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Kanye and Marco Brambilla unleash what they call the "Portrait" for his new single complete with classical art references and a nod to the Sistine Chapel.


  • WheatThick

    Well he has the Sword of Damocles above his head, he is wearing an oversized chain of Ra around his neck so the figures on his left and right could be Isis and Hathor, a sword through a halo..which could signify that innocence and purity is broken, or gone.. BUT if you look at the entire "picture" you can see that the figures in the "painting" are arranged just like the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana of the Etteilla occult tarot deck, [The Devil; Judgement; The Lovers; The World; The Hanged Man; The Ace of Swords/Sword of Damocles; The Page of Swords; The Seven of Wands; and The Queen of Cups.] And this is FACT.. Not sure what he was getting at or where he was going but that occult tarot sh*t is nothing to play with. Why he would even have something like this in his video idk but I'm not feeling it.

  • Wadoo god body allah

    As the video pans out we first notice Maenads on either side of ‘Ye each holding his signature Thyrsus (the staff). Maenads, which literally translates to “the raving ones,” …think “groupies.” It’s unclear who the woman directly below Kanye is supposed to be. Her positioning and her angel wings would indicate that she’s a queen and/or goddess… but we’ll just call her Amber Shay(?) The Sword of Damocles hangs threateningly over Ye’s head, as discussed previously on XXLMag.com The Sword Of Damocles alludes to the story of Damocles and Dionysu—a warning of the hidden dangers that face men of power. The other women are flanked on either side of ‘Ye are nymphs… And I know what you’re thinking but nymphs, the free spirited women who are known for two things: sex (including bisexual encounters) and bathing, are just as beautiful as they are dangerous. See that one up top with a knife? Yeah, if you were living in the times of ancient Greek gods you probably would’ve gotten got by these bathing beauties as well… More nymphs on either side are engaging in sexual acts with other women… tempting? Yeah, still dangerous though. As the screen pans out even further you see even more Maeneds holding wine glasses overflowing with grapes—two symbols strongly associated with Dionysus as well. The camera cuts to focus at the end to focus on the men, dressed in clothing indicating that they’re from different parts of the world, who are attempting to kill the king. In the end we see that what once appeared to be an emerging scene of lavish livin has turned into a scene of chaos where the leader is surrounded by temptations and people all plotting his demise. And this is Power, visualized.

  • John Lynch

    this is art. all you who bring up the illuminati with every fucking thing that kanye and jay-z drop, shut the hell up for real. if the illuminati exists and ye and jay are indeed a part of it, how does it affect anyone if they are still making great music

    • kanye fan

      u obviously have no idea wat ur talkin about. do ur research bro. heres a website u need 2 c. vigilantcitizen.com if ur still sayin illiuminati doesnt exist after actually reading some of the things on this site, then ur as blind as the rest of the world my friend.

  • kanye fan

    2 all the people talkin about "quit wit the illuminati shit"....y dont u tell that 2 kanye and jay. its clear 2 c in this video that this nigga is on the side of darkness. ive been a loyal kanye fan since dropout, but come on u cant ignore the obvious. yes this veideo is art, but u can c the symbolism all through it. i think its sad that these great musical artists go 2 the darkside of the industry jus 2 stay relevant. i mean listen 2 the name of the album. "dark twisted fantasy"? how many more clues do we need besides this id and that title? have u ever notcied how every artist thats involved wit this shit that gets asked about it never directly answers the question?(gaga, Rhianna, jay-z, diddy) they always give obscure answers that dnt make sense and avoid the question completely. im jus sayin whether or not u believe in the powers of the darkside of the industry, they r there and r fully functional. but i will say that even tho kanye is on that side im still gonna be listenin 2 the new album because this man is a hit maker.

  • Mr. Wonderful

    Kanye is a very creative man. Quite arrogant as well.

  • geico lizard


  • PaleHorse

    WAKE UP!!! The video is telling you everything that comes with power. The good and the bad. Naked women and wealth and praise, but everybody wants your head and your life for there own selfish reasons. Some out of fear of being dethroned themselves and some to take your place and jealously. Not to mention that if you let power go to your head and you see yourself as more than a man. (a king) You can be your own worst enemy and cause your own undoing. THE PITFALLS OF POWER AND FAME FROM AS FAR AS THE BEGINNING OF TIME.

    • hiphopfiend_01

      Palehorse, you're exactly right, but everything you just mentioned about the video is "negative". There was nothing positive.

  • noivad12

    thank U ppl hollering illuminati about every lil thing dont kno what they talkin bout jus ignorant..and thats gonna fuck it up for shit that is real THis vid is wierd as fuck tho..shit look crazy

  • nice...

    was all this really jus for a trailer?

  • Anonymous

    haha wtf wit this illumunati shit??? u guys are the main reason that people of power get away with their DIRTY SCHEMES because dumb fucks go associating every lil thing to Illuminati. so when genocide, mass mis-education, corruption, among many other fucked up shit, the ignorant masses wont care to much about how People of Power have intricately contributed to such horridness because they will be like," get the fuck outta here shit happens...quit with the illuminati shit" and yes quit say everything is illuminati because it takes away from ppl gaining truth from the Assholeness of ppl of Power

    • Anonymous

      why go the Illuminati route? when its obvious it has a negative connotation to it. If you want to cause change you have to make the people agree and understand what you mean... going off on this dumb niggas chain is ridiculous believe me i know about ppl of pwer and their corrupt ways all i need is to READ listen to anyone with a [well thought out articulate] opinion, learn FACTS and that alone will set me free....how da fuck will a KANYE video show me that???????????

    • TheListener

      The ignorant are the people like you who accept whatever is put in front of your face without analyzing. Thats what they want you to do dumb ass.


    holy wack. the videos fucking dope!

  • Anonymous

    Lets add up all the facts of this video and determine if this song is about having God's power or Satan's power. 1st. If this video was in reference to having God's power, would'nt Kanye have on white instead of black? (Black represents death) 2nd. If this was a depiction of heaven would we see angels with devil horns?..bi-sexual women, and acts of murder? hmmmm 3rd. Would God accept "idol gods" into his kingdom? Kanye is wearing a gold chain with the falcon god "Horace" from ancient Egyptian history. (look it up) Known as the God of "War"... funny thats complete opposite of "The GOD of Peace". Its all kinds of other lil things in here that you should notice... hmm there's a halo with a sword through it.... and watch the motions of the females while it's playing ...they're worshipping him. Whether you accept this video simply as art or not, you can't deny that this video is more about the powers of darkness than anything else.

    • the sad truth

      And "Jesus Walks" was a pretty terrible song that had very little to do with spirituality and religion if you take a moment to listen to the lyrics. "Jesus Walks" is mostly about...surprise, surprise.. KANYE! I worked in "the industry" for years, it's not run by any higher powers you conspiracy freak, it's just run by people trying to figure out any possible way to make money off of music. If people start talking about imaginary illuminati crap, they will run with that because it's making their product relevant, thus bringing in revenue. It's merely about making some cash off your dumb asses. Same reason Lady Gaga plays up every rumor about herself.. you call her a guy, she puts a dildo down her pants on the cover of Q magazine. Same shit.

    • Anonymous

      Say what you want, but at some point you have to at least look into this stuff. It's definitely higher powers that control the industry and how it is marketed in order to capitalize off of certain entertainers. I can't ignore all this stuff when I heard him say "I sold my soul to the devil" out of his own mouth. Even if that is just some bs he said to use this illuminati crap as a marketing tool, that lets me know that he is phony to a degree. (He did drop "Jesus Walks".)

    • Mike

      All these people commenting on powers of darkness and good and all of that need to just fucking stop. I take it you are some religious freak? Do you know where Amen comes from? You are ending your prayer with the name of Amun-Ra who is an Egyptian God. So I take it then you worship him because you and pretty much every other religious person ends prayers with his name.

    • Oh Really

      Stop reaching ..U r misrepresenting the Horus thing cuz I did look it up and .....The worship of Horus was brought from the outside by neighboring tribes who invaded and then settled into Egypt. He was their god of war, but was quickly absorbed into the state religion, first as a son of Ra, then changing to become the son of Osiris. He was the protector and guide to the pharaoh and later pharaohs were believed to be his avatar on earth. Horus was also the patron of young men and the ideal of the dutiful son who grows up to become a just man. If ur gonna just pick out small stuff then u have no argument..Stop reaching for that illuminati shit...He prolly did it to fuk wit people like u who will prolly cop that cd on the first week to decode the secret plot.. Get a life yung man

  • Darkrabbit

    Never dissapp[ointed by Kanye's creativity! Kudos again.

  • trizev

    shut up about the illuminati, how about you direct your hate towards a powerful group that really does need to be "checked"....the federal reserve is the real enemy, wake the fvck up!


    I normally have alot to say about the topic but im getting bored of it, so with that said, do your research on these societies and then u could say these RAPPERS are part of somethin like free masons or illuminati. stop reading what is put right in your face. honestly tho i thought they was part of somethin put im kinda iffy bout it now, cuz if u think about it, why would these societies use these guys as there front man well maybe jay-z but kanye or wayne t.i? i dont really care nomore, i hope they r not part of these societies and just doin this as a marketing scheme. cuz to put your self on front street like this would b insane for a career choice, but fuck it, we all will soon see just give it a couple of months or so.

  • Anonymous

    this is pure evil.kanye is a demon

  • NotoriousDJ

    Sometimes important shit can be right in front of your face and you guy will never pick up on it. All the secret society free masonry illumati are not keeping quiet anymore they want us to know. It very ignorant and blind how most of you act. Kanye West and Jay-Z are only interested in furthering themselves through their music and other ventures. And in order to accomplish this "Fame, Fortune, and Respect." They sold their souls. They want us to always remember them and aspire to act, walk, talk, and dress like them. They want us to never forget them and shower them with money. These elite celebrity intend to control everything and most of them do. Ex. the media (What we watch, listen and view) the government (Authority, Rules, Law etc) and basically everything we now do today. These people wont stop until there status is forever solidified. And honest THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS COMING TO A END! i dont care if you dislike this comment its the truth maybe just 1 person out of a 1000 will listen. Jesus is our only hope , accept him and find TRUE salvation.

    • TRUTH

      ....2012 ISNT THE END OF THE WORLD PEOPLE.........IT JUST MEANS THE TIME WHEN THE "ILLUMINATI" WILL BEGIN THERE MISSION...... GET SAVED.......THE BIBLE SAYS" WOE women who are pregnant or who are nursing babies in those days OF WAR!!!

  • Ariel Da Mp

    powerful imagery

  • WEZ

    i dont get why people keep kickin' this illuminati shit it's getting pretty old now... I dont question the existence of such society, but the whole objective of such a group would be to keep you ignorant of truth, religion, ancient knowledge, etc... dont you think they'd rather distract you with naked females, jewelry, cars, and designer clothes?? Rather than ancient GREEK imagery, amazing artwork and effects? I'd say Lollipop video was more "illuminati" than this lol

    • The Listener

      U said "the whole objective of such a group would be to keep you ignorant of truth, religion, ancient knowledge, etc..." . I guarantee that 80% of the people watchin this video are blind to many of tha facts in this vido. The gold chain around Kanye's neck is the ancient egyptian god "Horace". (The god of war and the god of the sky in ancient Egyptian history.) He is presenting himself in this video as a "god" ...which ultimately creates this "blindness" in religion that you speak of. True believers know that the true and living God says "There shall be NO other God before me." Not only that but this video contains references to "idol gods, bi-sexual women, and murder which are all against God's will. The issue is you're being showed this imagery so much on T.V and reality shows that you're subcontiously "accepting it." It's deeper than Rap...pay attention.

  • Daoud

    Challenging as always with Kanye. I love how the camps are divided here where folks think he's either an evil poser or great performance artist. True art often causes great differences in opinion so I'll assume the mission was acomplised. Funny because the song expresses what the haters are saying: Kanye should not have the 'power' that he does, expressing himself as GOD.

    • TheListener

      Whats really funny is that you haven't noticed that the lyrics of this song really have a "DUAL MEANING". Other than the hook to this song and the video showing Kanye in the sky...how can you relate this song to Kanye saying he shouldn't have God's power? Read these lyrics. The system broken, the schools closed, the prisons open We ain’t got nothin’ to lose, ma’f-cka, we rollin’ Huh? Ma’f-cka, we rollin’ With some light-skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands In this white man’s world, we the ones chosen So goodnight, cruel world, I see you in the mornin’ Huh? I see you in the mornin’ This is way too much, I need a moment That had nothing to do with God's power. The video shows him in the sky because he has on the Egyptian chain with the Falcon God Horace. (god of the sky...and the god of "war") If anything, Kanye is glorifying the powers of Satan. (The life of power..riches..fornication..idol gods... jealousy, and murder. It's all in the video.

  • mr_sur

    vid is awesome man i dont see how the fuck yall dont like this def a 5

  • obama Lover

    ILLUMINATI KANYE/JAYZ/LIL WAYNE have ALLhas sold his soul to the DEVIL

    • Chupps

      Illuminati and free mason theories are jus wack and dreamed up by jealous uneducated fools. Anyone who's hugely successful in the game is automatically Illuminati to these dudes, watch them switch on J. Cole when he takes the crown.

  • Anonymous

    now hes some roman god? this dude is the most arrogant piece of shit ive ever heard..remember when he came out talking about jesus and all that shit now its nothing but how great he is and haters and money. Hypocritical fuck.

  • Mike Meraz

    So is he like the devil or what? Cause theirs a whole bunch of Angels with horns coming out of their heads around him. Wheather him and Jay are freemasons or not, this video is annoying.. Not really diggin it. The track is corny as shyt too, that's just me though. Still can't wait for the album, I'm assuming it's gonna be sum Pop BS just like everything nowadayz..

  • joey

    nothin new, but pretty refeshin. awesome graphics

  • Big Texx

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! THIS IS CREATIVE IS EVER. Pure fucking artwork people, and the story that he got it from is just pure genius!!!!!! Can't wait till the whole thing is released. People Will Scream...ILLUMINATI of course, because.....well... I don't know why people state shit like that out of ignorance...... Anyways....GO YEEZY!!!!!!!!!

  • jiggymman

    see this dude a illuminati too now dang jayz got all these cats under him and we juss accep it

  • LJbigbang

    This is fucking art. Amazing. Can't wait for the whole thing. And to those spoutin' nonsense. Get a fucking education you morons. Seriously. You're fucking idiots.

  • Dab

    Dear lord how much did this cost?

  • Chupps

    It'll be an ill video. Creative as hell. But idiots will take one blind look at it and scream illuminati or some crazy conspiracy shit so they can sleep better.

  • Terrell Hardnett

    look up "The Sword of Domacles" idiots this is not some illuminati sh*t, just f*cking creative as sh*t

    • hahaha

      here you go dude...because i know some people won't look it up...but it has NOTHING to do with secret societies or anything But his contemporary outlook on dealing with fame and power is in fact, referenced back to a Greek legend in this video. The sword hanging above Kanye's head - according to the Boombox -- is the sword of Damocles, which comes from the legend of Damocles and Dionysius. The story goes that the powerful and authoritative Dionysius II offers to switch places for the day, so that Damocles could witness what it was like to have fortune and power. At a banquet, Damocles is waited on like a king, only to notice a sharpened sword hanging by a single horse-hair, directly above his head. At that moment he realized the gamble of having wealth and power was not worth it to him.

  • Nastynas4life

    holy shit..i got the chills when i saw this..Can't wait for the full video.

  • Tyler Kolbuck

    A Masterpiece

  • yerrrrr

    Artistically, this video is ridic, sick. This is some 300 type scenery, as far as hidden messages and secret societies, I DONT CARE cause god will deal w those people and there is nothing we can do is they do exist. The world is run by a few people and thats no secret but I m not goign to live my life trying to prove it exist when it goes so deep into govts and everything


    Say what you wanna say about me, but this video is pretentious bullshit and kanye has gone batshit crazy lmao. His shit sucks


    Weather you like this video or not doesn't matter. Weather there are secret messages in it to do with the Illuminati,Freemasons or Satanism doesn't matter. All that matters is that he got ur attention and got you talking. That's all that matters cause at the end of the day its all about the sales. So if you think Kanye is a joke or an idiot that's ok cause at the end of the day you've already seen the video, started talking about and helped hype up his album for him.

  • akim

    fuckin amezing video, very very creative

  • Alexander Zubarev

    I don't give a fuck. I much rather have this then the same boring video with hoes and cash and cars and shit. And I don't know why you people hating on Freemasons and the Illuminati. Almost all of the important and intelligent people in history were part of some sort of Secret Society. Don't be hating just cause you ain't in it.

    • TheListener

      ^^^ dumb ass... this video is still about money, cash, and hoez. It's sad that you can't even see it. He's only showing you THE BIGGEST GOLD chain EVER, bi-sexual women crawling at his feet, and people trying to kill him over his power. LOl...people don't even know why they really like this video. It's the same shit in a different form. Thats the only thing genius about it.

  • Jay.BiLL

    The most creative shit i've seen visually n a long time. this is deeper than rap, the way the whole portrait develops, then crumbles @the end. the concept is genius, it's inspiration is the portrait in the sistine chapel..

    • TheListener

      How did this video inspire you?... I have to know.

    • TheListener

      lol... this video is very much still about money, luxury, and hoez. WATCH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!


      yo when does the potrait crumble my friend? I just watched it like 2 times, I watched the people in front all sort of fall into the middle when the guys with the swords hit, but no crumbling anywhere. Sick vid tho, definetly cool concept. Like one kid said its alot better then seeing the same money, cars, hoes shit.

  • Wtf

    This man claims to be a Christian? Fuck you Kanye West.

  • Jer'Maine Jones Jr.

    "Sword of Damocles." Look it up you clowns. 5 stars. No question...

  • Rachael Misek

    Whoa, Arch Angel Micheal's daughter is at Kanye's feet.

  • Lay

    That shits crazy! I think its pretty dope...

  • hiphopny

    different... check out the new D.Stephens & Rosa Acosta video at www.wapproved.com

  • Mr Mogul

    Original. Looks like if the video doesn't have fancy cars and half naked women in it, people won't like it. Sad.

  • h8er

    Kanye West has completely lost his mind. I almost feel bad for him. He's gone through so much shit wit his mom and ex, that he's turned himself into a joke. what happened to "hey mama" "jesus walks" "golddigger"


    Ok, this mutherfucker lost his mind. Who does this wanna-be artsy faggot think he is? I'm guessing his videos and performances have to be so pretentious in order for weeker minded people to look past the fact that he is one of the most over-rated rappers of all time. Evrything of his his that came after late registration sucks dick. FUCK YOU KANYE.

    • TheListener

      ALEXANDER...... I need to know "HOW ARE YOU MISSING THE WOMEN in this video??????? You said something dumb about "if the video aint about women all in the video people won't like it" It's like 6 half naked Ho'z in this video.. how are you missing that?

    • staqz2high

      @fuck out, why the hell is he wrong for using the word pretentious on a hip hop blog?


      you spelled cirque du soleil wrong....faggot

    • Alexander Zubarev

      This video is still better than anything else out there. Just because you don't have a video with bitches, doesn't make you a faggot.


      That video is the definition of pretentious you idiot. It looks like fucking cirque de sole ya queer. You're just one of those morons that got sucked in by all the flashy lights and colors. There's no substance anything he does and i got a right to my opinion muther fucker lmao

    • Fuck outta here

      Pretentious? You're on a rap blog talking shit on him, and you have the audacity to call him pretentious? Not only that, but you call him an "artsy-faggot" and shit like that? What the fuck have you contributed in your sad waste of a life? How many people know your name? Your neighborhood? Fuck outta here!

  • grandson

    It looks like a commercial, i'd give it a four for creativity, but it would of really impressed me if he had continued with that same concept throughout the entire song.

  • hugebrains

    this muhfucka is a faggot hes back with sum bullshit again id rather be listenin 2 eminem or muse just wanted 2 tell everybody that i hate kanye cuz he thinks hes the shit, but he sux like a bitch, hes tryna show him a the shit FUCK KANYE N WHOEVER WHO LIKES THIS VIDEO BS

    • smh

      Wow okay lets see... Sooo if celebrities like kanye jayz beyonce lady gaga arent part of this illuminati, then who is? Just cuz u like them doesnt change the fact that they are. You can cuss me out and call me ignorant but the ignorance is in those that base their claims on their opinion and not on fact. Fact is, kanye and them use illuminati and freemason stuff in their videos and their concerts and their music. Dont get mad at me because im telling the truth, get mad at kanye for selling his soul to the devil, which is proven by the fact (and not whether i think hes a great artist ot not) that he did admit to it. Plus, if he were just soo innocent then why does he give off such a dark image? People shun truth just because its not what they wanna hear. I hope at least a few of you hear me out, dont get caught up in this world please. I just hope kanye knows all this stuff hes caught up in is wrong...

    • STFU

      your name is really oxymoronic given the comment that you've provided. Read a book or do the overpopulated planet a favor and die.

  • Saad87

    I would say he is trying to show us that he is comparing himself to the devil after or the mistakes he has done in his life. No more, no less. Amazing video/portrait.

  • Coronal

    sell out..brainwashed by moneyy and POWER

  • Anonymous

    kanye kanye i dont know what he is trying to show in this video i hope is not what im thinking about

  • crissblaziny

    video for illuminati..


    Creative and unique. Love it.

  • theultimaterage

    I love the video, but I must say it's REALLY disappointing that it's only 93 seconds! I can't give it a full 5 'cause of how short it is, especially since we've been waitin' this long and there was so much hype over it, but I still think it's really dope!

  • cjrocker

    Damn, should've said this was just a preview in the title. Still though, looks pretty damn good. I'm excited.

  • LMAO


  • LMAO

    HERE COME THE STUPID COMMENTS IN 5....4...3...2.........1!

    • Anon

      Have you ever seen anything like this in a music video before? This shit is awesome.. How could you not like this?