they are directly a part of it, that is fantasy. They are fake. So if someone tells you Jay or Kanye suck, and then you laugh and are like "they make millions". Aren't you the biggest loser here? Someone explain this to me.

    • @crabs right

      That is what crab mentality is doing. Showing they have short comings. Otherwise they wouldn't be typing in bullshit about what someone else is doing when they aren't living their life. Let that person themselves defend their name.

    • @crabs

      Nobody is forced to buy music? Really? Then why are you forced to criticize those in group #2? Its kind of like people are telling you they don't like the shit and you are criticizing them, and especially if they are young and growing up to the shit, its kind of like you may want them to feel that they should buy the music so they wouldn't be criticized. Huh? That shows what you are posting is bullshit.

    • Crabs is Right

      Crabs, I need to hang with you my brother from another mother. You are SO on point with every comment you made. People will say anything to make themselves feel better about their own short comings.

    • @crabs

      You are not defending your own tastes. You are defending artist X's taste. Let them defend there own tastes. That is the issue. You should realize that.

    • @crabs

      "Worthwhile contributions to the genre". You wrote that yourself. How is going along with the distribution process of gov't and media contributing to the genre? It is not. Otherwise it wouldn't breakthrough to mainstream media. They are not conspiratoral criticisms, they are vailid complaints as they partake in NO PROCESS of corruption. They disprove of the media's agenda. Nobody is forced to buy music is bullshit!! You grow up to it, so you do what other people do when it comes to the treatment of the news or media. So its something you do. You don't think someone would sell the shit back when they realize what is really going on in this world? Its alot harder to find out about that than to rationalize what purchase you make when you are young and growing up as a product to mainstream media. The art is not dismissed as irrelavant. Its noted as clearly not the issue because things are so fucked up you aren't able to even properly critique the art when you are dealing with mass redistribution.

    • Crab Mentality

      More symptoms of circular reasoning...shifting semantics on the word "success" up til now not challenged within the debate. I covered it in the last post...it's a business, not a govt or media conspiracy to feed us shitty music and entertainment. They will promote what will sell because the goal is to get a return on investment. There are places to access the material that doesn't make the cut. If I'm running a movie theater, I'm gonna show movies that will out asses in seats. My wage minus expenses is numberofpeople x price of ticket /length of movie; my constraint is that I don't have an endless supply of resources (time and space) to show every piece of shit movie that SOMEBODY might want to see. I'm not trying to sell anybody's album, but why should I not defend my own tastes when I see a criticism of what I consider worthwhile contributions to the genre? How is trying to relate those conspiratorial criticisms back to the contributions to hip hop a fantasy? Why is there no valid passion besides yours? Jewels. Treasures. I'm always looking for them...and it's almost never getting rotation on tv or the radio...I don't even listen to the radio! Damn straight I'm gonna rep this shit til I die. It's got nothing to do with the money or else people would have been standing up for Souljah Boy, that Laffy Taffy motherfucker, and any other fly-by-night in the game. It's almost unfortunate that to have such a conversation about a piece of art you have to refer to the numbers as a validation of mass appeal, because in these debates that mass appeal (success) is the enemy, while the art is dismissed as irrelevant. Back to my point...they cna play Lady Gaga all day everyday on the radio and TV, im just gonna turn that shit off, and i'm definitely not going to buy it. So to dismiss record sales as irrelevant is not logical. Nobody is forced to buy music.

    • @crabs

      Crab Mentality has the real crab mentality because they either produce or defend group #3(unless they are advertising, if so congratulations) Group #2 are real people's lives who have a right to complain about the distribution process. They should only be criticized by Group #1 themselves. Group #3 doesn't do the talking for them. If so, you are doing something worse by criticizing real people who do NOT take part in the outlets of the media and the mentality that the media success is defined in financial or racial motives, or how much the news outlets can repackage you and distribute you, when it is not.

    • crabs

      No. #3 shouldn't be thrown out they should know better. When investors look for a return somewhere if the numbers go through the roof there is excess that leads to either corruption or waste. And that is the state the industry and media are in. Nothing is free is bullshit as well. Who doesn't know how to change the radio station is bullshit also because when you are young you grow up to it so it takes a lot more effort to tune it out and realize what is going on than to do what the gov't wants you to do as they be running the ads right next to the tragedies and current events. Everybody doesn't have that choice to not be a part of it. It is mass produced and difficult to avoid. And who the fuck is "we"? Did I claim you are in that group. Obviously the people in Group #2 are NOT stupid because they have a right to be involved in disliking the role of being a victim. They want no part in corruption.

    • Crab Mentality

      Ok...got it...everybody has a right to an argument except for the people behind door number 3! (sarc) If that's not hypocritical.... If someone wants to throw out an opinion in a public forum, it is open for rebuttal. Who DOESN'T know that promotion in the entertainment industry is not a level playing field? It's a business, not a charity! There are "investors" investing for a return. Nothing is free, and to think something is being pushed by the govt and media because media companies don't throw money and airtime away on shit that hasn't passed whatever process of prospecting that goes into those decisions is asinine. Who doesn't know how to change the radio station, TV channel if something doesn't suit their tastes? They most certainly will not go and buy somehing they don't like. You almost make a claim that we are completely stupid...placed into a trance by Lady Gaga all day everyday on MTV..."gotta go cop that shit now!"

    • @crab

      no way dude. How can we all be victims of gov't and media manipulation? Obviously the people controlling and allowing this to happen are not victims. I never wrote these people are all-wise, I wrote that the criticism of them from people who are not in control of the media, or are not looking to sell the album, is the problem here, because they are resorting to fantasy while group 1 & group 2 are in reality. fantasy fucks up reality. that's great if you're in to all the harry potter shit but that's a movie, this is reality. Success is NOT the enemy, because so many people are successful that you do not hear in the media. Why? Because you judge success as strictly a financial number when it is not. Media claims that a person with $100,000 has 10 times the money as someone who has $10,000 and that they are therefore 10 times as successful when they are NOT. So success cannot be the enemy because true success is not judged by the outlets put out by the media. If you want to sell the album, congratulations. If not,you don't understand the issue properly.

    • Crab Mentality

      You've unwittingly said throughout your posts that nothing and nobody is real...that we're all victims of government and media manipulation. What makes you think that people in #1 are #2 are immune if that's the case? You can't pretend that these people are all-wise because their tastes are manifested in a criticism of a particular artist or two. You say people are pissed at Jay-Z and Kanye because they've appeared in mainstream media outlets alongside "the man". To me, that's just the same old crab mentality under a more sophisticated veil...it says exactly the same thing...that they've reached a threshold of success that people FIND reasons to hate. I don't think these people are "real" from that perspective; I think they're lying to themselves more than anybody else. If these people were so insightful, why weren't they preaching the anti-personX gospel before all of the success? Because success IS the enemy. Crab mentality defined.

    • @crab

      It is a FACT. Jay Z and Kanye are doing exactly what the gov't and the politicians want them to do. And so are the people in group #3. Group #2 has a right to be pissed. Group #3 has no right to butt their nose in other people's business when they are not affected by either group or either outcome, they are living in a fantasy world with no basis in reality.

    • @crab

      Every artist has talent. Whether it is just a little, or a lot. That is what makes them artists, talent. When you wrote an artist has "appeal to a person reaching for their wallet", what you fail to mention is that the majority of that appeal takes place through video, audio, media, news and mainstream outlets. That appeal doesn't come face to face, person to person. Maybe for a very small percentage it does, but the vast majority of that appeal is through the financial support that the elites have over mainstream media. So its not about talent. Its about money and control. You wrote that the appeal comes through talent and it DOES NOT. The appeal comes through the money and control that decides what goes on the air, and what is distributed through mainstream media outlets.

    • @crab

      No you didn't offer me a possiblity for group #3. An opinion is real, its not fake, so you have a right to a real opinion, not a fake one. Jobs, economy, salaries ARE related to the focal point, because that is what the focal point about. People are pissed at JayZ and Kanye because they see them on the same stations and same shows that they see the politicians on. They have a right to be pissed. Music and the arts HAVE tended to be an outlet for people hardest hit by troubles in life, but its not like that anymore. Because the very same institutions and corportaions that cause the problems and troubles in life RUN the movie and music industry. Times have changed. The international elites that have caused so much trouble and problems in regular people's life NOW control music and movies, when it used to be the public and their talents that control it. Nothing I wrote is an arguement, it is FACT. People in group #3 are fake, and fake people fuck things up the most. At least people in group #1 and group #2 are real.

    • Crab Mentality

      Quite honestly, your whole argument is ridiculous. You start off basically saying that everyone has a right to an opinion. Then, you sprinkle all of this bullshit about the govt and the media working hand in hand to selectively make people into rap/pop stars regardless of whether or not an artist has talent and appeal to a person reaching for his wallet, and then you object to that assertion being characterized as conspiracy. You selectively sight humanitarian hardships as a reason that none of it should matter, despite the fact that music and the arts have and always will tend to be an outlet for people hardest hit by troubles in life. You are living vicariously through your own bullshit because your reality was crafted, yet you'll view and respond to everyone else's positions as if your views are verifiable. Jobs, economy, 9/11, industry salaries...you had some of everything in there, unrelated to the focal point of your argument, which cannot change. You asked why people challenge some of the comments about Jay-Z and Kanye West; I offered you one of the possibilities.

    • LX

      You see Jay and Kanye on the video there? What are they doing. Laughing at their haters. That's something only Jay and Kanye can do. You can't do that. You can't laugh at the Jay and Kanye haters, because you are not Jay or Kanye. So let the people hate the media, they have a right to, and stop acting like it is some sort of victory for you because it is not.

    • @crab

      1.JayZ and Kanye 2.People who hate JayZ and Kanye. Group #1 is on one side, group #2 is on another side. Group #3 who hates group #2 is not on any side because they are not affected by anything that Group #1 or Group #2 does. So they are the ones fucking things up. Let these motherfuckers battle, let them hate. They are hating mainstream media, and the CEOS and all that bullshit making 10000 times the salaries, they are not hating regular people. Did you come out with the album? Did you make the video? Is your face on the news? No. These people don't hate you, so stop trying to butt your nose in other people's business.

    • @crab

      WTF does the word conspiracy have to do with anything? You see the unemployment numbers? You see the economy? You see the tragedies? They are FACTS not conspiracies. Are you trying to tell me that when 9/11 towers fell that it is incapable of being proven or disproven?? NO, THEY FELL MOTHERFUCKER!!! No debate about it. You can debate who was behind it that is a different issue. How can I live vicariuosly through my own bullshit? That makes no sense. I am living my life, making my own personal descisions. That is what people should do, because that is what works best in a group of people. When everybody is free to make their own personal choices. There is no circular reasoning here. Circular reasoning is hating people who hate people they see in media, when you have nothing to do with either side.

    • Crab Mentality

      When everything's a media/govt conspiracy incapable of being proven or disproven, people can spew all kinds of bullshit in hopes of appearing insightful...but you are being yourself while others are not? That is what you call circular reasoning. You are living vicariously through your own bullshit, or even worse, other people's bullshit that was pedaled to you. Being able to articulate circular reasoning doesn't make you wise, it makes you talk too much.

    • Real Crab Mentality

      Being a fan of someone in the media that the gov't pushes so hard to ram down your throat, while attacking those who have a distaste for the mainstream media system. That is the real crab mentality.

    • @crab

      First off, this has NOTHING to do with black or white. Jay or Kanye=Biebler or Gaga. There is no difference. They are the mainstream media artists that the gov't and media push in our face 100 times the rate they do for anyone else. So its not black or white. Not at all. You wrote "Some people embrace Jay-Z's success as their own" HOW??????? If so, you seem to be a person who lives vicarously through someone else and that is pure fiction, it is not reality. You are fucking things up. Be yourself, not someone else. In your last paragraph you talk about art. But when economy is fucked up, jobs fucked up, housing crisis, wars, tragedies, overall feeling in this country of things being fucked up. How does art triumph all those things. It doesn't. Art/music only carries secondary importance. If you don't have a job, you don't have time to appreciate someone's artistic expression. This comment says it best. "I think Jay-Z rates people speaking in his defense". You CAN"T speak in his defense, because you are not him. Only Jay-Z can speak on his behalf. You can only be a sucker, fucking up all the other people who have a right to have distaste for pieces of the mainstream media/gov't puzzle. And JayZ, Kanye, Biebler or Gaga are all pieces of that puzzle. The Real Americans who want no part of any of that bullshit, are not pieces of that puzzle.

    • Crab Mentality

      Simple answer...most of the criticism that you point to...at least in this nameless/faceless venue...sounds an awful lot like the crab mentality that for some reason Blacks seem to always have for one another. No matter who it is, no matter what the accomplishment, if a Black man is successful, another Black man will demonize him and pretend as if it's his civic duty to do so. Jesse Jackson - caught on an open mic in the devil's den (Faux News) talking about wanting to cut then Candidate Obama's nuts off for addressing the plight of the Black community...said Obama was talking down to Black people by doing so. Successful Black folks always stand a relatively good chance of being targeted and victimized by hungry Black folks. That's the ugly truth that even 2Pac spoke about...and 2Pac wasn't NOWHERE NEAR as large when he was alive as Jay-Z is today. So, in my opinion, there are some of us who root for people like Jay-Z to make it as far as he can take it, as someone who came from common beginnings. There are some of us who were damn near around when this hip hop shit first started...some of us still carry a chip on our shoulder because we've seen people circling overhead like vultures, saying this hip hop shit was passing fad. Some people embrace Jay-Z's success as their own...or as validation of their own lives devoted to the hip hop culture..bilingual people who speak hip hop/street vernacular and job interview...you almost have to speak job interview to understand that particular point. As far as contribution to hip hop, I think Jay-Z rates people speaking in his defense. Think of a barbershop debate about Dr. J versus MJ, Kobe versus MJ, Jay-Z versus Rakim. Yeah...it's like that. Our culture is so sick that nobody can approach material success while still getting respect for being a master of his craft...A master...emphasis on "A".

  • drebugz


  • Hail The Throne

    No one has noticed this, but this video must have been recorded over a sped up version of the song. And then slowed down to match the original version. Notice how everything seems like in slow motion??? Why hasn't anybody noticed this??? Everybody is missing the fact that the video has been altered!

  • Swag

    Haters keep throwing shots, and these dudes just keep reinventing swag. Classic video for a classic joint. Why did Kanye have to fuck it up with that dumb ass screaming at the end though?!!!!! Song gets 4 stars instead of 5 because of that dumb shit.

  • m85

    Perfect vid for the song..after strippin down a classic song to jus a loop and a drum machine, its only right to strip down a classic car..the video wasnt over the top yet still had a high class feel..jus like the song..it also showed 2 guys truly having fun and being brothers..great to see Jay cut loose..the Aziz cameo was jus added fly stuff..mad funny..the colors were great..it allows the viewer to focus more on the record and not some crazy CG screen animation..WATCH THE THRONE

  • Anonymous

    over a million views on you tube the people love it and the haters cant stop watching it

  • Anonymous

    Most of you have eyes yet you still don't see. Even the still picture that hiphopdx has posted for this video link on their front page that leads you to this video shows Both Jay and Kanye - flashing the devil horns in front of an American flag with no stars

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      how about just listening to rappers in your age range like diggie simmons instead of trying to get with the older era face it jay-z fisrt albun was out when some of you where in 3rd grade how do you expect to know what he talking about

    • Respect Ya Elders

      Some of y'all cats don't realize that 40 is just a few winks away from ya asses. Lol. Y'all should be reflecting and proud if you are a true hip hop head to know that this shit never dies. You don't have to worry about your favorite rapper looking stupid on some R. Kelly I don't want to grow up shit. We've got elder statesmen in this shit holding it down. It would be one thing to see older rappers still rapping about the same old shit and having nothing to show for 20 years in the game. Shit...just like KRS even said...he's gonna be "ripping the microphone 'til he's motherfuckin' 60!"

    • sorry dog

      sorry dog been thuggin trappin, luckily ain't had to shoot nobody (yet), but i'm watching the throne

    • jjsteez

      narrow minded. "gang bangers, thuggs" etc. would all bump jay when he was at his prime...but not now? dude is 40 now. he's more than just a rapper. he's not gonna go in and spit the gritty shit you wanna hear...he's havin fun with kanye, being rich and reflecting on his life. throwin out a positive vibe. this shit is dope, and all the true jay fans prolly love it. he already spit the illest shit ever, now hes havin fun and goofin off but its still quality ya digggg

  • Anonymous

    "Run the bubble bath and float in that shit like a hoover craft- I mean who says that and don't laugh... hah." Ye cray.

  • kd

    now that the standard has been raised...what else can i listen to besides wtt?...

  • Realness

    Black man stop calling yourself African American. You are American just as much as white Americans. You are a major part of this country's design. Let the white man be and you handle yourselves now. No excuses. That's what the flag and lyrics in WTT is all about. And all you illuminate yapping motherfuckers, well... you'll just die in your own misery.

  • Cray

    Honestly I think WTT just changed the game. I think it continues where the 90's left off. Any MC getting ready to release some ol' swag bullshit better prepare for a rude awakening. Get ya' bars up.

  • ShytReal


  • CaliKushBlunt

    Video is sick doe....

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Why sample Otis Redding and then turn his sample into the most annoying part of the song. Does not give Otis the respect he diserves, matter of fact, it does the oposite and degrades the sample by just repeating it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over........

  • Kily

    This is a classic albun , listen to it people and if something you dont understand, hit me up , i can explain it to you...i dont rally fuck with this bubble gum rap shit ....but i fucks with hov and ye, i listened to it like 7 times already, grown man shit

  • muse

    these niggaz laughing at these clowns out here....hot as shit video...

  • dolla dolla

    millionaire rappers having fun....this shit is dope as fuck 5 satrs

  • lushlifeXL

    I hope the next video is for Niggas In Paris. This album was so good.

    • da1

      It wasn't that good dude. The lyrics is the only reaosn why I think it was okay. They went in lyrically every time.

  • big mike

    too many man hugs!!!

  • Derrick

    Y'all niggas complain 'bout Kanye and Jay-Z, smh. What type of hip hop do you guys want?

  • Corey Weston

    i heard the album was a disappointing but this song is a banga

  • BORN IN 86

    Otis sounds like something that comes out of one's Ass when one Poops or Fart !

  • nice

    wow..epic video..simple too...only kanye and hov can do this...swag on another level..

  • DJ Tony Fresh

    More than 10 rappers in the game today are over the age of 39. However, you will only hear of one Rapper being called old “JAY-Z" why? Because when you are successful and there is nothing else, people can do to spot you, jokes and comedy is used to trying and bring you down. Since the Black Album, people have wished for him to fail but he keeps rubbing salt in your hating ass and drops classic albums. Star companies, Works with the UN to help with the water issues around the world, becomes part owner of a NBA team, pays his way out to leave Def Jams and still on top. Still makes more money than any of your favorite rappers, everyone try to drop a diss track about him to get their album to sale and no matter what he stills fucks all you haters in the ass. How many times must he keep beating the hate for all you haters to stop hating?

  • DJ Tony Fresh

    Theres a time and a place for emotion heartfelt music. Both these artist have done it plenty of times. Not every damn song they make needs to have every line filled with sad meloncholy lyrics about where they've come from and their struggle. Sometimes you just need mindless fun songs with no overbearing theme, just to let loose and have fun.

  • lav2k

    I thought this nigga retired?

  • Vincent Zarate

    HAHAHA look at Jay trying to act young. old washed up bitch

    • Mr Mogul

      Yup, washed up is earning $37 million over the past year..

    • Anonymous

      tryin to act young? nigga all your favorite rappers jocking this nigga, hov done started so much shit , form the jewerly to the cars, to the clothes, and guess what that new watch hublot,you gonna hear niggaz talking bout that one too. Hov is better than all your fuck boy rappers out here, and he richer..and his ol washed up azz still sell out areana in a hour...this anit back in the day son, where your pops was 40 and wearing nylon socks and hard bottom shoes all day even to a baseball game..wake up clown, niggaz dont ever lose swag...

    • Anonymous

      hating ass nikka, leave my homie hov alone. he been killin songs since yu been lettin off brown bombs in your diaper

    • Anonymous

      washed up gets you 12 number one albums yeah you are correct

    • rottnkid

      Silly Mortal.

  • Julian Henderson

    i fucks wit it...its like a ballin ass suped up levis commercial.

  • daboo

    This is MUSIC!!! and this is just an awesome video for an awesome song anf if u dont agree well take ur hate with you and go home!

  • Espi

    That was fucking dope! They tore that benz down and dragged it out son! Ooo shit! Talk about flexin' on your ass! Ha ha. Classic.. You can't fuck with it man. The speed up audio, recorded it fast, then slowed it down to normal speed.. Really?? C'mon son! There's no point in hating man. You can't beat em! And you know what you're supposed to do when you can't beat em'!

  • Victor Cruz Perez

    WTF Aziz Ansari Lol

  • LMAO!

    Wow, ur favorite rapper doesn't get this much recognition! Get em Jay and Ye! So long as people can't keep ur names out they mouths with the hate, means y'all doing something right. But with this much hate, something epic!

    • Anonymous

      People talk shit all the time about Gucci and Waka and Soulja Boy. That doesn't mean they're doing something right (and I like both Jay-Z and Kanye but that is ridiculous logic in your comment)

  • Anonymous

    The bitches in the back seat were FINE AS HELL DAMN

  • Anonymous

    So today I was listening to the life and times of S. carter vol 1. The first song jay-z opens with: "I did it again niggaz Fucked up, right? ha, I know I know what y'all niggaz asking yourself He gonna ever fall off? No..." Hahahaha he knew back in 1997 that he was gonna be dropping classics until he was in his 40s. If you hate on Jay-Z I don't really get who the fuck you respect.. Wacka flocka and Vnasty?

  • thomasdubb

    Jay-Z and Kanye has proven that success can open all locked doors in hip hop but the question still remains as to where does this style of hip hop put the guys that isn't driving Maybachs or chilling in Paris or London, will this album satisfy all hip hop head!

    • DJ Tony Fresh

      This album inspires they people that don't have their lifestyle to have something to aim for and dream for. If we don't have people that have a successful life and live a wonderful life than the guy or girl chasing a dream has nothing to inspire to. They were broke ones and had to look at others lifestyles to inspire them and now they are living a lifestyle that inspires us. Hip-Hop doesn't need to be sad all the time or talk about the struggles all the time. We need fun so that we forget about our struggles and live in that fun moment for just awhile.

    • Mack

      VVVVV dont think you get it. maybe this music is for those that live that lifestyle and those who like hearing about that lifestyle. I personally like music I can relate too. Dont get me wrong this is good "heading to the club music" but for my everyday life I like a lil more with a subject close to my reality. Good song though.

    • Anonymous

      i dont think you get it

  • Eugene Benjaminbutton Queener


  • Rellik

    Dope song, cool video

  • Anonymous

    yeah so a silly comment it is lmao

  • Anonymous

    the simplicity of this video is whats good,its not oversaturated

  • Frankie

    This shit was... cool I guess. But Id rather listen to Hawaiian Sophie.

  • Anonymous

    it was all good just a week ago niggas feel theyselves and then watch the throne drop niggas kill theyselves LMAO HAHA SO TRUE

  • Anonymous

    The video is cool but the song is trash. Worst beat I have ever heard in a while. These niggas need to retire. Put Cole on you Lay-Z ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      J.Cole is going to benefit from this because he will go on tour with Jay-Z and gain new fans, so that when his album comes out their will be a big enough market for him. Know your business before you post something.

  • Santiago Wu Irigoyen

    jay-z fucking 40 and shit and dressin like tyga and shit... fucking whack

    • Santiago Wu Irigoyen

      lol wtf? r u retarded... thats a snapback. he never rocked that shit b4

    • Anonymous

      the fk.. he aint wearing skinnys.. and jigga be rocking that fitted for years.. fucks your problem?

    • Santiago Wu Irigoyen

      lol, jay-z is the shit son... i never said he was too old to rap lol... but he aint keepin it real by wearin fucking whack mainstream clothes... skinny jeans and a snapback. tf

    • Anonymous

      Those other rappers aren't pretending to be young though

    • Splendid

      U lookin like a broke reject from New Jersey Show in that pic bruh!

    • Anonymous

      no country for young men lol

    • Anonymous

      rick ross will be 36 soon the game-32 busta rhymes 39 nas will be 38 this september.ghostfacekilla-41 wow,fatjoe-40 50 cent 36 eminem 38 snoop-39 dr dre-46 common-39 pusha-t 34 pharrel-38 rza-42 Chef Raekwon-41 Royce da 5’9"-34

    • mindrelated

      Silly comment. Are you kidding me right now? Why is Jay-Z the only one people talk about being old. The majority of the rappers are in their 30's at least. For example, why is no one talking about Busta? He has been out befor Jay-Z and I am pretty sure he is older than him. Or what about DMX, Nas and etc. The simple fact is Hip-Hop is the only genre of music that thinks age has anything to do with the art. It is just so misguided. Why would you want one of the strongest ambassadors of the culture to retire? Who represents the art harder than Jay? No one, not one. He sits with Warren Buffet and he talks Hip-Hop he could talk about all his other business ventures but he makes it a point to rep the culture but yet people disrespect what he has done. Same shit we did to Biggie and Pac, did not get their worth and genius until it was too late. Smh

  • Santiago Wu Irigoyen

    song is bad, not to hate on j tho

  • hiphopsince84

    i like videos that dont follow the lyrics it makes the video worth watching even more cant wait to see whats next.

  • Anonymous (The Original)

    Wow, what cam I say. This is GAY as fuck!

  • Hip Hop Head

    He meant: |H|aving |A|nger |T|owards |E|VERYONE |R|eaching |S|uccess. But this isnt the BEST track off the album. Regardless the album is dope.

  • In the Booth

    If this was Wayne & Drake, yall would be killin em. GTFOH!

  • Lex

    MY GOD that was gay. Hov's jeans are gettin tighter too. Hmmmm.......

  • What I see

    PEOPLE!!!!!!! Its not that good, really..

  • Anonymous

    this shit was wack... ya sucking mad dick. hop off already

  • tdot

    Fyah!!! ofcourse Yeezy and Hov do it again undeniable no matter what ppl say they always have it on lock #fuckthehate

  • ILL

    These guys are giving us classic shit and we don't even notice it, I think niggaz got used to hit albums that have songs wit no conversation behind it no thought provoking material, everybody is just tryna put out hot records and not putting out good music

  • Azhar

    Video is crazy and so is WTT.... Let the Hate begin...

  • Anonymous

    Haters = Having anger towards anyone reaching success.

  • Anonymous

    Over 200 comments for a video. This is winning!

  • shady

    The nicest thing about this is that jigga and kanye dont act like they are gangsters like most rappers do in their video's. this is just 2 friends (i dont know why some faggots need to call them homosexual, jay is married lol)having fun making a video. much respect hov and ye!

  • Keezie

    A video without tons of chain swingin & butt cheek clapping. Smiles & music. If this album would have dropped in the mid 90's it would've went multi the first week.

  • Me.com

    video is cool, but i dont like the song, i wouldnt bump this

  • Anonymous

    first 40+ year old I seen wearing a snap back ... besides Birdman.

  • Anonymous

    The Myabach modifications were a highlight for me other than that it was fun while it lasted

  • Anonymous


  • Nathan

    Aziz? That shit crae!

  • Anonymous

    Jay rocking that Snap Back and those fresh ass J's. Givemethem!

  • Anonymous

    Black men are the illest men on the planet.

  • Soul

    I'm feeling this video for real! It's just a have fun type of deal. I don't know why people are catching feelings. I'd rather put this video above any cliche video involving the usual club scene, huge entourage, alcohol and booty shaking video hoes. This is a breath of fresh air, video wise. These niggaz stay winning...

    • Lankh

      I agree with you. I fuckin prefer a vid like that instead of bullshitvids with niggazeros who openly degrade our black sisters.

  • Anonymous

    its ok to be fake in rap music these days you can kiss men be a former C.O. get caught lying about it then become a big drug kingpin lets see what else dress up like a gang member at 32 years old encourage kids to shoot other people talk about shit you know you cant afford to buy you can sell a million records and still have time to sell crack because thats how you get respect in the hood and keep it real for your fans

  • Anonymous

    For a spike jonze vid this was pretty boring.....like the song..so I guess it fits

  • V-Nasty is God

    This song is overhyped and overrated as hell, it's just like that dumbass 6'7" song by Lil Wayne. And the video is pointless and bland. I've taken deeper shits than that. Music is dead. 1/5.

    • V-Nasty is God

      I take it back. This shit off the hook! I'm now accepting backshots on my flat ass. And watch out for my album.

  • imallu


  • G'

    I can see why y'all hate...this video is so for the hatas. LOL them niggas laughing at you non-legacy niggas. Other than that, for a Spike Jonze joint, I expect more...but it was like the song: a stripped down, back to basics, joint

    • liQUID

      @Big Dike Everyone has different meanings for they're legacy. If yours is about having money, bitches, and lexury cars and being a puppet well good for you. Look at Gay-z he got all that but he can't have any children and how old are you like 14 to talk about swag, what the f*@k is swag, that word has been used to many times that it has been drained out of my vocabulary. Grow up kid, that word has been invented because it rhymed with fag, you FAG!

    • liqUID

      Let me correct myself. My legacy is my son and family. No need to be filthy rich for a legacy. Peace!

    • liqUID

      Let me correct myself, my legacy is my son, family and real friend and im happy with that. No need to be filthy rich for that. Peace!

    • lIqUID

      Don't give a shit about legacy. Im just happy being near my family and real friends. PEACE!

    • big mike

      Nigga you have no legacy!!!! stop hanging off this mans swag!!! fag!!!!

  • ice

    dope...n dats da boy azis in that bitch

  • Anonymous

    this Video Cray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dat_nigga_manny

    lol dope video....lmao dudes look hella happy...but i guess being number one in 23 countries would make anybody happy ahaha

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    I dare somebody to say this video isn't classic. Go ahead. Make yourself look like a dick. You'll regret it 20 years from now when people are looking back at this shit like we look back at MJ and Prince.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign. This album well be rembered in 20 years from now, people will be talking about it and it will remain as one of the best albums ever released in this genre. A career defining masterpiece.

    • BIG MIKE

      Nigga you have no legacy!!!! stop hanging off this mans swag fag!!!!

    • G'

      Got niggas (though more than likely not black) typing in ALL CAPS...FTW

    • big mike

      YOUR A DICK HEAD!!! the FAKE calvin klein models in the back sit!!! a ugly maybach some arab in a suit!!!AND THESE GUYS TOUCHING EACH OTHER DURING THE VIDEO!!!!!this shit is trash!!!! i like the album!!! BUT DONT YOU DARE compare THIS TO MICHAEL OR prince

  • Eyes

    Its cool. Im not busting a nut like a lot of these niggas wish I would. But its cool..

  • M. Russ

    i dont know about the rest of yall fags but i like fly shit i like good music and i love bitches white black yellow brown etc...... get of the block you bum niggas and experience something yall niggas will give "THE FERRARI BOYS aka Gucci Mane & Wacka Flocka album a 5 but will say Watch The Throne is garbage smh...and as i always say NIGGAS will hate on anybody for having fun enjoying life

  • M. Russ

    first of all to the dickhead who said jay act your age you dushbag how do you wont the nigga to act hes a fucking Millionaire niggas is having fun and enjoying life.....but yall niggas will give a 5 for a video from gucci mane wacka floka and the rest of those corny ass rappers in the strip club making it rain or on the block....i can tell most of yall bum ass niggas probably never even been out of your city let alone the states hip hop and POPULAR music is more than shooting shit up and flippn birds smh yall bum ass niggas will criticize anybody black thats having fun and aint rapping about shootn niggas and slanging dope

  • Rating


  • Anonymous

    What the fuck difference does it make what color the women are, you confused ass niggas are just as racist as the white people you complain about!!!! Get the fuck over yourself!! When you get you chance just have all black women in your video, til then kick back!

  • Chris

    Cool vid, wish Aziz was in it more tho

  • damn

    niggas will hate on anything . 5 stars

  • SnatchItBack

    More empty raps about maybachs and private jets while half the world is in recession and struggling to get a paycheck. Ain't anyone bored of this shit yet.................

    • Anonymous

      What does this have to do with anything? Rapping about problems solves them now?

    • donjwhizzle

      NOPE!!! What recession?!!? Im still employed and getting my accounting degree. I actually thank these dudes for giving me something to strive for and add to the goal list!!!

  • JG3

    I like the video, seems like they were a lot of fun making it. The only thing I didn't like was them having just white girls with them. Maybe I'm not seeing the purpose in that or maybe it was just Kanye's decision but overall I like the video.

  • Anonymous

    why yall get so mad over music you dont like its not the music you hate them like they fucked your bitch so many gay people on this site they love to envision men riding dicks lololmaooo



  • Anonymous

    haha you know you doing something good when the hate is at a all time high

  • Anonymous

    soon to be #1 album for jay and kanye let the haters hate majority rules

  • Jring

    Dumbasses wanna get on Jay for not acting his age.. How exactly is a 42 yr old supposed to act? Plus the dudes filthy rich who cares. Fckin vampires sucking fun outta life. Yall hate to see other people succeed cause yall cant compete and therefore Haters are born. Plus its nice to see a video where niggas aint mean mugging, and shooting up shit. Nice video Hot song Awesome album.

  • Anonymous

    yeah cant wait for games video so nice to see compton again and again and again

  • Anonymous

    why do other men talk about men being gay so much yall a bunch of angry fags

  • Anonymous

    Pointless video but... I DONT GIVE A DAMN! IT IS STILL HOT!

  • the doc

    i dont give a fuck what yall think, this video was tight..fun and refreshing..yall people complain about everythin, fuckin haters

  • JayRoo

    It's nice to see some rappers smiling in their video instead of acting all hard for once, I'll give it that

  • Nathaniel James Mccoy Jr.

    I guess I got my swagga back Truth!!!!!!! Its a Maybach Massacre bitches!!!!!

  • BORN IN 86


  • kd

    wow!! thats all i can say...

  • Fado

    Lyrically J.cole is better then Jay and Kanye. Thats right I said it.

    • Anonymous

      No way homes. Kanye maybe but not Jay. Jay has been here for years and he has made some of the best rhymes ever. Check out Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime Vol 1, Vol 3, The Blueprint, The Blueprint 2, and The Black Album. You'll understand. BTW I'm a huge Cole fan too so don't consider this as a diss.

  • javascript:void(null)

    They just shit all over Ricky Ross' materialism.

    • Fado

      Kanye and Jay have more of a cocky, asshole clever, materialism. RickRoss has a more imma boss, drug dealer, fat mobster materialism.

  • NastyNas

    If this was another rapper that made this song and this video all these Jay-Z and Kanye Dick Riders wouid start talking shit..Lets be completely honest , This song and video is ASS but yet this shit gets like 4.12 rating.

    • Anonymous

      No wonder you would drop a comment like this, if you name yourself NastyNas. The only GARBAGE is Nasty and Ghetto Dreams. You love anything Nas drops for the fuck of it. Now, go play Illmatic and act like the golden era ain't over.

    • ...

      I think it's the other way around, you're hating on the video because it's Jay and Ye. How the hell is this video garbage? You can tell this was directed by Spike Jonze (one of the greatest music video directors of all time, do your research) because of the amazing camera work and visuals.

    • Anonymous

      i dont think another rapper on this planet will chop up a maybach and the song is tight so whats your beef

    • NastyNas

      My point is the only reason they are liking this is because its Hov and Ye. This song and vid is complete GARBAGE it aint hard to tell but these Jay Z and Kanye stans are liking it just because its there favorite artist and rate and like any material they drop.

  • Mado

    one thing about watch the thrown that I dont like is their isn't enough actual rapping. There will be a 3 minute song with one minute of rapping....


    mmmmmm, auto-falacio taste soooo good. i give myself head since other dudes dont let me near their junk

  • William Scooter Jones

    Digg the video

  • Fuck Jay-Z

    homo ass niiggaz

  • Mado

    I am a big Jay Z fan and I like watch the throne and this music video is Ok too me. With that being said. Jay Z is sincerely ugly.

  • lav2k

    Homo video. Jay an Yay look bff's.

  • Brandon Pitts

    Yo I cant lie, that video is Refreshing!

  • rudy

    Song is wack, video is wack, instrumental is wack, lyrics are wack. But y'all idiots keep ridin them jay's and Kanye's dicks

    • Anonymous

      Ahahaha, what's wrong with you guys? Your statement was generic and dumb. LMAO @ calling Kanye and Jay (!!!) whack rappers that's the evidence that you don't shit about Hip Hop. I bet your favorite rapper is Nas, right? No one here is dick riding, you just hate because the title says Jay-Z & Kanye West. Get over yourself or jump from a rooftop.

    • Ghost of Hp Hop Past

      They are fucking weak, wack rappers....you can take that to any bank of your choosing.

    • will

      Man you really don't know music...

    • Fado

      Maybe people are riding there "dicks" or maybe just maybe people sincerely like the song, video, instrumental and lyrics and they are not pretending to just in order to "Keep ridin Jay's and Kanye's dicks". But that couldn't be the case right rudy? Cus your opinion is the end all be all and if someone likes a song or video you deem "wack" in order for someone to like it they must be on that artist "dick".

  • Sensaye252

    The song is dope. The video is cool. With that said, here's a few things I noticed... 1.) rappers never got black girls in their videos anymore. 2. Jay's jeans are gettin' tighter and tighter. 3. These niggas talk about money way too much. We get it, both you fuckers are rich, but what else? 4. Indians are the new trendy race, with Aziz Ansari leading the charge. Last year it was arabs. 5. I'm tired of rappers stroking each others ego. "I'm the greatest alive, other than you of course" "Hey man, I bet your dick is bigger than mine". What happened to competitive spirit in rap? Bunch of rich niggas patting each other on the back. Fuck that. You don't gotta beef with each other, but I'm from the era where athletes didn't shake hands til after the game. All this lovey dovey shit is gay. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      Listen to Brown Skin Lady and cry.

    • Anonymous

      I'm pretty sure they're patting eachothers back because well their group name, is "THE THRONE". If that isnt a testament of what this album bout to be bout, then I don't know what is. I definitely don't expect black on both sides mos def on here, or black thought on here, or talib, "be" era common, on here, non of that, it's all about THE THRONE the two illest at this point in the game right now, coming together. Who got em, thats alive? and relevant? wayne? fuck outta here.

    • Fado

      cosign. when you say Indians you mean east Indians or native american Indians? I think its good for a diverse range or females to be in rap videos by the way. And at least these girls weren't half naked they were just having fun in the back of the car. And yeah I get Jay and Kanye are cool but you can tell by the music video they are on each-others dicks....its ironic rappers get richer by talking about how rich they are. To their credit though their are some songs on watch the thrown that arnt just about money....

    • Ludovic Ménard

      That sounds correct, great competitors congratulates only themselves or no one, that's boring

  • obamalover

    Even with all SATANS help this is the best ya'll can come up with! This is wack... Jay-Z/Kanye are the fakest in the game! Devil worshippen, soul selling clowns!

    • obamalover

      I am a female yes, so what? Does that meen I'm blind? I still am awake to whats going on.. I still SEE Jay-Z wearing skull&bones, and I still SEE Kanye worshipping the Devil, and NO anonymous I am not scared of the Devil, I do fear God!! And whether or not you believe it to be real... it is! Jay-z/Kanye and MANY others also know it to be real... so keep your head in the sand or awaken... God Bless!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ lol ^^^^^

    • Anonymous

      lol the devil isn't real man, thats a boogie man, they got you scared huh?

    • Fado

      I hope your a misinformed female....

  • mic

    what up with the big american flag in back, america dont like niggaz


    they cant do no wrong to yall this video is wack ass fuck whats hot about it?

  • temarielove

    Well, I was enjoying seeing a maybach get chopped up till I realized there were NO Women of Color in the #Otisvideo.I jus dont get it.Like a straight up exclusion. Not oversight. Straight up segregation

    • Sensaye252

      The only people whoever think race isn't an issue is white people....truth.

    • Anonymous

      Go with what makes sense Since I know what i'm up against We as rappers must decide what's most impor-tant And i can't help the poor if i'm one of them So i got rich and gave back To me that's the win, win The next time you see the homie and his rims spin Just know my mind is workin just like them (The rims that is) What's wrong? You are retarded, you're the only one who's racist here and nobody else. Would like to see the hatred filled comments if it was the other way around and someone said, there's no white women there. You portray exactly what you try to put down others with. A racist person who always sees color first and brings it up everytime. Here, I got a song for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3nbTB2KHuM

    • the_truth

      Obama is president...it is 2011.... color is not an issue.... drop it... how many black girls have kanye and Jay had in their videos....??

    • Anonymous

      race is sought by those who seek race, I didn't realize anyones race in this, sure they could have had different types of women, but thats not what they were doing, so whatever. I'm white, when i see jay n ye i don't think 'two black guys' i think, TO FUCKIN DOPE GUYS, and the chics, psh thats an afterthought, this video is nuts, simple yet dope, reminds me of flashing lights, or cant tell me nothin except more crazy.

    • Chopra

      "Drought relief in Africa" - People never fail to disappoint me with their stupidity these days. Watch the news or whatever is on TV and that is the be-all and end-all....smh

    • blaw023

      If you see how these black hood rats act in public then any person can fully understand why smart people stay away from that

    • Ludovic Ménard

      I'm a white dude from france, but i totally understand that these guys puttin' white whores from fashion TV in videos is pretty disturbin : they sayin look we did it and we don't even give a fuck about what we did in the past and who the people we used to spend time with. Kanye is gay and sold, he tried to be friend with thom yorke (singer from radiohead) who spit at his face, that's a pretty reveling story

    • Anonymous

      The only who ones who are making this an issue are the ones who cry about it.

    • Sensaye252

      Color ain't a issue? What country you from? Wales? In the U.S. color is always an issue, and she's got a point. Black women get shitted on so bad in the U.S. as it is, it'd be nice to see some successful black men show 'em some love instead of galavanting with these exotic skanks that would be calling them niggers if they didn't have money.

    • obamalover

      That money aint going to know African relief! Theres people in NY and CHICAGO straight struggling for food, shelter, and human rights... where are they then? They dont care about no-one but themselves... these selfish, greedy, lucifiarians dont help there own country, or community... gimme a break... all the do is spread evil and materialism..just like there lord satan! Keep it JESUS!

    • skrilla

      "till I realized there were NO Women of Color" Are you not fuckin ignorant? Grow up homie. It's 2011. Color ain't a issue!

    • freshoutthebox

      never mind the fact that the car is being auction to fund the drought relief in AFRICA right? get a life homey.

  • Anonymous

    lol....who saw jay's hat fly off

  • Naftali Thaithi

    The only guy who should hate on the video are the niggaz signed to Maybach Music... cuz that's an awesome video esp for car lovers!!!! EAK!

  • Jerrell James

    I would of loved to be on the set having fun lol

  • SeaDisWon

    Video sucks... Song sucks worst...possibly the worse use of a sample in history...song makes me want jab my ears with a paper clip

  • onelove

    so much fuckin Swagg b..n*ggas chopped up the Maybach and did doughnuts in it with 4 chicks in the back..and my n*gga Aziz in there too..Fuk Haters b..

  • skippy81

    jay always been a good rapper

  • Anonymous


  • King of Kingz

    LOVIN' The video...DAAAAMN.....LOVIN' it!!! It's not the average HipHop vid, but its BECAUSE of tha...that this shit is so refreshing!!!THey look like they just having fun...good to see Jay like that, normally dude is hella reserved, and he HAS to be coz of the HATERS. N GOOODDDDAAAAM I wanna tear up a MAYBACK ALSO!!!!!!Shiiiiiit...looks like they had hella fun man....Two Homiez keeping it real, I bet these two are like two kids when they are together! Hope all the other Vids they do for the album will be good. They need to do a vid for "Who Gon' Stop ME" THey need to make it a BOSSSSSS Video...

  • Anonymous

    after 15 yrs, and 450 million later-jay-z finally smiles! nice vid. 5stars

  • DeThrone

    Nice vid, but the track is a throw away-- literally garbage. Nothing like having a 2.5 minute song with 1 minute of actual lyrics and the rest is just Kanye screaming like a jackass.

  • dc burner guy

    haven't seen Jay having fun in a vid in a while, nice

  • Killmatic

    The vid is cool but the song is weak.




    Customized Maybach Damn!!! Craze dope video

  • Anonymous

    the song got old quick

  • Maxwell Harkness

    Spike Jonse is possibly one of my favorite modern music video/movie director out there, visually everything is just so amazing. Plus the songs good, so theres that.

  • Anonymous

    either these guys are on drugs are they are in some type of zone. they don't looked druged out so i guess its a zone. good for them. kinda of weird but in a good way

  • Anonymous

    Kanye , Jay-z ! dope!

  • I know this stuff Isnt real so just for fun

    Just to have fun I decided to count how many time's I see a version of the devil horns hand sign by either Jay-Z or Kanye and before I could start laughing and having fun I ran out of fingers to count the many time's and the video hadn't even ended yet and suddenly I realized... We'll Kanye has done it a few time's and Jay-Z, he can not NOT do a version of the devil horns hand sign. Weird. And someone needs to analize that nazi-ish looking eagle patch on Kanye's arm sleeve. I know it's not a nazi eagle (I don't think!?) someone needs to check it out is all Im saying. Strange car huh? Different different. Head for a butt and a butt for a head with wings.

  • Ludovic Ménard

    Nice video, but the song is only 3' and it seems it lasts 8' so repetitive and boring, not paying hommage to otis that's a shame

  • Anonymous

    sophisticated ignorance ,,,,loves it

  • Anonymous

    kanye been doing some bicep curls

  • Eric Smith

    Yeah...what're they talkin'bout again though?

  • triple_5_real

    This video is refreshing! I'm glad to see them just having fun and not having that over the top floss a-thon ! This isn't the average hip hop video. Niiiice!

  • Uhhh...

    maybe I missed somethin'...all I see is 3 minutes and 16 seconds of two guys walking and driving a car...and some of ya'll act like this is the best shit in the history of videos...simple minds. video deserves a 3 out of 5 AT BEST, jus' like this track.

  • Mike Meraz

    pretty dope..they ain't really saying much but yeah..this might b a dumb question but wassup with the stars on that flag? those ain't aint starz

  • Elvin Lantigua

    Get slapped across ur stupid fucken face if u dont rate this video a 5. I want that goddamn CAR!!!

  • Anonymous

    video made the song a little better for me

  • bigg rome