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The man who could have helped save Ruthless Records returns with the fourth installment of "Ill Mind of Hopsin" and some shots at Tyler, the Creator.


  • Anonymous

    DEEEEEEEEESTROYED!!!!!!!!! Knock Madness is one album I WILL be buyin.

  • James Johnson

    funniest lyrical shit ever....Em comparison forreal

  • Sooooo.....

    Sooooooo... He's a black version of Slim Shady when he first came out?....... Trying women's clothing on and everything.

  • dee

    If you guys think this is dope, check his videos, "You are my Enemy", and "Kill Her". Homie got talent, after hearing him on I Am A Psycho, I was like ehh, then I heard this and I started becoming a fan, then I checked his other videos and yea, dude is real talented.

  • chet057

    If Nick Cannon, Tyler, Eminem and Barney had a baby... this is what it would sound like.

  • I know

    I know where this diss came from. Tyler TC dissed B.o.B on that one shit song then B.o.B murdered him on a diss track. Hopsin was all like, "Nigga this bitch Tyler...who the fuck does he think he is dissin dudes with actual talent? This motha fucka' has less talent than a wet diaper." then BOOM. This track was born. RIP Tyler you were never that good anyway!

    • Rob Korensky

      I dont know about the B.o.B being talented part but Hopsin slayed Tyler and I myself being an upcoming emcee, I wouldnt dare to challenge Hop.. hes too damn good

    • samwise

      couldnt have put it better myself. stupid odd future fans dont understand how talented b.o.b is and how hopsin has respect for talented artists and didnt just go at tyler randomly

  • luke

    this is the second song ive heard from him, he got a nice delivery, plus he fucks wit tech....i could see me bein a fan

  • 718rob

    Video is gay. Song is dope.

  • Anonymous

    actually hopsin has been in the game for years. He got signed to Ruthless records in '06 but he later created his on record label. and he disses the "industry"

  • wu4life

    havent heard much of hopsin before but dude can flow. This some dope shit right here. I'm a tyler fan but straight up i dont think ty is lyrical enough to piece together a decent diss track against hop or BOB. At least not yet. He should send earl after hop as soon as he's allowed to rap again

  • Angela Baker

    Novi Novak already RAPED this faggot now he is trying to diss Tyler. GTFO!!!!!

    • Who know what

      In a fantasy world, i could see us getting together. White girl that likes hip-hop (fairly attractive too). In a fantasy world, we would have passionate sex where afterwards we would tenderly hold each other in our arms. But that's in a fantasy world. In reality, I would fuck you till your vagina was broken and bleeding because of your brain dead and sophomoric attempt to try to sound "hip hop intelligent." GTFO bitch you don't know SHIT about hip-hop!

    • J Sampson

      WHO the FUCK is Novi Novak...

    • Twitter.com/The187Worm

      Look at this dumb ass trick...Novi is fake ass garbage...little suburban Ho..come get that ass raped

    • wu4life

      you should let me tap dat ass nomsayian?

    • Anonymous

      are you fucking retarded, that isn't even debatable, Novi NoSack is a fucking idiot wannabe mainstream rapper, he says hes better than Hopsin because hes more famouse. thats a sellout comment if ive ever saw one. Hopsin works hard on his music, hes not a wannabe Eminem or Tech N9Ne, hes got his own unique style. His production, lyrics, hooks, and flow are all better than Novi Novak and Tyler The Creator, who by the way I like. I like Odd Future, I just think this isn't debatable, Hopsin lyrically is better.

  • J Sampson

    Ehh It was alright, kids rhymes are kinda whack but it was funny.

  • Nazim Elnur

    Waaaaackkk video...but this should be interesting...kid got bars fo'sho

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      Whore. shouldnt even have a opinion on hiphop if you like Novi stupid ass bitch

    • Angela Baker

      All stolen bars from momma jokes and other rappers. nothing in this is original. Same thing he did when he dissed Novi Novak and got murdered

  • Luis Algarin

    your a small minded idiot if you think he sounds anything like eminem,nicki minaj or tech n9ne.stop sayin what he "sounds like" just listen

  • Luis Algarin

    No he doesnt sound like Eminem,Tech N9ne or Nicki Minaj you def,dumb,blind motherfuckers.

  • Luis Algarin

    im a fan of Funk Volume & OFWGKTA.on behalf of the real fans of either side,these comments are fucking stupid.no dumbass he did NOT take "Nicki Minaj's flow",you just heard her name & since your most likely into mainstream the thought that he took her "flow" popped into your head...cuz ur stupid.& stop comparing Hop 2 Em,if you actually listened 2 there material(all of it)you would notice a lil Em influence i guess but nothing alike...cuz ur dumb.Tyler is lyrical & an amazing artist his shit just goes over your head because your small minded,but its funny cuz his shit isnt hard 2 get at all if your not a shit 4 brains.both are dope as fuck you just need 2 stop being a zombie & listen more

  • eezo

    I love how these kinds of songs allways make people go apeshit about who they like.. is it really that hard to like both Hopsin's and Tyler's music?

  • Anonymous

    I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. Hopsin is ill as fuck from what I have heard from him so far but dressing like a chick for a Diss?? Dope diss but the video was like a creepy gay not a well took joke. Video looked like a lonely rich kid shot a high budget video in his bedroom. Tyler is laughing at this.

  • pa

    This is wack, corny ass punch lines and obv mad that his color contacts havent made him as popular as Tyler. Em wannabe...NEXT. At least tyler is original.

  • grip$

    well it seems like we have some Hopsin dick riders.....if i wanted to see a battle...i'd go watch a grindtime battle on youtube....this is a diss track....and a wack diss track at best. this dude came out of nowhere, dissing tyler the creator and odd future, cause hes upset hes not where they are with publicity & fans.....i heard this dudes other songs, and he sounds like a black eminem with colored eye contact lenses on..... "yonkers" is doper than anything i heard from this hopins dude.....sure the rest of tyler's album isn't all that good....beats aren't all that......but atleast tyler don't sound like someone else (atleast that i know of) but congrats to hopins...he probably just got 20-50 new fans with this....and tyler still doing bigger and better things.

    • haha

      stop getting upset because you know tyler TC can't create anything that sounds close to as good or lyrically creative as this.

    • anon

      grindtime is terrible. just cats who're butthurt about not getting any records sold, or those trying to jumpstart their "career"

  • Anonymous

    This is lame get him tyler

  • Azhar

    Shots Fired!!! nothing wrong with a lil competition among MC's...

  • Brian McG

    LOL @ this kid dissing Tyler and them because they're doing something and he can't get much more than a buzz. PS: Please Strange Music, DO NOT sign this dude. Corny.

  • Hopsin Got Shit Son

    You know, I like this dude no homo, hope to hear more from him.

  • Joom

    That shit where he dressed up like a girl was disturbing...... but this shit is still dope as hell!

  • Hubert Jubberman

    I went and searched up more by this dude.....THIS DUDE IS AMAZING! Tyler the Creator aint got shit on this man!

  • Anonymous

    why yall hating yea he randomly dissed tyler the creator like tyler did with b.o.b and bruno mars. Shut thaaaa fuck up. this gunna be a battle.

  • Anonymous


  • dayhaze

    Strictly for my Stoners MusicOverBullshit hookedonhaze.blogspot.com hookedonhaze.blogspot.com hookedonhaze.blogspot.com

  • yo9

    dope....tyler the creator sucks ass imo

  • Brodie A. Dowd

    LOL this cat is a fool

  • Erik Quinty

    hahahaha hop on the hoptrain funk volume just brought some heat. i like both ofwgkta and hopsin/swizz but this is gonna be a ferocious battle. cant wait to see where this goes

  • your a faggot

    i heard tyler,earl,domo,hodgy n left brain are about to run train on Hospins family over a demonic beat..and fuck all you nigggas who get down with this shit and say your a fan of odd future you faggot ass band wagon riders..hop off!


    If yall like this check out his 'RAW' , trust me this guy has so good lyrics , beat and hes deep as fuck you wont regret it

  • Pat Neeland

    Like a lot of the commentors here, from what I'm seein', I'm a OFWGKTA fan, too, but the Tyler diss on this song was off the hook. Dude's an absolute beast, and he's fucking hilarious. Saw another one of his music videos, "Sag My Pants", also damn good.

  • Anonymous

    This kid randomly disses tons of people hoping to get a response and some attention

  • FuzeJames:

    Sick Track Tho

  • FuzeJames:

    Sick track too

  • FuzeJames

    Yo THis is Hard, I ent a Dickrider, but i kinda think its a bit uneccesary to Randomly Diss Tyler, The Creator, but yano i guess it just goes with your lyricism, tbf your better than Tyler, but i still rate Tyler, Good diss on him too

  • Scottie D

    Hopsin goes hard on this as he does with everything else. Don't sleep on FV!



  • grip$


  • grip$


    • gamechanja

      Being more original and being more creative does NOT make u better so those r not valid points...btw...shock rap and horrorcore has been around for a long time so what Tyler is doing is NOT original.

    • Tom Wazzu

      Hopsin is dope as fuck, listen to some of his shit... for real. Coming from a Tyler fan too. He's on Am I a Psycho from Tech's 6's and 7's with BoB, hence the diss


      The Word "Parody" doesnt fit in you vocabulary i'm sure...

    • nucca

      tyler isnt creative its the same horrocore shit

    • grip$

      well i sure as hell don't like faggot rappers who wanna sound like eminem, and diss a kid who's doing something original....instead of listening to this bitch cry about how tyler is more popular.....and he wears colored contact lenses.....last time i checked, that fad went out in the 90s after method man did it.....this dude is a joke.....again, tyler is more creative....and doesn't try to be a cross bread between eminem and insane clown posse.


      sounds like you like shitty production and rhymes about the stupidest shit youll ever hear on wax.

  • Chase Gaddy

    Hopsin murks Tyler any day ... his flows are better, his lyrics are better & he makes better beats.

  • Brendan McCormick

    Damn, was not expecting this shit. In for Tylers response. Hopsin is fuckin dope.

  • Jake Bourey

    not going to lie...he has some amazing lines in this. as much as i love the song goblin and tyler's work, gotta give this a 5

  • Cristian Mayen

    Damn, I love odd future, but this dude goes hard too!! but tyler got wrecked on this lol!! Also I love goblin!!! 4 stars.

  • anon

    honestly, does he rhyme this well all the time? im about to become a fan after listening to one song

  • Hubert Jubberman

    Wow, this shit went hard!

  • Michael Hernandez

    Eatin off OFWGKTA's plate smh

    • gamechanja

      WRONG, SON! Hop been doing that shit long before OF got famous. If that's the case then OF been eating off the plates of Eminem, ICP, Esham, Brotha Lynch Hung, Tech N9ne, and a bunch of rapper with this type of music


      his response will be "fuck steve harvey... swaswagswaswagswag"..... .............

    • Anonymous

      Nope not even, looks like hes shitting on another dogs territory and his bitch(e.g. you) is crying over It.


      hahahaha. that's straight lame. OF been around for like three weeks, and you got the nerve to say hop is eating off of OF's plate??? shows how fucking ignorant you are about the industry... Hop is a fucking genius...

  • wishworks

    oh god i like this , the homie nice, watch out tyler you have a creative foe.5.00 Not feeling the eye wear homes

  • Lloyd

    Dope diss and anyone who says it wasn't a decent diss is just a OF/Tyler dick rider


      Real Talk. He came really clean on this record. the production is ill as well. I really want to hear a tyler response. and it seems to me that he wont... he bitched out on that B.O.B. beef. cats are trying to handle it the correct way in hip hop, then tyler gets ignorant. i truly gave that cat way too much credit when i first got into OF.. his fucked up persona is what makes me not listen to them anymore. except for hodgy and earl...

  • jorrus7

    not bad, but lets hear some songs you produce, hopsin?

  • Keith Lutrick

    this video is greatness, song's even better. keep it up Hop!

  • Tanner G

    Someone's needed to call out Tyler and I think dude is suffering from S.B.S. - Scared Bitch Syndrome.

  • Tanner G

    About fucking time...