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  • googoo24

    So hilarious! LMAO at the reporter dude saying, "It's too late in the game for that now," with a serious face.

  • Pernell Lancaster

    I think the real Freeway Ricky Ross should not knock down another black man instand he should support Rick Ross career cause the street know whose real drug lord is and who freak. The rapper Rick Ross is a dude telling a story about Freeway life know his upcoming album is aspired by the movie "God Father". Nothing wrong with that as long as he don't get the street and rap imagine mixed up he will be a success.

  • King Robinson

    So is my nigga (rapper) freeway, next fuck fag ass niggas yo bum fuck face bitch made snitch nigga

  • dj_noname

    Get a real job you fucking bum!!!

    • Pernell Lancaster

      This is the one started the crack movement and the rapper is a freak ass wanna be dope dealer. I am sure this dude still have money but I think the rapper should some them some type of love money wise.

  • hip hop 4 life

    Freeway rick should be thanking him for raising his fucking name up!..know that ex drug dealer has a future


    RICKYY ROSS...LONG LIVE THE RAPPER!!.. i take them steroids to strengthen up all ma chickens!!..LOOOL..

  • C-Arson

    I think Rick Ross should be lawfully be allowed to force Officer Ross to change his name but as far as money he shouldn't get any of that.

  • rapskilz

    Who is freeway Rick Ross' Lawyer? In America you cannot profit from a crime.... When you commit a crime all monies associated to that crime are confiscated. Other people can profit from your crimes though... (thats why a lot of kingpins put stuff in other peoples names). This rule is eternal. What this means is if you sell drugs and get caught, the money is taken from you. If years after you are released, they find that you had stashed some for a rainy day..... its taken from you. If Freeway wins the law suite... (Civil Case), all the money will be taken from him (Criminal Case as that was his King Pin name).... Basically best case scenario, Ross (Rapper) wins or the case is thrown out.... Worst Case, Freeway (king Pin) wins and they both lose.

    • rapskilz

      Hey REE_NUKKA your a faggit.... U dont know what you talking about... 1.you cannot copyright a government name... Otherwise names would soon ran out... So the real rick ross (Ricky Dannel Ross) is suing for hi pseudonym "Freeway Rick Ross". Which only came to prominence because that was his drug money name... the government does not give a shit what you call yourself... -- You can not infringe on a government name you fucking idiot... there has been like 6 Rick Ross, before either of them. 2. To sue you have to prove loss of income. For example if you someone takes your song and makes money.... its a song that you would have made money for so you sue.... Freeway Rick cannot make money of his name.... he has not lost any income from Rick Ross (rapper) using his name. 3. You give examples of Smif-N-Wessun and Remy Martin. Does your slow pee wee brain realize that these are brands? I will let you think about that.... So you are the dumb fuck..... read a book * I didn't say winning a civil suite was a crime.... read my comment again.... SLOOOOWWWWLLLLYYYY you retard

    • reel_nukka

      Oh yeah... ever heard of MONSTER KODY ?!?!? He wrote a BEST SELLING book about being a GANG BANGER !!!

    • reel_nukka

      Dude, you don't know what the FUCK you're talking about !!! Number 1, America ITSELF, and most of it's wealth, are profits of crime !!! Number 2, yes, it is true that a drug dealer cannnot keep drug money. But winning money in a civil case is not a crime dickhead !!! If that was true, a judge wouldn't even waste time hearing his case!!! This is a case of name infringement, and the name Rick Ross was not his "King Pen" name you fuckin moron!! IT'S HIS REAL FUCKIN GOVERNMENT NAME!!! You can't just take somebodies name and make money with it!! Just like the rap group Smif-N-Wessun was forced to change names by the gun company. And just how the rapper Remy Martin was forced to become Remy Ma by the liquor company. (And alot of people bring up how 50 Cent took his name from a real gangster, but the name "50 Cent" is a street nick name, not someone's real government name or copyrighted stage name.) Now whether or not he'll win money remains to be seen. But if he doesn't win, it WON'T be for the dumb ass reasons you stated..

  • Ronnie Guess?

    Rick Ross (the rapper) is fake as fuck and has always been fake!!! He painted this lifestyle of him being a drug lord gangsta!! Ever watch an interview of rick ross(the rapper)???? he sounds so fuckin fake and just looks and acts as if he has been some gangsta from the streets his whole life!!! i fuckin hate how fake he is and how the radio, media, and fans of hip-hop accept this clown!!! he needs to get blasted!!!

  • Mr Mogul

    Credibility is everything in Hip-Hop and in the streets. This is a big knock on Rick Ross' (the rapper) credibility. The similarities are undeniable. The case will settle and Freeway Rick Ross will get a good chunk of change.

  • LUV2LAF2010

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  • Na$ty Pee

    He just lost the suit with this interview. He looks like he is more out for fame and aims to humiliate Roberts. bottom line is that u cannot get mad becuase u cant profit from your drug dealer past!! its like he is glorifying it and the courts are not going to go along with that period. dumb ass nigga sitting there saying "Hey Im the real dumb ass drug dealer that ruined all those lives and got caught and lost everything, He had a real job and fliped my fucked up past into millions for himself" how stupid does that shit sound? HATER plain and simple. Rap is entertainment full of characters. and for the record his rap name RICK RO$$ not Freeway Ricky Ross! its like a stage name so no identity has been stolen! his drivers license still says William L. Roberts so thats who he is.

    • Doucheberg

      REEL_NUKKA, If Freeway Ricky weren't in this for the fame and humiliation of Rick Ross, then he would've sued his ass a long time ago at the beginning of his career before any records and shit came out, not after he's been banking on the rap thing for years. As for Monster Kody, there's a HUGE difference between writing a book about your past, for which he's putting in work and getting paid for, and suing some fake-ass rapper for $10M for profiting from your lifestyle (for which he's doing NO work, and expecting a handout of $10M). Freeway Ricky can be mad all he wants, but unless he can actually prove that he lost profit and revenue due to Rick Ross' posturing, then he's got no fuckin' case, straight up. Is it right? Yes and no. Should Rick Ross be posturing as a drug kingpin and profit off of someone else's life? Hellll no. Why? Because he's not a drug kingpin and posturing like that will eventually catch up with him, and he's gonna hit the wall big time. That being said, should Freeway Ricky Ross get a cut from what Rick Ross is doing? Hell no. Freeway Ricky isn't a rapper in any way whatsoever, and unless Rick Ross was stealing his beats and/or lyrics, then he's got absolutely nothing to base a case on. It's unfortunate on all accounts, but it's the way shit works, man.

    • reel_nukka

      Another fuckin DUMMY talking shit that he knows nothing about!!! SMH... Just because YOU said this interview hurts his case and "makes him seem like he's just out for fame and humiliation of Roberts", doesn't make it true !!! That's YOUR dumb ass conclusion that you based on your stupidity and biased opinion !! Secondly, did your DUMB ASS ever here of MONSTER KODY ?!?!? He wrote a best selling book about his life as a gang banger !!!! And the rest of that dumb shit you wrote shows how fuckin stupid you are !! You said, (as if the real Rick Ross said it)... "He had a real job and fliped my fucked up past into millions for himself"... It's more than just his past, IT'S HIS WHOLE FUCKIN NAME TOO THAT HE STOLE AND FLIPPED INTO MILLIONS FOR HIMSELF!! How is he stupid for being mad about that ?!?!? And the "Freeway" part is not the issue !! Nobody said that the rapper used that as his rap name, and that nickname couldn't be sued over in court even if the rapper DID use that!! Now, whether or not a judge will make a distinction about the 2 dollar signs (RO$$) remains to be seen. But don't be a dummy and act like he's not screaming dude's name, RICK ROSS, on every song !! You know those dollar signs aint letters and they really are just 2 "S"s. When he says the name, he says "RICK ROSS", not "RICK RO-dollar sign, dollar sign" !!

  • adrienne23

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  • nath

    i think this shit is stupid as hell, he used a name that millions already own..you had no legal ties or rights to this name or the life story,which is simular to thousands of others Man was a drug dealer, which was his talent and the other one does the opposite. He ain't gain shit off his name,everybody knows Ross ain't no killer

    • reel_nukka

      Oh yeah, right, sure... there are MILLIONS of people named RICK ROSS, and that life story of a big time hustler is similar to THOUSANDS of others, and the rapper just HAPPENED to choose THAT name and life story AT RANDOM......NOT BECAUSE THERE WAS AN ACTUAL DUDE NAMED RICK ROSS THAT WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS IN AMERICA !!! GTFOH !!!

  • xz

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  • BigJ

    this is a dumbass lawsuit...Its like the capone family suing to get money for their name.. or Universal suing scarface for his name..The real rick ross knows what he's doing, it aint really about the name..he's an OG hustla who's always looking to find a way to get paid. Cant knock the hustle tho



  • murdock08

    hahaha the news straight made the fake ricky ross look bad!!and he sucks at rapping so yea its true.i think the real rick got a good shot at this.i hope he wins.wont ever get 10 mill but hey 1 would be good.

  • allyfe

    rick ross the rapper... is a fake anyway... all he had to do was go to the real rick ross for permission. he aint looking for no handout its his name... all this image shit rick ross done made millions off this mans name... pay up CLOWN.....

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    He talkn like he been a victim of identity theft or something. Every nigga know who the real Rick Ross is. Every nigga know the rappers real name is not Rick Ross either. Just cause this nigga talk about slangin dope big time means he talkn about the real rick ross? I guess that means every nigga in the game who talks about is talkn bout the real rick ross huh. In his raps do he claim to be The REAL RICK ROSS, THE KINGPIN or do he claim to be a nigga who was in the dope game doing his thang? Da RRR is outta there!!! What it is this nigga still sitn on a couple of mills and he needs a way to spend it without them crakas tryn to take it since they knew it was all dope money from the get go. So he figure if he sue Ross and Jay for a couple of mill he can go dig up that dirty $$s he still sitn on add it to the pile of legal money!! Guess what he wasting money on a legal team cause he aint got no case what so ever.. Bumb ass nigga, gone back to the alley and sip on that night train. Use a has been now!! I hope every lil nigga out there payn attention to this nigga, he's a perfect example of where that life get ya!! Is a couple yrs of ballin aint worth 20years of your life in the pen? Once them gates close u anotha statistic!!

    • reel_nukka

      Listen to what this fuckin moron wrote: "Just cause this nigga talk about slangin dope big time means he talkn about the real rick ross?" NO DUMMY !! Because he actually calls himself "RICK ROSS", after a dude whose REAL NAME IS RICK ROSS, THAT ACTUALLY USE TO SLANG DOPE BIG TIME !!! STOP BEING FUCKIN STUPID ACTIN LIKE THE RAPPER DIDN'T TAKE THE NAME AND LIFE STYLE OF THE REAL RICK ROSS !! Then, this fuckin moron said: "I guess that means every nigga in the game who talks about is talkn bout the real rick ross huh"... NO DUMMY !!!! IS HE TRYING TO SUE EVERY RAPPER IN THE GAME THAT TALKS ABOUT BEING A BIG DOPE DEALER ?!?!? NO !!!! HE'S TRYING TO SUE THE ONE NIGGA THAT STOLE HIS NAME !!!! And I don't really care about the real Rick Ross, nor do I condone his criminal past. But why are niggas like you so quick to defend a rap nigga that is an OBVIOUS FRAUD, yet you can't understand why someone would be mad if there GOVERNMENT NAME has been stolen to make millions of dollars ?!?!? That says alot about you niggas who defend a FAKE FRAUD !!!

  • roger that

    foolish shit who care .....

  • ChuppsD

    He's actually got a solid case. Rick Ross took his name, image and history to forge an entirely fake rap career. I mean, just listen to the lyrics to alot of his songs, dude talks about all the shit Freeway Ricky Ross actually did, and spent 20 years in pen for. Didn't even hide it by taking his name...

    • Jayyarr

      @REEL_NUKKA Seriously all your saying is just a bunch of dumb bigotry jabberyjoo that only youd get you cant sue someone over a name given at birth

    • Jayyarr

      @ if he is suing over his government name that means if someone took my name and became a rapper off it and made millions I can Sue that person then?

    • reel_nukka

      This fuckin dummy NA$TY PEE again... This idiot said: "if u want exclusive rights to a name other than your birth name u have to copywrite it!!" What the fuck are you talkin about ?!?!? He's not suing over the "Freeway" part DUMMY !!! He's suing over his GOVERNMENT NAME, RICK ROSS !!! Now, whether or not a judge will make a distinction about the 2 dollar signs (RO$$) remains to be seen. But don't be a dummy and act like he's not screaming dude's name, RICK ROSS, on every song !! You know those dollar signs aint letters and they really are just 2 "S"s. When he says the name, he says "RICK ROSS", not "RICK RO-dollar sign, dollar sign" !! And you actually had the nerve to say the real Rick Ross is in danger of a "defamation suit" ?!?!? Dude, stop talking about shit that you obviously know NOTHING ABOUT !!! You're just displaying your utter stupidity for the whole world to see !!!

    • Na$ty Pee

      His name is Ricky D. Ross not Freeway Ricky Ross!! if u want exclusive rights to a name other than your birth name u have to copywrite it!! he did not so therefore he has no case period. it doesnt matter if people know u in the hood by that name. Snoop Dogg couldnt be Snoopy and Eminem couldnt be M&M becuase those names are copywrited. the thing that breaks this case wide open is the rapper spells it RO$$ not Ross and he uses no freeway at the front. done case dismissed. Freeway ricky better watch out also cuase he is very close to a defamation suit hisself.


      At least 50 cent took the image of somebody who's dead.. so no repercussions happening there. Wiki the real 50 cent if you don't know what I'm saying.


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  • Coolin

    All I want to know is, does the Real Rick Ross own a copyright to his name and likeness? If not, then there is nothing to this, just a bumb ass felon looking to get a handout. He will settle for $1 million in cash if he does not have a copyright.

    • dj_noname

      you cant sue someone over a name!!!

    • reel_nukka

      You don't need a copyright when it's your official documented government name on your birth certificate dumb ass !! And it's about his name, not really the likeness..

  • cookcrackbook

    hahahaha cant stop laughing at this