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Kanye premieres his controversial 35-minute short film, complete with a mythical phoenix, an homage to Michael Jackson and more.



  • John Mercer

    This is amazing!

  • LiketheMusic

    Don't you fools see how playing into the whole "they worship the devil, they are masons" bullshit is only feeding them a medium to draw attention and sell records? These people are morons, they don't know the first thing about anything substantial, they just make music...they make no decisions, they control nothing. So stfu and just enjoy the music.

  • theTruth

    I appreciate kanye west creativity, the film was cool and different. his "phenix" was absolutely gorgeous. the dancers were amazing. Everything was not coherent though..so i give it a 4/5.

  • kingkongb2k

    this is an interesting video at best there prolly is some hidden meaning but damn that bitch wit tha feathers is freaky as fuck, kanye west must be smokin some new shit

  • deepfry

    who the fuc say this is called "revolution"? no, it doesn't. fucking seriously kid, this is ain't art form. and hip hop either. just junk faggot shit. i sware. you wasted muthufuckin time son.

    • Anonymous

      yu jus wasted your time too talkinq shxt whn actually yo disrespectful asx comment jus qave kanye a dollar . ahahaha kanye is a mastermind whn it comes to music all "satanic" shxt aside . this is his life...

  • Vinny Gonzalez

    this is some satanic shit

  • truthenola

    Damn !!! % cause thats as high as it gets. hmm no spinners, no chains, no makin it rain. no throw backs, just well thought out no cliche . love ya YE.

  • Nick Steedley

    this is really sick. the main reason i think is because nothing like this has ever been done, i think its pretty revolutionary, and it paves the way for alot of hip hop artist to do the same. and be actually praised as artistic music for people who think of Hip Hop as "hood shit"

  • Kanye111

    Best video ever!!!

  • ayman

    kanye's career: he works 30%,the rest masonic takes care of it. wat a shame. go work & earn 4 ur self, u just been promoted by masonic. dats why i cant rate this guy at all. devilish nigger.

  • freeprodigy.

    You can't help but think theres some hidden meaning behind this whole thing. Especially with shit like the 'power' video too, that shit was just straight masonic. Its right in plain sight, it doesn't take much to figure out what kanye stands for these days. the jesus walks days are long gone. You can't deny that, or so u would think. Apparently some people need a slap wit kanye shoutin in there face to believe what he's all about nowadays.

  • Genolexis

    I am a God fearing man with strong beliefs. My job isn't to judge the next man, everyone deserves a chance to be heard. I love Kanye, for his creativity and expressions. Hip Hop needs more open minds. Forget the Satan accusations for now, this is a human being whose using his time to entertain a confused audience. I pray God, truely saves us all, but I will play my role on God's side and pray that my work can help save souls like Kanye. Keep doin it homie, we all go to the ground when its all said and done. PEACE G Facebook:Lexises@yahoo.com ALBUM COMING SOON!

  • karpetheday

    Like any work of art, every one is left with their own interpretation. Here is mine: http://issuu.com/karpetheday/docs/runaway_interpretation

  • dj kn

    kanye is better then everyone else at rapping

  • Tycoon

    Gotta give Kanye credit for giving up his whole album in this video and making it interesting, funny and heartfelt all at once. Dude Is a genius.

  • stomp feet

    i love kanye's stuff.not a hater too. but this is seriously fuckin faggot shit. i promise.

  • Anonymous

    creative!!! haters dont like change thats y they broke

  • Mike Meraz

    Cool vid. pretty symbolic. But of what? How fucked up someone would think our planet is, if they just landed on it?

  • Time2030

    An interesting short film, arty, classy, dark, bizarre. I wouldn't say it was a masterpiece, but it made me ponder at times. The music was simply brilliant. A good stab by Kanye at something different, I salute him for that.

  • Ezekiel_7:24

    Kanye has sat a standard that only the greatest can achieve...the john legend track is simply beautiful and the dinner scene was us in the dark ages! The dinner scenes music was also that flavor only WE can produce! He has shown exuberance in bringin alive that flavor that we had...and will get again!! Then the entertainment before the meal was BOSS!

  • Zack Meltzer

    Its utterly bizarre but very damn cool. The music sounds amazing. Can't wait for the album

  • Anonymous

    i can try hard to not hate on this, but i really am not feeling this...except for the dinner scene nd servers, but he is NOT a genius, he just expresses his mind process... Genius is Curren$y "Audio dope" or any Creative control video. Check out: http://www.datpiff.com/Orie_Pierre_Raw_Mixtape.m159514.html

    • Mike Meraz

      That video and track are both cool but Currensy is not a genius if that's what your applying. Nothing close to it. Kanye's a genius when it comes to producing

  • me

    that john legend track sounds amazing, i think kanye sampled a nujabes track for it

  • cruncheee

    I think this is just too much for you haters to process. What? Cuz this got no video girls? Cuz no one's poppin bottles? Excuse me Mr. West, can u dumb it down for the haters? Second thought..... nah! let em be. It's unfortunate. It really is...

  • The Azrael

    I've seen better if we talk about the creativity. But as far as for a "pop/rap star", this is very impressive. You don't see many taking these risks to express their feelings. This clearly not for everybody. And whole point of it is to make up your own conception, abstract baby!

  • Joey Ogoley

    I'm not gonna hop on here and say this is awful. Its artistic and musical obviously but its not 'genius' and i wouldn't say he has one of the greatest minds in the world. 4/5 stars

  • The Realist

    Honestly this shit Wasnt All that good like everyone hyped up to be but i do like how he put songs off the album in the film. i won't knock kanye for this cause i know this is just promotion for the album

  • Will5858

    This cat is too creative

  • brethtaka

    wtf is this shit?

  • whothat

    he think 'i'm fuckin insane artistic guy.' something. fuc you man. no bull shit. i like your 'beats' not like this. gay west!!

  • Tbugz07

    who ever says he is illuminati is retarded and this shit is a klassic

    • Its Sik

      its not an angel, its a pheonix

    • zasman

      Call me a fool, it doesnt take a genius to understand what kanye west stands for, he doesnt rap about Jesus Walks any more, just look at the video! Hes being f'd by a fallen angel, and who was the fallen? Do some research!

  • Jesse Lund

    this fool is iluminitti

  • Jason Smith

    i'm not feeling it. not saying it's wack. if so many people think it "genius" or even good, it must have some artistic merit. the music is very good. the imagery is just not my flow. i will cop the LP.

  • drubreeze87

    anbody can make a music video ONLY Kanye can make an album video lol haha

  • McFlow

    This a Hip Hop version of "The Fifth Element"

  • deepfry

    this is not even closer to the art & music. just gay bullshit. i want to common's 'be' or 'finding forever'. his fucking overrated to this shit.

  • CHBangerzLuke

    Ye' is one of the greatest minds we have in this world. period. aside from music hes just a intelgent man

  • fatboyrule

    This dude has lot all touch with reality... a true fucktard. Tech N9ne > Kanye West

  • blake

    Damn, i never thought id like watching ballerinas.. Shit is hot, nice snippets of his album. CANT WAIT to buy.



  • da

    This dood done lost his mind for sure

  • wow

    look man, kanye is an ill artist but... this is lame as hell. it's not artistic. it's just gay.

  • bsizzle

    Kanye is a genius...nuff said

  • MPistol

    wow - Ye came with the MC Hammer level of video???? I mean this hasn't been done since him - why would you hate? this is hot on mute!! A Tatra MTX???? GTFO!!! I'm sold, sign me up, Kanye Klub President? I'll suit up, if for anything, to piss people off - LOL

  • Thankful

    The more I watch the more i can truly feel all the nuances and details of this piece. Instant legendry.

  • seriousblak

    this is ok, but i'm sick of how everyone is saying it is so amazing just because everyone else is. You are all just followers

  • Brian Nellis

    Very interesting. Filmed on location in Prague, Czech Republic

  • Demetrius Carter

    Everybody keep sayin this aint hiphop...who the fuc said it was?? This is a music, Film, and Art merger, for those who dont understand...

    • murdock

      true its not hip hop..well it is and it isnt in a way.his music is good and he has the ear but his vocal is just garbage really.

  • "Runaway"

    "Amazing" Much Respect... 100%

  • Anonymous

    enjoyed the first 10 minutes and enjoyed the last 6 mins...

  • zasman

    This is some Demonic shit right here!

  • Deezy

    Finally Kanye is back in track

  • ?Knowledge?

    I can see how this video might be hard to understand at first but to say this isn't dope is crazy....stick to wacka flocka and other bs if you don't have the mental capacity to feel this......

  • God's Will

    Hott! Great vision. you need vision in life

  • the show me

    umm.ima say no.2 the vids,the songs,n the album cover.it is creative n all but really wtf?guess i dont hav the "iQ" 2 understand ths sht as 1 nigga claimd.ths sht is gay n "MY' opinion.sum songs kool but,i wudnt buy ths cd.thts jus me.call me hater

  • Sean Michael Patrick Murphy

    Why the fuck did Ye take off "Mama's Boyfriend" from the track listing...I was really feeling that song and I've heard almost the entire album, not happy

  • kAYOS


  • mrconceited


  • Kelz

    Typo, I meant DUTCH.....

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      im jus sayin' mane..these lames on here be professin' they love for all these "so-called" real niggaz and them dudes is ga-bage beat pickers..boring as fuck onstage..and they rap about rappin'..that shit aint good...this nigga went and made a fuckin' mini-movie..MIKE JACK STYLE..and all they come up with is 'this shit wack..this shit was designed or you to love it for what it is..or hate it..either way..u was gon hav an opinion..and preview his fuckin album..that first track-dark fantasy..is on another level..and thats what i got out of it...these dumass nigz..

  • Kelz

    Yeah Ditch, air these fools out!

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch


    • Life Accordin' To Dutch


    • Drick

      There's a difference between a "hit" and a good piece of music...and I hope nobody is "rapin'" anyone out there...learn to spell.

  • akim

    the beat is crazy dope woh it sound like a Rza beat.kanye is creative with his flow i love this track

  • Drick

    If you think this is "genius", you have no idea what you're talking about..the cinematography is good, but the script is a nonsensical piece of garbage...just because you go out of your way to look avant-garde, and uber-creative, doesn't mean you are....it all just end up being a bunch of hipster homo-shit...Kanye, you haven't made a great record since fuckin' 2006..get it together pal.

  • Andrew P

    wow lol this was inspirational

  • exclusiveKICKS2

    i have to use small letters for this one, that was brilliant,genius.from the artistic side. however, seriously if you know anything about freemasony you'll know what he's up to. this guy keeps the "Man" happy. 5/5

  • Donald North

    That Shit was awesome

  • theyschools

    u watched an hour of this shit

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    Thats coo got better after watching it a second time

  • trizev

    WTF DID I JUST WATCH!?!?! 5/5 for beautiful imagery though...

  • kayos

    this video is crazy, the heart and soul he puts into his music is amazing. not sure y everyone is going in on him www.checkmatenewyork.com has a different take on this same video. what do you think about it?


    Excellent (if you have the IQ to understand it). He has a future in film when this music thing is over; He can direct & compose.

  • Desiderius

    To "WhatMoreCanISay": Shut the fuck up

  • Desiderius

    It is what it is. Nice vid, wasn't feeling the music tho...especially the beginning...can someone punch that bitch nikki out? I'm tellin' you, these fuckers get a taste of fame and they start developing a god complex around them or get retarded accents like they have a multiple personality disorder. Someone mentioned the word "genius" being thrown around a lot with the premier of this video...sadly that's true. The word "genius" has arisen to the ranks of words like "hater" and "swag".

  • dmmac

    pretty sick didnt make much sense but it looked good, all of the songs were amazing.

  • J E

    It created buzz for the album, it will influence new music videos, it is another game changer (which is what ye is best at) you should of expected something this different, since the whole thing, was about being different, most of you guys are too ignorant to understand that it was supposed to expose the people who are against being different, successful video and great marketing for the new album!


    BRILLIANT what up yall i'm an up and coming producer check ya boi out and let me know what yall think! peace! http://lnk.ms/FhM37 all tracks produced by me on my page!

  • raffael77

    Visual it's beautiful. But the rappin is wack and alway have been wack. It's even really stupid to use a vocoder to cover up your bad vocals when you're singing. Kanye West is still one of the most arrogant bitches in the game. Fuck him and his phony nigga status while he's acting like a white guy.

    • James Rocko

      acting like a phony white guy?...so whats it to be "real and black"? guns, drugs, and bitches? oh and homophobia? Loser.. There's a world outside of the ghetto, fam. You should take a peek sometime.

  • bklynsfynest2000

    seriously? i hear the word genius being thrown around like a frisbee all the time. If this cat made this his first video right out the gate yoa'll would call this a bad ecstasy trip. I give the dude props for being different and not filming the usually hoes and bottles being popped or fake guns and rooftops or cornball niggas trying to mean mug. He loses the props i give him for making a car wreck of a video. I just want a real hip hop album and a normal video. I dont need symbolism or subliminal messages....at this point the best i can do is watch VH1 soul and hope they show an old tribe called quest video....

  • Anonymous

    that was amazing!! fuck everyone who hated on this kanye is a genius

  • Anonymous

    my favorite part about this movie is that it sucks. It has no meaning no real symbolism in any of it. Just a bunch of pretty pictures that capture your interest but there is no substance, no real anything. The perfect way to describe kanye west himself.

    • italkmusic

      Read the meaning of the video before you trash it. Your mind is too simpple it seems to understand the message behind the imagery. http://www.hiphopsite.com/2010/10/25/kanye-wests-runaway-what-does-it-all-mean-sticky/

  • Science

    It says Directed by Kanye West, Written by Hype Williams... shouldn't it be the other way around?

  • billy

    wtf did i just watch?!?!?!????? it felt like a waste of 30 minutes



  • TheEternalist007

    Take it for what it is... a short film which includes music from his upcoming album. Sure there were some parts of the film which are metaphorical for different aspects of life. Is it that serious that it comes down to Satanism or whether it is creativity, artistic or even dare we say "Genius"??? He's lost his mom and a huge part of himself. The guy can't keep a stable relationship and you expect his music/music videos to depict stability? That's just ignorance in itself! Last but not least if you watch the credits the story is from Ye but Hype Williams wrote it out. So interpret it through your own lens and appreciate the fact Ye is the only artist in the HipHop genre that's even putting out videos like this. I can't bare to watch another white back drop w/ idiots rockin rented ice, cars and video hoes. Deuces My "G's


    satan satan kanye is in love with satan,came a long way from jesus walks .fucking sell outz only mtv brainwashed fuckerz will accept this as art

  • Mr Mogul

    This is amazing. Very artistic. NO ONE IN HIP HOP is demonstrating this type of creativity. Not at this level.

  • ph. warner

    nice! i love creativity. i love the art work. the dieent scnes. the tracks. the costumes. i love the lenght....

  • deepfry

    hiphopdx is kanye's blog?

  • Kalakuta

    At the interview he couldnt even articulate what he was trying to accomplish......yet you fools jump on it and call it genius. Is it me or does that word get thrown around a little too loosely lately.

  • Kalakuta

    Crap!! Trying to seem like he's artistic when he knows he didnt direct that shit, and even if he did it was wack.....Fuck Hip-hop, fuck Kanye and fuck you if you disagree.

  • clipse

    kanye has an awful lot of time and money on his hands....

  • Damn

    First off, he says what his direction was in the conversation with the phoenix. "anything in you're world that's different you try to change, you try to tear it down. Rip off a phoenix' wings and it turns to stone, if i dont burn i'll turn into stone". stone is emotionless and never grows. and he's talkin bout how people tryd to change his art by taking away his vision, or wings as we'll call them. you turn him into stone. and if you let his beautiful art burn it becomes even more beautiful. and secondly. this is good enough to be in worldwide theaters. compared to other full length films this one by far is better then most this year. its not perfect. but art never is, you see the beauty in the flaws.

  • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya


  • dft2000

    whats the first song name??

  • ohmagawdd

    genius! this is like a hollywood play... :0 kanye, good job. i got a lot of respect for you

  • Anonymous

    the lady who designed that happened to be white so yeah.. overall, the movie is phenomenal. excellent work from ye. no other artist could ever come close to doing something like this. the album will be incredible!

  • Waka Flocka Coonman

    dis sho is dope..huh huah..ooomph..sorry bruthas and sustas fuh embarrrasin yull on B.e.t. and making super sambo south muzak buut i'm keepin it alldaway live, real tuk shawty..i'm just a d-boy tryun to tap dance for a few shillings, dem corporate folk be showun a jive turkey love.they put yuh boy uuhp in a rented lambo for a whole week..ummphh..pluuus i guuut luv foh da yuuth..i just opened up a Gang Initiative Program for the ghetto..I gut the next generation wearing red and bangin da 5 alreadyy.My yung gunna only 8 and he cursing already and he caught 3 bodies and hes luuukin at juvie life.Kanye a lame dooh he a square who be getting love from all types of people dat hella dumb, ima straigt g.no hands. when i get around dem corporate people i be studderin goin ham cuz my vokab is limited but im super genius oomph they be knowin they cant get nutthin passed me, my contract is hella ham..my halloween mask is my face and i dont even own the rights to it..thats that gangsta shhuit!!


    anyone else notice at the dinner they had the rich black people eating the meal and white people as servants....

    • Good Vibrators

      Last super. Black Jesus with dreads. Meek shall inherit the Earth. Phoenix Mythology. White Servants for aesthetic value and color scheme for filming.Kill 2 birds with one stone: Color coordinate the scene and get people talking about race or some deep esoteric meaning that only pseudo intellects will be able to decipher. Thank goodness nobody has tried to break this down yet. Kill me when you start.

    • WhatMoreCanISay

      Good observation, but did you notice the little black Klansman at the end of the MJ parade? ...wonder what was being insinuated?

  • dillaDOOM

    well this is just brilliant not much else to say, maybe the album cant live up to this all in i hope theresa dvd ofthis on thealbums its got to be. everyone will debate "what does it all mean" all night long but for me artistically awsome and the music is awsome with it id be surprised if kanye didnt produce it all. i knwo is meant to have premo beat and rza and madlib and all that but i dont see that happenign here.

  • Johnny Blaze

    Video is not that great.. I give it a 5 for the music though. Track at the beginning with the RZA beat is fucking raw

  • Lou P.

    i don't think anyone in this room has the right to criticize Kanye's work. it's pure genious, even if what he does doesn't reach you; everybody can see the hard work through what his creations, the genious in is creativity. even if you say he's shit, you comment's just useless 'cause he's in his own world. and if he's where he is right now, it's because he did'nt to all those negative fellas. that piece of work is even more than 5 stars to me.

    • ItsTheTruth

      Jeez...Why can't Kanye fans ever spell "Genius" right? The irony...

    • Dab

      Um no. And this is coming from someone who likes the vid (espeically the songs) but just because Kanye put a lot of work in this video/album/music DOES NOT mean people shouldn't criticize it if they don't like it. If its not for everyone, then they have ALL right to say it sucks. Not everyone sees art the same way.

  • instrocious

    I found the music in this video to be annoying at best. Kanye is trying way too hard & it's painful to watch. He wants so badly to be a legend, but legends don't have to try, His first 2 albums were great, because he was just doing him, but this is like a bad indie art film with a hot chick in the budget. I love creativity & pushing boundaries more than anything, but this is garbage. Ye doesn't have the talent to sing or be epic & that;s ok. There's nothing wrong with just being a great producer. Once he realizes this he'll bless us with more classics, but until then the youth will be running around confused thinking that this is some top level shit.

    • instrocious

      @ WhatMoreCanISay: Appreciate you taking the time to leave such an in-depth response. It's the comments section equivalent of Kanye's video: a lot of theatrics without really saying anything. Great job. Seems like you & Ye have a lot in common in the area of self-righteousness. & yes he should "stick to producing." He tried both singing & rapping & it's not working for him. On the other hand he's done some great beats over the years. Nothing wrong with being a producer. Look at the legacy Quincy Jones & Bob James created for themselves without touching the mic. Know your strengths & recognize your weaknesses. If that's living in black & white then that's alright with me.

    • WhatMoreCanISay

      First, stagnation only lead to despair. For someone who claims to "love" creativity and pushing boundaries "more than anything" fail to understand why such artistic films are created and appreciated. Allow me to alleviate some of the mental pressure you may be going under from trying to comprehend what true art is. All true artists take risks, if no true artist ever taken a risk we wouldnt have Picasso. But to say Kanye as an artist should just "stick to producing" you've contradict every thing that has to do with the "love" of creativity and "pushing boundaries", not including the development of the creative mind. What you have stated is true malarkey and is considered speaking before you actually formed a fully developed thought.[need to go back and rethink what you have said and make another attempt to clarify what you mean] I think you would be better living a life in black and white because you got no true color.

  • jon murdock

    its a funny thing how if you give a man a chance where he can take it.dame dash knew he had something poppin.

  • jon murdock

    very unique..im not a big fan but im becoming more of a fan over time.

  • flex

    Saw it yesterday, thought it was alright but not exceptional..Im really feeling that intro song though wow

  • YouSerious?

    ok geniuses, enlighten me what the whole film means please. Sure, there are some obvious themes here, but someone tell me the signifigance of everything else (such as the dancers through the whole "runaway" song portion). I thought it was an interesting watch, the girl was gorgeous even with that costume....but someone please explain this.

    • WhatMoreCanISay

      Well according to Kanye after-the-film interview on BET, I believe the film was just a portrait of prior creative thoughts that Kanye had for the lasts three years. Kanye didn't say what he meant by film besides just wanting to shoot an artistic film about a phoenix. The story line was obvious, an alien specie lands on earth in some catastrophic manner and destiny connects her with some lonely soul who aids her back to fair health. Then lonely soul falls in love but then the alien must go back to their home planet in order to keep from turning into a statue on earth. I dont think Kanye had a meaning specifically he just wanted to express his creative side and leave the meaning up to the viewers own perspective. So to answer your question its what ever you got out of it.

  • Mustafa TheRealest

    It was cool and unique, nothing special

  • Jay.BiLL

    groundbreakingly refreshing

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Brilliant, Kanye is constantly setting the bar for videos, performances, etc. He goes above and beyond with everything he does, refusing to to be labeled as merely another rapper releasing cliche generic material just to make money. This is a very interesting film and those who think otherwise are most likely ignorant and unable to analyze what the scenes in the movie mean.

  • Donny_Vegas

    For anybody that has a negative comment, that's your opinion but this is easily one of the better videos put out in a very long time..it's refreshing and steps away from the norm of jewelry, money, girls, etc. actually take time and watch/listen to it more than once before you immediately write it off as "garbage"

  • Anonymous

    he's trying to out-do michael jackson by making all these dumb comparisons and all this bullshit and fake praise. dude wants to be the best and the best was and is mike. but the thing is no one can be mike so all this phony praise really comes off as uninspiring and looks as if he is just a wannabe, kayne wasss cool but now he has shown his true colours. i feel bad for him tho but he is talented

  • Rachael Misek

    poor birds. see i told you the chicken was poisoned.

  • casparian82

    it is NOT amazing, mind-blowing, inspiring, legendary, shitty, wack, or stupid. It's Kanye, the only word i would use to describe it is UNIQUE.

  • Its Sik

    this is absolutely brilliant but im not sure i get it. who does the pheonix woman represent and to me it seems as he is running away from the devil?

    • Its Sik

      sorry, that does sound retarded. what i meant to say is that the imagery is brilliant and even though i dont get it, it still makes me wanna wach more. and btw im not a kanye dick rider, if ther was any rapper that i would defend most it would be lupe fiasco.

    • Obanik

      good question....i think he need to explain the story

    • Anonymous

      how are you going to say it's brilliant then in the same breath say you don't get it? There's something wrong here.

    • rofl

      rofl, vintage Kanye dick rider. You say it's brilliant then you follow that up and say you're not sure you even get it... do yo have any idea of how fucking retarded you sound? Make sure Ye' wears a jimmy while you're riding his dick.

  • abstract1608

    Canibus kicked a 1000 barz, the industry remains silent. Now everybody on Kanyes junk for what, making an 'artisitc'record, huummmmm. This is hip hop confuse it if you want to.

    • WhatMoreCanISay

      One thousand bars about what exactly? And how does compressing a few song lyrics Cannibus may have written over a few months span compare to an entire 35 min film of artistic creativity...not saying its God-gift to the world but it did come from someones own perspective of another dimensional world...so tell me how does the two compare logically...Mr. Abstract

    • murdock

      this guy said canibus sucks ...lol he will murder anyone with ryhmes.he cant put a album together though i know that.lyricly hes a savage

    • Anonymous

      not sure what your saying but canibus sucks i know that

  • Jaymar Howell

    This video is amazing

  • ptone814

    10/10 because of the girl in this film

  • moresickerMC

    This is wack. Kanye is falling off musically.

  • http://www.myspace.com/natwalkerbeats


  • Anonymous

    Kanye west has been wack ever since he began 808 n heartbrake.

    • .

      808's n heartbrake is what its called u stupid fuck! An yeh everything hes put out since then is wack, in my opinion. get off his fuckin dick. u dont know shit about what music i like u loser i listen to all the real shit. that doesnt include kanye. satan following motherfucker

    • BrucePettit

      Are we suppose to take your opinion to heart, and value it, when you just said "Heartbrake"? Get real. This may be the most garbage thing anyone has said on this site. For you to sit here and say ALL of the shit he has put out since his 808's album is whack, shows that your musical opinion, is the definition of dog shit.

  • Best Rappers

    Bet had Kanye at #3 on the best Rappers of the 21 century,and they had lil Wayne at #2,lol, So they said Wayne better than Kanye,out of all the people on that list Kanye and Eminem are the only great artist on there, Wayne a Joke,Even T.I. A better artist than Wayne. Wayne over Kanye,SMH.

  • ehhh

    It was cool I guess, nothing special.

  • hiphopenteranotherrealmwiththis

    wow blown away a orignial peace of every form of art cant believe it was so amazing couldent take my eyes off of it

  • ozone120

    This is what music videos should be. I grew up with Michael Jackson and his videos are epic. I applaud Kanye for this artistic expression. Easily one of the best videos of all time especially in the last ten years.

  • cousined1

    This is Classic, Kanye West Is World Class! This is the art I've been waiting for, keep it coming. RZA beat is priceless! Im gonna bump this downtown on Rush street in the Chi with my exotic Romanian wife coming outta Jimmy Chu's with some shoes!

  • Gucci Time

    Listen to Gucci Mane and the Far East Movement... Gay Fish West sucks. Fuck Drake the Fake, Feminem, Lil Wang, Kangay Fish, Dick Ross, Lloyd Fags, 50 Shit, Snoop Bitch, Vinnie Azz, Mortal Technique of Shit, Kid Cunt, Common Homo, Celph Shithole, Gay-Z, Nass and his butt buddy Damien Marley the queer who can't speak English for shit, B.o.B aka Bobby Gay, Bruno Mars Fag and Shit Khalifa. Gucci Mane and Far East Movement= REAL HIP HOP! LIKE A G6! IT'S GUCCI TIME!

    • Edwin Chibanga

      dumbest shit i have read in the last ten years...dude u are so fucking gay, gay niggas say u a faggot...fucking hell...fuck freedom of expression u need to be beaten with a fuck u stick... u dumb ass gay bitch ass whore.... ... damn....u cant be real.. u must be a GAY hermaphrodite...

    • DT

      HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA SARCASM WIN. Gucci Lame, Wocka Flocka Flamer and the Far East Homos can die. Everyone else on your list ftw!

  • G.O.O.D Music

    Heres the link to the full uncut and uncensored version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJUoctvGZyc

  • louisanthoni

    People keep commenting on how the video sucks or its artistic.....how about the fact the chick is hot as Fuck....feathers and all lol

  • SoN.Y.

    this is art because almost anything can be considered art. it's a visual expression of emotion intended to stimulate our senses and our intellect. that being said - this shit is waaaaaaack. by the way, "if i don't like it, i don't like it. that don't mean that i'm hatin." (Common, the 6th sense)

  • Chuck Chizzle

    Haters gonna hate. And dick rider's are gonna ride the D. Look, was the video creative? Yes. Was it mind blowing? NO. Were you entertained? I was. Would you watch it again? Maybe one more time. Its not a life changing moment. To be honest, it DID NOT live up to the hype. I love Ye but I have a problem with someone who's trying DAMN HARD to become a "living legend". Its like he wants to be on The Beatles or Elvis status. Those cats didn't have to "try". They became legends. He needs to let it happen. Its the same issue I have with Lebron (off topic, sorry). Overall... not bad.

    • Realhiphopky

      This is Real Talk at its finest, and I like Kanyes Music, and he is in my top 5, but he is trying way too hard, and the Autotune is Killin my ears, he need to stop that like right now! But if he just keeps putting out good music, and stops over doin everything and he will be close to where he's trying to get by the end of his career!

    • Desiderius

      co-sign, thank you for that response. Some people still use their brains. Thank God.

    • none of yo bidness

      this is the realest post in the whole lot...I couldn't have put it any better myself.

  • Anonymous

    vid was hott. i cant even bother trying to articulate what i got out of it or even what i appreciated about it cuz most these clowns wouldn't understand. i was literally on a hate kanye campain but after this dude earn my respect {again}. i'm not dickrider or a bandwagonist either it just respect and that's all it will ever be, kanye still acts like fag jus a little too much.

  • Anonymous

    I really fail to see whats so revolutionary or creative about this. lots of fireworks and big explosions doesnt mean its epic. if this was made by some guy at a film fesitval and wasnt Kanye itd be ridiculed and slammed constantly. the music is OK, Kanye hasnt done anything thats gotten my interest since his second CD. Never been a very good rapper, now proving he's not a very good director. Just stick to producing

    • TigerPawRaw

      Agreed with erything except for him not puttin out dope music since Late Registration. But that's just me.

    • amplified_sample

      I agree with what you're saying for the most part. But this was shot more like a Matthew Barney art film. Visually it's pretty interesting and the story is pretty simple to understand. I just think the music and this album in general isn't as great has his work prior to 808's. Most of these songs save for a few haven't wowed me. I appreciate Ye for being ambitious and making My Dark Twisted Fantasy a complete project visually and musically tho. At least it's not all jewelry and cars.

  • Mortis

    This video doesn't come near anything Michael Jackson did.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye thanks for this gift, this is what I want from a Genius. Art, HipHop, and just fire all around.

  • who who

    The scene with the black angle dancing to Kanye mixing a beat is the sexiest shit I have seen in a long time. It was so classy. Foe he rest of the video; what the fuck was this niggas thinking?

  • TigerPawRaw

    Just cuz Yeezy put it out, doesn't automatically make it mind-blowing. And I'm a huge Ye fan. My favorite producer, and top 10 of all time MC. Also, quit hatin' on dudes cuz they don't like somethin'. Their opinion is just as valid as yours, as long as its an honest opinion. Jeez! PS That first song is fire. Can't wait for this album to drop.

  • 3rd Son

    This was classic! Artistic, Creative, Original, Poetic, Real & most importantly more than all of what I just said - It's HIP-HOP! Kanye gave us snippets of his new classic comin' this November (next month) and I'm a fan. Haven't heard 1 song that disappoints at all. People hate for there lack of imagination and for never taking the time to study themselves as a whole n see how far your brain can go at times in need of clerity. What MJ did for us was amazing. Creating and opening up a space in all of us to visualize things we'd never think of (seeing, hearing, feeling n sometimes doing). It's an artistic gift what Kanye's bringing to the table for this generation and I believe we should all put a stop to the hate. Better this than some bumb rapper who talks about money cars n bitches and really dont be about dat shit! Wanna be hustlers. Makin' the real hustlers look bad. This is POWER! E.B.O.N.I.X.!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah the first 8 mins was actually ok then it just turned into some classic pop material No hate intended just not feeling it, or inspired by it!

  • Bill$

    Its all about the first track, Dark Fantasy produce by RZA. Classic shit Wu-Tang Forever

  • mrconceited

    Yup. IGNORANT fucks.

  • ADK

    Man that shit was HOTTT!!! Very creative.. very unique idea.. bird.. kanye west... good couple.. I dig it

  • mrconceited


  • youidiots


    • Anonymous

      I think the video is gay as hell, but its a phoenix and not a fallen angel.

    • ghost

      shut the fuck up

    • mindrelated

      Stop it! I am assuming that you have read the bible being that you are speaking on it. So I am hoping that you didn't miss the part where it is not your place to judge another persons actions. In order for you to judge someone else you would have to be perfect yourself and I am sure you have imperfections just as we all do. In my opinion it seems to me all the religious people on these sites mention the devil more than they mention God, Jesus or Heaven...go figure

  • sum

    Just because his sound don't always sound like traditional hip hop, doesn't make it original, extroadinarily creative or amazing. At the same time he has some good ones that will fit the mainstream very well, do your thing

  • oaizaz

    The video is different.. props to kanye for being creative... and The first song is sooo ridculous.. i listened to is like 5 times... man cant wait till the cd... Go get them Kanye!!


    Get your head straight fellas!.. what kanye did, it was amazing, different, and one of a kind....the music hands down was amazing, and better then anything out there. Everybody is rapping about some bullshit, starting from Rick Ross to Wockaflame...Kanye's lyrics became more powerful throughout this ... the first song Dark Fantasy in the beginning is ridiculous, and Blame Game is gonna be a hit!...This Movie has no Dialogue, what is his Dialogue?.. his MUSIC!...do your thing Mr. West! 5 stars for me!

  • Anonymous

    The First Song Is Bangin!!!!!

  • KaBaLLiN

    Kanye is one of the most creative artist ever to walk the planet, he really is the voice of our generation.

  • Anonymous

    This is wack. whats wit this obsession kanye got wit this 'phoenix' thing

  • Anonymous

    this film was lame as hell

  • Anonymous

    kanye i hate ur music right now but this is pretty cool bruh 5 stars

  • allaboutthamusic

    doesnt really interest me, but gotta hand it to kanye for the hard work that must have gone into this.