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Cudi gets in touch with his inner Jimi Hendrix as McLovin and Kanye West join in.







  • yungtone

    i like this song.....its called g.o.o.d music, not g.o.o.d rap for a reason.

  • achpe2

    This is 2010 hip hop, its not made for the underground. Its made for the suburbs and rural areas. There is nothing wrong with that, if you like it you like it, if you dont you dont. My thing is Cudi is calling rappers "simple ass", what is more "simple ass" than what we just saw? We are in the day in time where these half ass rappers think they are the greatest just because the spotlight is on them right now. That's why he's trying to appeal to surburbia, because when white people love you, then you have a career. Sad to say but its true.

  • gggg


  • Anonymous

    I would rather listen to wacka flocka flame any day of the week than this shit!!!!!!!!!!

  • LJbigbang

    Like the song, like the video. The song had to grow on me tho, didn't like it initially. And to those unloadin' on Cudi, and those who are fans of his music, go fuck yourselves. I listen to Nas, Lupe, Jay-Z, Tech N9ne, DMX, Eminem, Crooked I etc. and I also happen to like Cudi - so what? Do I think he's the sickest rapper? No, but I'm not claimin' that. I just like his music. End of. Jump off a bridge.

  • Don't click the link!!!

    I don't why people come on here and continue to talk shit about Cudi! If you don't like the nigga then don't click the fucking link! If you never liked his music, why listen to his singles or look at the videos? I'm just saying!

  • real music

    i tired of all the hate on cudi, yes you dont like his music but there's people who do, and yes it is hip-hop, just a different genre, its called alt hip-hop, Cudi is trying to give people music that they never had before, that why its different. CuDi can spit fire yes but right now its not what he's trying to do, if you dont believe go back to A Kid Named CuDi and check it out for yourself, and oh yeah if u want what you call "real" hip-hop,where all they talk about is drug, sex and money, go listen to fucking lil wayne.

  • Mike Meraz

    If you don't like Cudi, move on, quit with the hating. His music is dope as shyt and only open minded people dig it. This song is dope give's me that "I Love College" type of vibe. That "feel good" type shyt. They got Mclovin? lol. They should ahve had DWRIGHT from the office be the guaitarist. I would have made the video in a college atmosphere with drun white chicks everywhere. Still gave it a 5 to balance out what the rating really should look like. 4

  • Anonymous

    Can't Kanye ever come up with his own music?

  • rdwash

    This guy stinks...always has...why do people like him?? Cause he's endorsed by KW? KW is a horrible judge of talent...

    • G-funny

      yeah he has a horrible judge of talent that's why he also helped John Legend to get famous. In case you don't get it i am being sarcastic.

  • Joey Palack

    what the fuck is this shit. he cant sing, he cant rap, all he does is whine about his life.

  • Anonymous

    let me ask you a question. have you ever had sex with me?

  • Jay.BiLL

    i like it, suprisingly

  • Joanna

    Its different, I like it.

  • dillaDOOM

    i was ready tokill my self being thati like some of cudi and im a sean p fan monkey says monkey do you knwo haha. but this video is freaking awsomeeeeeeeeee. sean p would have been good on here, cudi cant rap liek p but dam this wa coll