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Set your DVR folks. Bill O'Reilly defended President Obama...even if he had to try to throw Lupe Fiasco under the bus to do it.


  • Anonymous

    interview was one of the best i've ever seen from o'reilly. all i have to say is that the song that started all this is great and he doesn't say anything that is untrue in the entire thing. he used hyperbole in that other interview and ppl overreacted a bit.

  • stylesC

    Lupe is a dope rapper (I loved "Kick, Push", great song, haha) but i think he's stepping into an arena that includes millions of factors from everyday human life, that you can't just point you're finger and define all these things like he does. N he shud stop hatin' on his own country. (way to be original lol) Move to a third world country and then see if that Govermen't are the good guys lol. Go move to Iran. For example... In Iran they freakin' execute woman for committing adultry! Everything in our nature is in relation to the times and the era. Can't just point the finger at America. We as a country have only been the top dog in the world for about less than 100 years. Humans and government have been around for thousands and thousands of years.

  • stylesC

    By Lupe misleading all of his kiddie followers by telling this conspiracy bs, lies, and mainly drastic distortions and over-simplifications of government and a person he doesn't even know (obama) to them -- He is inducing fear and hatred into them. Hey Lupe, it looks like you're a "terrorist" you're self, going by you're explanation of the term.

  • stylesC

    Lupe "loves all the lil "ghetto boys" and gurls from around the world" but thinks the USA is a terrorist? Lol c'mon mane, what about the "ghetto" boys and gurls that grow up to be in the government, to tryna help their people and not just criticize the president like he seems to be doing. He just sounds so full of it, and contradicting.

  • stylesC

    That was an interesting clip, no doubt. However, i dont think the whole point of the show was to judge whos sticking up for obama. Dont criticize o'reilly and say "oh look what he has said about obama, and now he's stickin up for him. etc" That's not the point, the point is that o'reilly is saying lupe is being reckless and giving them a wrong and extremely ignorant impression. He's a music star, of course kids are impressionable by him. And Lupe's didn't just say that what he did in only a rap line. He actually believes all the bullshit he says. Im not saying he's not right about some things, but for the most hes oversimplying everything and thinks hes 100 percent right. Lupe us putting up this "view" of his, without taking into SO MANY factors. He doesn't know anything at all! Its not like Americans are so two-faced and decieving. Its called HUMAN NATURE WHEN YOU"RE THE TOP COUNTRY IN A WOLRD WHERE ITS IN OUR NATURE TO COMPETE WITH ONE ANTOTHER. LOL since when did Lupe become the voice of God, and whatever he thinks is completly 110 percent right. Lupe is mad full of himself lol. And he says he "hates The United States of America" (n u can tell he cautiously makes sure he words it like that lol) How the fuck can you hate youre country like America. HE WOULDN'T BE Lupe Fiasco IF IT WASNT FOR all the presidents before and including obama. HE doesnt even know what forces enable him to be a rapper and think all this nonsense he says is hard fact. Lol what a joke. He even said that ..."all future presidents are terrorists" Wait, What??? Lol now lupe can predict the future. Everyone wants to criticize and spit their opinoin, when they never want to be part of the solution, smh. I think Lupe is completly right when he said to attack terrorism at its ROOT CAUSE as being the only way to fight it. I COMMEND LUPE FOR THAT statement. The rest is so un-thoughtout. On that note though... I hate Repulicans and love Hip-Hop lol.

  • royalll

    lupe is a dumbass, he doesnt know shit smh

  • Andre Cooper

    Hey lupe since the president is the terrorist how about go and move to one of them third world countries and say that same thing about there president.......I bet you won't have a head.....Just saying

  • Rachael Misek

    What a total Idiot! He doesn't even LIKE Obama, now he is defending Obama cuz he doesn't like rappers. Terrorism is a word made up to start wars, this guy is totally retarded i can't believe he even can stand and talk to people and look at himself because half the time he contradicts himself he must forget how he bashes people one day and then loves them the next and think of all the sheeple that follow him.

  • come on man

    Lupe lost me when he called every president before and every president after (Obama) a terrorist. Listen, the world wants us blow off the map, not every thing is hugs and hand shakes. Do we do shady shit sometimes YES, do we have a choice if we want to remain a world power NO. Countries bash us and then happily accept our generosity. It's not nearly as easy as Lupe is making it sound. He makes it sound like everyone wants to be our friend and we choose to bully instead.

    • sheek

      look, most the peopl who like obama only like because the person next to them does. and 90% of blacks like him because he's black, there like "oh ya we got a nigga in office" fact is obama hasent done shit. we are in more debt now than when bitch ass bush was in office. obama wants to give the enemy a big ass chunk of isreal, what the fuck is he thinking? any way what i think lupe means is that we go around bullying other countries, destroy them, rebuild them, then try to force our views and belifes on them and try to make them run their country like us. sounds like terrorism to me

  • Muney

    Wrong time to b pulling da beast card...do dat shit when da devil present..do it during needed like right after hurricane katrina..not when Obamaz present...Lupe is a sucka sell out...stick to making weak recordz...

    • The Fiasco Factor

      that's funny.. i think you should have stuck to your class work when you were in school.. what are you in third grade putting a s instead of a z, your young as hell

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is right. If you really dig to the heart of the issue, America is the biggest terrorist, AND we support a terrorist state in Isreal! (Not hating on the avg Isreali just their govt and their very existance as a nation) Our "global domination" aspirations have opressed people across the world for decades, and has caused many of the problems those nations face today. Not to alleviate them of their own faults; greed and opression of their own people, either. Nobody likes to see innocent people die, but we all know that happens in war, right, and if you're a "militant" group, you can't realistically fight the U.S. military blow of blow, you have to get in where you fit in, which is why they do things like explode bombs in a crowded market. To cause chaos. And another thing, if an army came to YOUR CITY, trying to blow it up, wouldn't YOU fight back? Does that make you a terrorist or "insurgent"? If you think about it, no matter what happens, "they" have won this war already. They have completely changed the way of life for Americans, it has ruined our economy, taken away many of our liberties, created tremendous division amongst the citizens, bubbled even more hatred and racism to the surface. They suceeded in doing what they set out to do. And I say "they" because I can't say who is REALLY all behind this. I do know Bin Laden and his family were very close to the Bush Clan and 'em...hmmm...Hotep hip hip nation...we're better than all this...we're supposed to change things...let's do it!

    • Anonymous

      "They" won this "war" a loonggggg time ago. And every single person opposing it sadly supports it (including myself) simply buy wearing the clothes from capitalist companies (Nike, NBA gear, etc.).

  • Anonymous

    Come on guys...he did close Gitmo afterall...and get us out of Iraq and Afhganistan. This is a man who keeps his promises, and calls it straight.

    • Anonymous

      He actually had mixed feelings about Gitmo. If it wasn't for keeping Gitmo open, bin laden wouldn't have been 'found'. He actually bluffed about Iraq and Afgan, he's barely now talking about bringing us home from Afgan. Maybe as a ploy to bring back his popularity since 2012 election is slowly creeping up (ay?) Fuck politics.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody peep that between 00:06-00:09 how bill purposely worded "Lupe Fiasco promoting an album call President Obama a terrorist." When in reality lupe's next album is called food and liquor II. He knew what he was doing...Just a difference in two letters ("call"; "callED) could change the meaning

    • stylesC

      i dont care for bill o'reilly for the most part, and i hate most republicans lol, but he said what lupe DID say. Im not yelling at you or anything, i just think you mistook a couple words for some other meaning

    • stylesC

      No he didn't. What are you talking about? It's just proper grammar. He said, "Chicago rapper lupe fiasco, (comma) is promoting an album, (comma) calls president obama a terrorist." As in lupe fiasco calls president obama a terrorist, WHICH HE DOES, in that song. He did not say the album is called president obama a terrorist, he said LUPE calls him a terrorist. If he paused where i both times wrote (comma), you wouldnt think what you just posted. But its a live news show, what he DOES ON PURPOSE, is talk fast cuz he knows he doesnt have all the time in the world to talk to lupe

    • Anonymous

      Yeah he kind of says calls president Obama ... I noticed that too, and if I didn't know Lupe and the context I would have that the same thing. O'Reilly is a real kunt.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I think Lupe should stick to hip-hop and leave politics alone. They probably edited a lot of shit out--- I don't know--, but they did a good job at making him look like an idiot who couldn't even hold a conversation about anything. I can't even pinpoint what his argument was anywhere in the entire video, it just seems like he was trying to talk over O'Reilly the entire time. It seems like he just wanted to disagree for the sake of disagreeing. Yes, America's at war and, yes, people are getting killed. But there's a lot more to it than simply oppressing a weaker nation. Lupe needs to open his mind to things like diplomacy, reputation, and future stability. There's a lot more to it than simply laying down your weapons and walking away. Plus, it wasn't even Obama who initiated the war in the first place. Like O'Reilly said, Obama's doing the best he can to look after the safety of American's and also to make sure that these terrorist networks become permanently crippled. I'd hate to see what would happen if someone like Lupe Fiasco became president, and by "someone" I mean a person with a closed mentality who jumps to conclusions. Don't get it twisted.

    • BEEZ

      No, it's because O'Reilly won't allow him get a thorough point across, he is forced to respond to what he says, rather than getting to the root of his point. And why did they find the worst picture in history of Lupe to put up, he looks all raggedy and ish...these fox people are something else. He brings people on- look how the "interview" started- and chastizes their point of view from the jump, and they spend the rest of the time "digging out" of that hole. Nothing gets clarified, nothing gets settled. And I HATE the way they try to diss "rappers"; throw them all in a bucket and make it seem like we're all ingorant buffons. Lupe did nothing by going on this dumba** fools program, except help the right-wing agenda- "look even a n**ger rapper from Chicago hates Obama!"

    • jb345345

      i think its so incredibly dumb to call what you as americans and we as europeans are doing in afghanistan. You really think they do it for the safety of US ???> you stupid? we would be save if we didn't insult moslims and go and bomb an entire country to look for bin laden.

  • Truth

    Lupe's only mistake was going on Fox News, they edited the shit out of that interview. Terrorism refers to violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal. Terrorism is not restricted to third world countries, the founders of this nation used "terrorism" to gain independence. The way Bush and Obama have used the term "War on Terror" was used to create fear and anger within our nation and gain support for the wars in the Middle East. By the definition this is Terrorism and this is why Obama and the presidents before him are Terrorists; they use emotional speeches and rhetoric to fuel anger, hate and fear within their people. Terrorism cannot be fought, Bin Laden may be dead but there will always be people who hate our country because of our foreign policy and corporate control. Supporting the War on "Terror" is supporting anger and fear which helps the cause of Al Qaeda. Do the research for yourself and look at the history of Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda and then you will understand how to fight the War on Terror. There is no such thing as "evil" in this World there are only the misguided, mislead and misunderstood. "Jihad is not a holy war, wheres that in the worship? Murdering is not Islam, And you are not observant."

    • Anonymous

      Perfect example as to why the Palestinians are NOT terrorists and never have been. (besides the point I know)

  • Wolfman

    Lupe, you lose. Leave it up to real political stars like Bill Maher to take on Bill O'Reilly and make him look stupid. Can't fault O'Reilly at all in this interview. He actually gave Lupe a chance to make point, and I had to go with Bill and make the Fuck outta here face... smh.

  • Dominic Charles

    As I was reading up on this and its comments. Most people kind of had the same approach some for Lupe some for OReilly. Some didn't like the way Lupe stated "Obama is America's biggest terrorist" forgive me if I quoted wrong! Anything and everything in life you are entitled to your own opinion. In my opinion I believe it was taken out of context and I do believe he tried to clarify that on the show but in a heated debate he couldn't say much we all know how Bill can be. Has anyone once bashed Bill on what he has said on behalf of Obama nooo... Now he sticks up for Obama and people call this man a saint! Come on? On my behalf I don't know the half of politics. Democrat/Republic all I know I commend Obama on being the first black in office and i voted.. He's an intelligent man, but every President be on the same agenda. I will say this but The World is so blind that we try to cast out the very voices who stand up to the government. Lupe said he's for the people... The government don't give a flying f*** about us! And I love my city, country what have you to death. But I hate war we see it everyday I'm sure but how do we stop what we only know? America has had some good and bad Presidents I'm certain. The 9/11 incident God rest their souls, has some missing holes and America played a part. They do so much sneaky shit to cover our eyes, just wake up! I'm not saying rebel rebel, but read up gain knowledge, do your own research the facts are there... I'm not the most educated man i know but don't crucify me! Love, Live, Life!

    • Anonymous

      I think you're wrote a good comment as well. However, i dont think the whole point of the show was to judge whos sticking up for obama. Dont criticize o'reilly and say "oh look what he has said about obama, and now he's stickin up for him. etc" That's not the point, the point is that o'reilly is saying lupe is being reckless and giving them a wrong and extremely ignorant impression. He's a music star, of course kids are impressionable by him.

    • Uh Huh

      Good comment. Thank you for not trying to be a know-it-all. Logic prevails people

  • Isaiah Reed

    Both made good points, but O'Reilly came ready to play hardball, and he did what he wanted by getting Lupe fired up. If Lupe would have kept his cool it wouldn't have made O'Reilly seem as though he made Lupe look stupid.

  • GuessWhat

    heres a little fact for you idiots bashing Lu because you're mad he "sold out" and made a pop album. FOX News viewers are the most consistently mislead viewers of any show that is remotely related to politics, this includes The Daily Show and Colbert Report. FOX News also has lied or just been wrong on many occasions. dont believe me, check out PolitiFacts.com. THANK YOU!

  • Anonymous

    o reilly is a fuckin dumbass. lupe was right about why we in afghanstan. to get bin laden. lupe knows more shit about the government then your average american. bill is a fucking dumb ass white boy who doesnt kno what hes talking about. fuck him. food and liquor 2 bitches!!!

    • B-Line

      Taon Souls, I agree with you one hundred right there. I do believe Lupe wishes he would have that fucken comment back and what's worst he actually tried to defend it. Now I am sure Lupe is smart and understands way more than your average rapper about politics and what not but if he wanted to go into the O'Riley show he needed to come harder than that. He just made rappers look like the dumb shits most of them are.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, the reason John Stewart/Camron were able to make Oreilly look foolish is cause they did their interview from Oreillys studio and not on satellite feed. It doesnt help that fox edited the living shit outta the interview too.

    • Taon Sauls

      Actually Bill O Reilly was 100% right...Oh god I never thought I would ever see myself saying that and hopefully I will never say it again. But the truth is that Lupe was wrong, he over simplified a statement to accommodate his argument. It's like if a person goes grocery shopping and they later found out that they were undercharged for their purchase but they don't go back to pay, to call that person a thief would be to oversimplify the word. The worst part about it the one action which happened while Obama has been president, which could be thought of as terroristic...the killing of Osama, Lupe had no problem with that. Lupe's lack of facts or understanding of the situation led to Bill O Reilly making him look like an idiot. On the flip side when Jon Stewart squared off against Bill O Reilly he made Bill look like a hater. The reason for this is because Jon Stewart wasn't making an outlandish argument and wasn't finding ways to back up and idiotic statement. Cause the nigga wear a coofie, it don't mean that he bright Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he write Jay-z from the Blueprint 2

  • Anonymous

    stick to rap lupe. politics aint ur thing man, or any other rapper for that matter

    • Nana

      Shut your young ass up. You do know rap was partially built on the idea of politics and social awareness?

  • Sean O'Loughlin

    I understand what both of them are saying, which is strange on O'Reilly's part considering he the majority of the time can be an ignorant-ass conservative, but Obama, in my opinion, is not a terrorist.

    • Anonymous

      sun_god7, Oh really? What about national healthcare coverage for EVERYONE. He doesn't care about the masses? Fuck outta here wit that ignorant ass statement.

    • sun_god7

      Malcolm X would call the president of the United States, a fish in command of sharks to eat other fish. Obama is a terrorist in that aspect. Regardless of his personal intensions, the foreign and domestic economic and political policies are for the benefit of a rich few and not the masses. Obama steers that agenda because that is the role of the President.

  • DrewRoche

    Even if lupe got a little flustered during the interview, the mos def in his jacket never lost it's cool! Straight grillin Bill O'Reilly! gotta love black dante


    americans are the biggest pussies your country doesn't exist anymore except that flag that you carry,you have no rights you can not protest except walk around picked signs before they arrest you,they will hit you with every tax they want and your pussy ass will not do anything,learn from uk,greece,germany how to fight the government bitches

    • Anonymous

      WOW. LOL actually Europe is falling apart and is nomore. Except for england and germany of course. STF up you moron, you say were stupid? Lol you dont even know what youre talking about, not even a clue. SInce the end of WW2, us aka AMERICA, protected and sheided you bitch-ass, pussy europeans from any outside harm, so you had the ability to create youre, quasi-democratic-socialist regimes. Greeks are the friggin, laziest people and country in the modern world. And they'll admit it too. Many americans work too hard and much and ruin their lives, yes, but Many europeans work short-hour days, and take 5 month vacations, and then expect free hand-outs from other countries. IF IT WASNT FOR GERMANY, GREECE WOULD BE COMPLETLEY FUCKED RIGHT NOW. Germany is sick of giving and giving and giving to Greece, and getting nothing in return. You guna come at Americans? Look how stupid you are, you probably dont even know what the words, quasi and democratic-socialism mean lol

    • Anonymous

      How do you concur the world exactly?

    • Taon Sauls

      Yes we need to learn from the Germans, they have never had issues with their government. They did have a little fellow in power for awhile who wanted to concur the world and tortured and killed thousand of Jews but hey, you got to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Well we could copy Greece but i'm against petifilia.

    • Alex Mendoza

      u mad, Eurofag?

    • Stu

      We need to learn from Greece? They are near bankruptcy and rioting as we speak. Do you pay any attention to international news?

  • sun_god7

    The ancestors shine on Lupe. Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Marcus Garvey and Geronimo Jija Pratt, Tupac Shakur, Gil Scott-Heron would be proud.

    • Anonymous

      Yea except those people tried changing things for the general good. Theyre not just pointing fingers, making outlandish statements, and then defending it because his image. Total BS

    • Anonymous

      You're also against grammar as well. As far as pedophillia, you really should be looking to the...GERMANS about that! You're mad ig'nant kid!

  • 1god

    yo fuck bill o'reilly im white and this shit doesn't have anything to do with race ,we are all one ,you see how o'reilly defends obama because that's the elites man they all brothers in that secret room he just plays his part and bash him ,lupe is speaking the truth,obama is just a puppet for the elite all the protests in middle east is the work of the zionist jews who have hijacked the usa and are using the U.S. army to wipe off their enemy(the muslim world)they will bring down the USA just like they did with all the empires greece,rome,germany,uk,etc etc.the fall of economy in greece will spark the fall of euro and the dollar all in this and next year will change all of our lives for ever and it's all their work, call them whatever you want elite,illuminati,masons.these people want to destroy and enslave us we must unite against their machine

    • Anonymous

      Alot of conspiracy talk comin from someone whos either madd young, or not educated

    • Tyler

      If it doesn't have anything to do with race don't start your comment off with "I'm white." Come on man at least try to sound intelligent when you are going to delve into the topic of unimportance of race. If you can't do that then keep your mouth shut.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, and bombs are not hostile as long as they are Obama's. Why doesn't Capitol Hill call Cynthia McKinney and get her opinion? Cynthia McKinney is in Tripoli and has somewhat of a different view about what is actually happening on the ground... http://www.strategicculture.org/news/2011/06/08/natos-alternate-universe-in-libya.html Oh, in case you are concerned about what is happening here at home too... Obama has given his stamp of approval for GMOs...are you glowing yet? http://www.naturalnews.com/032726_GMOs_national_wi...

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Cynthia Mckinney was one of the few people I wanted to vote for in 2008 buuuuuuut of course we only saw news about Obama/Mcain. So once again, voting was useless to the few that would like to actually vote on people based on what they believe in and not what party they cater to.

  • Anonymous

    NATO/US=North American Terrorists Organization Anyone who still supports 'humanitarian bombing'in this not a 'war' should experience personally having a bomb dropped on Your head and see if its still ok with you. Peace and Flowers to the brave and loyal Libyans I for one am sorry our leaders are controlled by the greed crazed oil/banksters/military elite. They know no shame

  • Anonymous

    Kill for Peace! (smh) "Humanitarian Aid" sure has changed from my days. I thought it involved dropping food, not bombs?? and NATO is saving them from being killed by Gadaffi?? So....if these aren't "hostilities....not "acts of war" I guess that makes us_terrorists? Suppose we will make our own list? Nothing to investigate. This isn't a war according to White House lawyers. This must be lies. According to Obama there are no hostilities in Libya hence he doesn't need congressional approval. How could these civilians have been killed, since Obama said this isn't a war? So the building just collapsed. Gawd how I regret voting for that man. NATO has lost the air war in Libya. Now,it is beginning to lose the propaganda war too. NATO/US=North American Terrorists Organization U.S froze - $30BILLION of Libyan funds U.K froze - $45BILLION of Libyan funds NATO - Dropping bombs on Libyan civilians to protect them YOU DO THE MATH! THIS IS PURE EVIL @ WORK!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    'Technical Error': NATO admits killing babies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MHt6aeosC4&feature=channel_video_title

  • Hmm

    Im wondering if Fox News will air the entire interview? You can tell they edited the shit outta the entire interview to make Bill Oreilly look more calm and intelligent.

  • bkstylz

    This was odd to watch. I found myself unexpectedly siding with O'Reilly more than Lupe....What does he mean every president that comes after will be a terrorist?? My impression of Lupe is he thinks he is smarter than he really is.

    • Anonymous

      He's just not as versed at expressing his political opinion them others who do it for a living. He's articulate, but didn't doesn't have it all greased up, down pat and memorized like the others you hear discuss these things. I think we all can relate to that in some form or fashion I know what he means though and I agree.

    • sun_god7

      The political view (shared by many around the world when you travel) is that the U.S. is a violent nation to support it's economic and political interests. From a Black American historical point of view - that is true when the U.S. government murdered Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton, Huey P. Newton, Tupac Shakur and the bombed the Move Headquarters. And locked up the survivors of assassination attempts - ie Mumia Abu-Jamal and Assata Shakur (escaped). Lupe is correct, from both an Black historical point of view and a poor peoples' view.

    • Anonymous

      You think that way because of how its edited. You can tell they cut out a lot of the interview and left in the random parts where Lupe is looking flustered while Oreilly looks calm/collected. Fox news does this type of shit on a regular basis.

    • emiles

      that until we change our foreign policy in the middle east we are just as guilty of the resultant terrorist acts as the dictators they happen under.

  • A HITE

    i am keep playing the video again and again FiascoShow

  • Rexhep Gashi


    • SImba

      We just have no power to change things brother. It's sad but true, you should see by reading the comments we're not ALL sheep. I'm a caged Lion!

    • Anonymous

      Im not muslim but its always funny when people point fingers at islam for a few terrorist acts. Does anybody remember Columbine, Oklahmoa City bombing, The guy that flew his plane into the Irs building, The guy that shotup a health club in PA recently, Waco, The sniper in Austin, The unibomber, The Atlanta Olympics bomber etc....My point is that Christians are no more civilized than any other religion. In my experiences dealing with muslim people I've actually found them to be more open, giving and nice than any other religion. Turn off the news and let life dictate the way you feel people.

    • fuck hmmm

      islam is the religion of peace the so called hijackers on 9/11 were the work of the CIA,only brainwashed americans who watch bill o'reilly believe that islam had anything to do with killing of americans,the wars in afghanistan and iraq were the main target of the elite,thus 9/11 had to happen to gather support from the overweight,mcdonalds for breakfast,lunch dinner,simpsons all day,pill popping burned out brain americans who actually bought the story like this guy HMMM up there,kill your self bitch

    • lolwut

      Lol, if Islam is 'violent', Christianity & Judaism are graphic novels. Get the fck down from your high horse. Most religious texts are filled with chapters of gore and bloodshed, in the 'name of God'. But hey, what else would you expect from books, written by 'Man', that supposedly truthfully portrays divine will?

    • Anonymous

      The point he's making is that the book has a lot of violent content, as does the bible. It's just up to the reader whether or not they'll listen to every word a book says.

    • Anonymous

      some people have a great amount of knowledge and a great expansion of their vocab but when they something stupid it totally turns everything around and acts out to make them look like an idiot. Saying something like Islam is a violent religion is so stupid of you, cause your pointing out everyone in the Islamic culture is violent? So your gunna tell me if im violent or not cause I know i'm not

    • but...

      but he typed in all caps, doesn't that make him 100% correct?

    • Hmm

      And yet your holy book tells all Muslims (people born into Islam) to decapitate infidels. Don't beat around the bush with it either, I actually took the time to read the Qur'an and it's a book filled with hatred and misguidance. I'm not going to become a prisoner to political correctness. Islam is a violent religion, point blank. Islam is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • Anonymous

    Bill is so close minded though. It's his way or NO way. If he doesn't like where you're going with a statement he doesn't even listen....he cuts you off at the knees. How can you argue with someone if you don't even listen to what they're saying? Lupe was fumbling all over the place though.

  • A HITE

    deaaaaaaaaaaaaamn sheeeeeeeeeeeee! he "lupe" is smart enough Makes of the correct wrong ......,

  • This guy!

    I get more respect for Lupe everytime I hear him talk about this... Funny how Bill assumes that his fanbase aren't college grads, but like how Lupe flipped it on his ass by sayin they don't have to be educated to understand politics.... If only all these stupid people didn't believe the talking heads on the news and payed attention and read about what these wars are based on... ie: oil, drugs, weapon sales... Over all $$$, even though our country is massively in debt! Bill will rot in hell with the rest of the liars out there! Lupe is real talk!

    • oro

      politics have nothing do with cience!!! dont mix them the americans(not all of course) are a bunch os egocentrical hipocritical terrorrists look, we all like your movies, rap music and stuff, it's cool! but your politics are part of what's ruining the world!

    • Cealix

      You DO have to be educated to understand politics, even if it means someone teaches you. That's like saying you don't have to be educated to understand physics.

  • Smine Nasdaq

    You can't try to agree with them devils man. They just against 'nigger'(.period)

  • damn

    i wished soo bad that lupe would put O'Reilly in his place in this interview, however, he did not. Lupe let O'Reilly get to him and didn't bring out the points needed for his argument. personally i agree with Lupe's statement. the definition of terrorist is "A person who uses violence in the pursuit of political aims." and not "a person who uses violence AGAINST THE USA in the pursuit of political aims." So, if you were a lybian citizen and out of nowhere these countries started attacking your country, killing many. tell me, what part of that is not considered terror? is it because it is conducted by the USA so it's called "protecting our country" instead of terror? so wtf do u think all the terrorists were trying to do? exactly.

    • Anonymous

      HAHA you moron, the interview was through satellite feed, they weren't acutally together sitting next to each other. What?? "put him in his place" How old are you breh? grow up and get an education

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that's why they kill their own people here and there.

  • kk

    he is a fucking dumb ass . think hes soo smart dont know shit . he needs to read a little more before he talks to get a full understanding what he's about to say, it would not surprise me if obama own people try to take him out, bastard

  • Mark

    Lupe is correct in what he is saying. There was a civil war in Sri Lanka 2 years ago were the government were actually shelling hospitals treating civilians.Its thought about 40,000 were killed. There is video footage showing attacks and mass executions, some of which is on children. Absolutely appaling to watch but did America step in, OF COURSE NOT. Why? Because there's no natural resources there. Its all about the money people!

    • Anonymous

      Theres no way we step foot back into Africa after the mess that happened in Somalia in the 90's. That whole continent wants absolutely nothing to do with our government....They just want help.

    • Anonymous

      Word. Wherever there is US interest (interest=money), then that's where we bomb at. Humanitarian my cock, we tried to use that humanitarian shit in Lybia and after Bin Laden was 'killed', Lybia ain't as important anymore. And if bombing Lybia was for humanitarian purposes, what about the fools getting their hands chopped off in the Congo?

  • Tyler Hebert

    he just should not have called Obama a terrorist. He doesn't have enough reasons to back it up. He could see he disagrees with the war but I don't think calling all US presidents terrorist is a very accurate thing to say.

    • Anonymous

      Actually it is an accurate thing to say. Bin Laden never personally bombed anything or flew a plane into a building but hes labeled a terrorist. So, if you look at it like that. The poor people of the middle east and wherever else we bomb will look at our leaders the same way.

    • Anonymous

      he didnt call all presidents terrorist dumbfuck

  • BossNigga

    All of you are fucking dumb. Keep your opinions to yourselves because nobody cares. Arguing over the internet NEVER proves anything. I've never been swayed by any of your idiotic posts. Nobody wins on Bill O' Reilly only FOX because so many people tune in to watch idiocy. Fuck everyone.

    • Anonymous

      Idk man...John Stewart and Camron/Dame Dash did a pretty good job of owning Bill Oreilly. Its never smart to do an interview like this thru satellite feed though...The interviewer always has the upperhand and can make the interviewee look even stupider with ease.

    • comee

      why you writing this comment then . shut up

    • Doug Nichols

      ^ This. Also, it's real easy to come off as owning someone when you control the video and audio. People who go onto Bill's show (and other Fox shows) expecting an even discussion are just dumb.

  • Doug Nichols

    O'Reilly is less threatened by Obama than he is by a young intelligent black rapper, so that was an easy decision to make over who to defend. The only rapper who could go on TV and not be painted as some sort of drug pushing gang banger is probably Will Smith.

  • Terr

    IT may look like Lupe lost but he didnt. Its hard to win or to get your point across on that show. Plus that edited out alot of other things Lupe said and they disccuss. I give Lupe credit.

    • kk

      what a fucking dumb ass, i dont give him credit for shit, he need to read a little more before he talks

  • Atttttaaaa BOY

    Bill O'Reilly is the ICE MAN Step up and ruin your career silly rappers. Fox News hit this loser with the frame job after Bill burnt him via satellite, it's a 5 minute snuff film. Lupe will never recover from the L he took here. He will forever be the fake skater boy calling Mr. O'Reilly "sir" after getting sonned.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO @ everyone trying to clown on Lupe for referring to O'Reilly as being sonned for calling him 'sir'. It's called having integrity. No matter how much you dislike your opponent in a situation like this, have some character and respect for one another to properly get your point across. You think if Lupe went on here like "listen here you redneck racist hillbilly incest having cracker blah blah", Lupe would get any respect for that? Maybe from idiots, but not the people who he was trying to explain his Obama comment to...

  • jim schwartzbauer

    i hope every buddy knows one of the reasons we are still in afghanistan is because afghanistan is the worlds largest supply of opium. the real why bin laden had every more money and had the peoples he had. all black market shit. usa took conrtol of one the biggest opium and other reason why we let the grow of weed to in the use so we can control the market on drugs. it makes sense and mexico is right below us so we can conrol them when ever we want to, they supply meth, e, and we other drugs. USA is controlling the Drug game and are the new kingpin on drugs. Its slowly been happening the past 50 years but there all most done. making crack, letting the drugs get so bad. going only after the middle man never the people who bring it in to the u.s. other reason are jails are so over packed.

    • Doug Nichols

      For years we gave millions of dollars every year to the Taliban in foreign aid because they were keeping the farmers from growing poppies. As soon as we invaded and threw them out, opium production in Afghanistan exploded all over again.

  • emiles

    for those who think lupe is stupid for saying such things and is unqualified because he is a rapper, here is famed historian Noam Chomsky basically saying what Lupe was shortly after 9/11: http://www.chomsky.info/interviews/200111--02.htm

    • Anonymous

      Good link. Difference here is that Lupe only had minutes to defend his rant about NOBama and he didn't really do as good as he should have.

  • KrsDaRuler

    dam bill got lupe turned him over n gave it to him hard ...


    i dont watch/fuck with foxnews at all

    • Anonymous

      O'Reilly claiming someone else is misleading the people? They have got to be the greatest comedians over there at Fox.

  • nondescript

    I wish color and race didn't exist so facts were just facts. Nothing can be taken at face value... I can't fuck with this site anymore.

  • European

    I feel like a lot of people, especially americans, are too much influenced by the 'media-reality' to really understand the point Lupe is making. I recommend you to watch 'Zeitgeist', which was a real eye-opener for me, and made me think twice before just accepting whatever the newsreader was saying.

    • emiles

      I agree with you on that

    • European

      I completely agree with you on the religion part. I did my research ofcourse and found out that especially that part was based on wrong statements. Where it gets really interesting is the rest of the movie. Even while there mistakes have been made too, it still can be very valuable to experience a different look on the world, so that you won't take everything that is said on the TV as truth. That was the point I was trying to make.

    • Anonymous

      http://conspiracies.skepticproject.com/ They exploit all of Zeitgeist's fallacious claims with LOADS of credible sources

    • emiles

      zeitgeist was one of the most deliberately misleading movies I've seen. I've watched it and i could barely make it though the first part since so many of their "facts" about christianity and the other religions they were talking about were just plain false and their sources weren't credible in the slightest. i respect lupe's point but zeitgeist was pure conspiracy drivel. i encourage you to watch all the counter arguments and see the ease with which they debunk the film.

  • Duke

    first it was edited, everything is edited that isn't live so we never can actually get a full story from these type of shows. second everyone is going to think what they want to about the interview, it's THEIR opinion. same as how Lupe sees politics and how Bill sees them. no one is right or wrong it's just a different input. Lupe held his own best HE could and OReilly has done this for years so he's good at what he does. everyone stop bitchin and arguing. if you are gonna argue you don't have to be ignorant and stupid with your comments. cursing the entire way through and calling both men and other bloggers retarded and fags and junk like that. no one respects that and it just shows that you dont' have a clue what you are talking about.

  • Anthony Lundy

    Lupe should have never said what he said if your gonna call out the president on national tv give the people something to think about.Its easy to point out the bad things this government may have done but he never says anything positive about Obama.How can you claim to be a rebel,he won't even rebel against his record label weeks before his cd droped he was promoting his next album and saying his label told him to dumb it down.Now he is saying Obama this and the govenment that maybe as a lupe fan I should say he needs to not record for his label who bound and gags him and drop street cds with no labels to hold him back.But He probably has a couple houses and family that depend on him for help.Obama has 350 million people he has to make sure will be okay every thing is not as easy as it seems to be.

  • Don Mecca

    I was surprised to see that so many of the comments here acknowleged the fact that Lupe has no business speaking on such things as foreign policy. Bill O'Reilly has his head up his ass about the world, but so do many of these Rappers nowadays. Stick to your Pop records Lupe, and let Chuck D handle the grown folk business!

  • d

    Black people wake up. all BI did was overtalk like he always do. but you know black poeple really think they are free in america. but true knowledge is not for everyone. sometime you can't wake the dead up. and alot of black people are the walking dead brain washed or better yet mentally ill. you love the white man and fear him. think about that so call educated negros.

    • Anonymous

      It's not just black people who need to wake up, it's anyone sucked into the class system. It ain't all about the 'white man' who controls shit. It's money.

  • BOYZfromMARZ

    the thing that bothers me is that instead of trying to defend what he said, Lupe simply argues semantics of what he said. He uses the word 'terrorist' as the definition of spreading fear in order for the government to keep control of the people. Basically Lupe is expressing the social theory presented by Italian Philosopher Antonio Gramsci called 'Hegemony.' So While I understand his point in referring to the government as 'terrorists' he knows full well he is using that term (which is associated in this day and age with militant radicals killing people for a political or religious cause) to stir up controversey. Why not use the intelligent, sophistaced term of hegemony? His point might have been taken better. I'm not saying I agree with Lupe at all, Bill made some good points, but Lupe had an opportunity to sound intelligent and he decided to stir up controversey, probably for PR or album sales

  • emiles

    I also like how everyone is calling Lupe an idiot for this idea as if he's the one who authored it, individuals like Noam Chomsky have been saying this since 9/11. People need to get over their biases and genuinely listen and try to understand what these people are trying to say. Lupe and Bill tried to discuss the entirety of American Foreign Policy/War in Afghanistan/Definition of Terrorism in about 5 minutes, of course neither of them was able to sufficiently get their point across, but since Bill used simpler sentences people are acting like he won. They both had facts behind them, they differed on the ideological aspects of what a government should do.

  • billy bucks

    They HAD to edit this clip because Lupe was getting FUCKED on national TV. They edited the part out when O'Reilly busted a nut on Lupe's back!!

    • Anonymous

      You already posted this once already and it wasn't even funny the first time around. Looks like your fucking yourself...

  • truth

    People claim that O'Reilly is a racist, closed minded, narcissist. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but please don't give your opinion if you don't have one thing to back your opinion with. That kills any credibility you may have.

  • Mike Meraz

    ..I meant he wasn't as blunt as he should have been

  • Mike Meraz

    Wow. There sure was a lot of editing that went into this. Lupe didn't exactly make himself clear, he was as blunt as he probably should have been. Looks like O'reily got the better of this debate with the editing at all. Wish I could see the entire interview. Lupe should have had IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE and it would have been a true "moment of truth".

  • emiles

    people who are saying o'reilly won don't fully understand the point lupe fiasco was making. basically he's saying that if you want to blame the afghanistan government for terrorism then the U.S. foreign policy is even more to blame for endorsing such a government, hell at one point we armed bin ladens forces to fight against other individuals. O'Reilly is saying the president isn't superman and can't go around stopping all the root causes of terrorism, Lupe is saying at the least we can negate ours. No one won this debate, it was interesting though.

  • Adam Janiszewski

    luda and snoop gave it to this pussy... lupe wasnt ready for his hardheadness.... i hate bill o i hate fox news... give him krs, nas , jay z, chamillionaire, common, tech n9ne, b.o.b, j.cole any of those guys would put this shit to sleep... bill hand picks people he know he can embarass hes a bitch...

    • rideonemjixxer

      he picks the dumbass' who make outlandish political comments, and lupe seems to be the king of that.

    • Anonymous

      B.o.B. really? Smokin' crack over here... I can actually see you fidgeting in your FB pic from crack relapsing...

  • 2003

    Heavily edited? What about those 5 minutes made you think Lupe probably had more intelligent points? Just face it, Lupe got played and he should have known what he was getting into.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if you look at Lupe's Twitter profile, he said that they edited out several things: "Did they edit out the part about the US military manuals that teach you how to be a terrorist?" "Yes. No mention regarding military manuals. Oh really...come on billy...well read em for your self America" So it may not be fair to judge him poorly if they edited out all of the points that he made to try to make him look bad...

    • billy bucks

      They HAD to edit it because Lupe was getting FUCKED on national TV. The edited the part out when O'Reilly busted a nut on his back!!

  • billy bucks

    Bill O'Reilly has opinions that I don't agree with BUT the man know what he's arguing about. Don't come on his show and speak from your ass. He'll make you look stupid. Lupe took a knife to a gun fight and got put to rest.

  • AMiAM

    the best part about this was the t-shirt lol MIGHTY MOS DEF!

  • Anon

    the reason for the US to invade Iraq was for their multinational companies to secure the oil reserves and building contracts, the war on terror was just a guise used to legitimise their actions

  • Anonymous

    billy ocean's body count - dame dash - cam'ron - snoop dogg - ludacris - lupe fiasco who's next? roll the dice rappers, billy O will end you on TV. once billy O grills you, your white fans bounce. Lupe got sonned. Squirming in his chair, unable to make any point, agreeing his fans are dumb. better get a body bag, this dude is finished.

    • truth

      @ anonymous. Who cares how famous that piece of shit oreilly is. He should not have been addressed as sir. You expect people to bow down for fame fuck ofaggoty and his fame. lupe shoulf of put his foot up ofaggotys ass. Lupe is not in the military what the fuck is he calling this asshole sir but he calls the president a terrorist. Like i said Lupe is a dumbass who has no pride calling his master sir. he got murked!

    • Anonymous

      "I must admit lupe got murked calling O'faggoty sir." hahaha wow, so showing some integrity towards someone as famous as O'Reilly makes u murked in the debate?? Doesn't matter if they like each other or not, showing respect for one another shows your character. BTW, KRS One should be on O'Reilly or maybe Immortal Technique.

    • jan

      I would put a million dollars on the Minister Louis Farrakhan to obliterate this guy

    • truth

      KRS one murked sean hannity. Bill needs to invite krs one so he could get murked. Krs got the dominatining vibe and intelligence to murk that asshole. I must admit lupe got murked calling O'faggoty sir.

  • Justin Whatchamacallhim

    Wonder how much editing went into producing this segment. Mainstream media doesn't want the public to know the truth.

    • rideonemjixxer

      what truth? that obama is a terrorist? Thats some out there kanye ignorant shit. "u sir",are an idiot....

  • rideonemjixxer

    Bill is good at what he does, and Lupe is good at what he does,rap. He didnt make a whole lot of sense. i couldnt even finish it, it was too awkward.Lupe makes amazing music, but says some dumb ass outlandish stuff. Foxnews is biased, but thats it.

  • nuc

    jon lennon shot jfk shot jam master jay shot tupac shot biggie shot bill oreilly,, still breathing and instigating negative karma.

  • Ryan MacQueston

    Dame Dash >>> Lupe

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is not a smart person. He's also soft spoken, and awkward. Bill was able to talk over him, and made a mockery out of Mr. Fiasco. Had him looking like an idiot, insulted Lupe's fanbase, called him by his Government name, Bill won. He trolled a rapper into coming on his show, and he made him look bad. Complain about editing all you want, Lupe was talking and talking but he didn't say shit. He needs to stop fronting and actually do some history, because for somebody that claims to be so well read, he looked like somebody that's never talked politics. KRS ONE will son Bill O'Reilly, 50 Cent will son Bill O'Reilly, Lupe stuttered like a little bitch and got SONNED by Bill O'Reilly. Lupe gets punked by his label, his boys, and now, Fox News. He needs to pen another song for Twilight because this is going to ruin him for the whites.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I thought. He is the complete opposite of the image he portrays. I'm not gonna lie, I was a fan of his music, but his recent statements made me think about him. You can act dumb if you're smart but it's a lot harder to do it the other way around.

    • Anonymous

      You're right, I don't watch Fox News, why would I? Lupe is the loser that wanted to go on, he knows they play dirty, and he did it anyway. He hurt himself in the process, because anybody with a brain, that works hard, that cares about this country, thinks he looked and sounded like a complete idiot. Retard hip pop fans that think Lupe is the GOAT are the only ones that think Lupe did well. He got embarrassed, and now his more educated fans, can see him for what he really is. A loud mouth idiot with a bitch made voice.

    • cwhit55

      You must not watch a lot of Fox News cause that's how they treat every one of their guests that have points they don't agree with. Being rude and condescending, that means he "won?" He explained his points the best he could in the short 5 minute segment with Bill scoffing at every word that came out of his mouth.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/0/9vi4NFbxXSg WHEN YOU ENTER MY LATIN QUARTERS..GET YOUR HEAD BLOWN OFF INTO A MUSICAL MASSACRE, NO BEATNUTS ON THE BEAT GOING NUTS http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/1/EEvorFA5_Ow GET LACED

  • Anonymous

    "fallacious ... that means its wrong" - you patronizing shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yo lupes whack for this shit. Know when to hold your tongue boy. I dont give a fuck if its edited...he still said some reckless ass shit. He needa chill out.

  • Anonymous

    "The United States is a NOBLE nation".... hahahaha what the FUCK are you on!!!!!!!!!

  • Lou

    Nothing really new here. It's not like Lupe invented this idea but he sure acts like he did. Plus, goddamn yo, why must you rock the shades indoors?

    • Simple

      ^to answer above... "SWAG, ever heard of it" haha, Lupe overall did good on the interview (overall, not agreeing with all he said). Lupe did good wearing some swag-prescriptions. Goes to show you that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

    • Anonymous

      Why not try to be taken seriously and where prescription reading glasses...

    • Anonymous

      Lupe stated that they are prescription glasses. Guess you weren't paying attention, and I'm not surprised one bit.

    • gizlee

      SWAG, ever heard of it

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  • Panasonic

    Seems heavily edited. Next time do it live. And stay on topic.

  • NJ

    Yes because i'm sure people who watch Fox are intellecual and possess many PHDs etc. Why are American's so stupid? Why do people like O'Reilly have such an influence on our country? He's a single minded, racist, homophobic hill billy. Don't just think whatever Lupe says kids, don't think what anybody says you should, think for yourselves.

  • Myself

    Hes just stating his views & his interpretation of what he sees....allowing urself to just believe nething that the news tells u is ignorant....form ur own opinions & ur own views....the idea is to overstand not understand.....mostly everyone is programmed from the beginning of their lives....media, parents, peers, politicians....the idea of illuminati or a new world order....these r all things used 2 strike fear into the minds of the people who r suppose to have the power.....b informed, or at least take into account that it is always wise to question everything & research the things that ppl tell u r true until u have found what is actually true....really think about what u hear & see

  • murdermitten

    reppin the mos def t shirt thats good shit... lupes style has always reminded me of mos def

  • Anonymous

    I get where Lupe's coming on the terrorist stuff but in that respect Obama is not really using fear as a weapon, he campaigned on a platform of hope, which is pretty much the opposite of fear. Goverments in general do use fear as a weapon against their own people so they're all terrorists. But Obama compared to Bush is like that episode of The Simpsons where Mr Burns is like an alien or something. Obama is alien Burns, Bush administration was normal Burns (not gonna say Bush was Burns all by himself, I'd say Cheney was way more evil). Go go bad simpsons analogies

  • sahabi

    all u assholes who are hating on lupe and calling him ignorant should know this interview was extremely edited, think before u fuckin type, fuck heads.

    • Anonymous

      Before you commented, only two people had commented and really weren't hating on Lupe as far as I'm concerned. Wrong thread 'sahabi'. Wasabi

  • I am not Bill O'Reilly

    that was hilarious. the editing was ridiculous. i want to watch the whole interview. bill kinda got him on the reason for going into Afghanistan though. that's about it........

  • Anonymous

    i cant knock lupe for not bein the guy i personally thought he was... i thought this guy was a political heavy weight. and i do realize this shit was heavily edited thats why you gotta "do it live, fuck it!" - o'reilly