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  • gavdude

    Get it? Calm Batman…

  • jack johnson

    Jimmy Fallon: EMINEM! Crowd: WOOO Jimmy Fallon: and the band THE ROOTS!! Crowd: ?????

  • northsidemike11

    i love this song just for ems verses, he does it best and no one can do it better then him. i don't understand why everyone hates this song, its hot.

  • nicnac


  • hendertheoffender

    is it hip hop or ufc??? shut the fuck up

  • sdpoiu0

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  • C-Arson

    this is hands down the worst song on the whole album.

  • Cuttboy

    Em spittin' FIRE!!

  • JimKellysAfro

    1) Excellent breath control, passionate delivery but I prefer the Eminem & The Roots "Loose Yourself" performance. 2) The Bleeps / swearing ruins the flow. GOATS like Rakim & KRS rarely swore unless it contributed to the message they were trying to convey.

    • Modern3Warrior5

      But is Eminem Rakim or KRS? No, now go listen to Rakim or KRS if that's what you want to hear, and after that go change your diapers because no one wants to see your shit.

  • Gabrielle Rosenberg

    Except the bleeps, a super performance, very strong and passionate, The Roots are always consistently amazing, but Eminem shines and is large, it was slamming. Stayed in and up to watch Jimmy Fallon back to back with Letterman just to watch him perform. Can't wait til the NY concert w Jay Z, it is sure to be a historical event

  • DGAF

    @ HEARDEM Nah more like a Christian boy angry at his parents for grounding him.. LMFAO look how he gets into the music he's imaginin playin the drums and the look in his face HAHA he looks constipated son.

    • supportrealhiphop

      @ MARK SEVEN Your welcome baby. Just gotta let this motherfuckers now wassup :D. By the way you got a number i can call you on?

    • Mark Seven


    • supportrealhiphop

      you wouldnt be able to flow like that if you tried, g... ur BUGGIN if you can't realize that em is one of the better rappers of our generation. none of yall even realize that this isn't in a regular "hiphop" time signature... this is in 6/8 time... on some next level shit. aint easy to rap in that kind of time feel. show some respect and quit focusing on how he look


    Lol Em looks like a skate boarder from the suburbs.. Again not that good of a song

  • G-Sus

    freedom of speech USA uhhh.... In France he s not fuckin censored.

  • gdsr

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  • DR Jam

    Too many bleeps! Next time he should alter his lyrics just like Meth used to do, and artists like the BEPs do it now. Just use other words that phonetically similar or synonyms. It sounds better than bleep, bleep, bleep!!!

  • I'm Doin Me

    Wayne is better than this dude period.

    • MightyMike27

      A matter of taste?? Fuck that shyt. Wayne is not better than Eminem. As a rapper, producer, artist, emcee, freestyler, lyrcist.. Homie, I like Wayne, I like A Lot of his songs.. He hasn't come out with shyt since the Carter3 but still has his face in the spotlight for some reason.. But No... Wayne is Not better than Eminem.. I feel like I have decent taste in Hip Hop. Lupe, Com, Black Thought, Kweli, Pun, and I would throw Em in there but there's no way Wayne fits into that picture.. Wayne is the most overrated rapper of all time. No Question. I'm a bit of a fan but I'm not stupid. Wayne is the most overrated rapper of all-time. Wayne Nuthugerz.. Wat u got to say?

    • Luda

      can't say Eminem is better, or Lil' Wayne is better. It's a matter of taste. Why you people can't stop postin' Wayne shit on Eminem videos/tracks? Just enjoy what Em' has to offer to the fullest. We'll talk about Wayne another time, don't worry 'bout that.

    • aceSuP

      lmaoo, ur blem

    • Myspace/the-xtc

      wow REALLY? well wayne is dumb and so are you so i guess i can understand the bond between ya

  • iBar

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  • iBar

    Check out the track that inspired Eminem's Recovery. Go to www.myspace.com/ibaronline and listen to "!"

  • kush nap

    that boy shredding the mic. short circuit shit. some of the best clarity/breath control of all time. the roots killed that shit too, go cop the roots album with recovery and enjoy hip hop. i wasnt feeling this joint at first, shits different, em spilling on it. impossible beat to ride, yet slim somehows rides the fuck out of it.

  • 305ilovemia

    I Love M I A Music And Ent. Presents $WonDough$ No Image No Gimmicks Just Banging Ass Music Raw And Uncut http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia

  • MightyMike27

    Eminem and The Roots. Man that's one of my dreamz lol... Em should have performed a better track. like........ "25 To Life" "Cinderella Man" or "Talkin' To Myself".... That would have been sick... Show off his true talent and sum good music as well.. Or they should have had sum1 else from The Roots sing the chorus instead of Pink. Dope Performance tho

  • roksteady

    Alc on the wheels of steel...allstar line up!!!

  • Jonan

    That's awesome having The Roots on the live instruments for Eminem's song, both have released an album the same week and both are awesome!

  • Rachael5922

    cool performance! :)

  • pienman

    performing with the roots... dope! how bout a track em and black thought???? lol hip-hop pulse is throbbing shady/aftermath.... def jam

  • akim

    why you always angry Em you get fame and money just chill cuz we all know you not gonna hit no body cuz you are not a gangsta ,just make elevating music not this same all same lame raps

    • 180%

      Not everybody from the D is crazy *COUGH COUGH EM*. He wouldnt punch nobody in the face MARK SEVEN. Mayb he would punch you in the face if you let him. Which knowin your a stan you would love it. Nice.

    • Mark Seven

      If u don't think Em will punch u in the face then ur lost. Em is old school and he from the D. He will fight u. That white boy is crazy.

    • FerociousLionsOrg

      he's just saying his gonna verbally rape anyone, why resort to violence? never knew rap was all about fighting now

    • 180%

      Akim Em is a pussy, but tha screamin and all that agression it's jus Em that's his style i mean it did get annoyin, but if he switched up his style he wouldnt be as good as he is now... Its like telling bone thugs to stop rapping soo fast.. But yeah truth be told Em wouldnt hurt nobody.

    • 12willy

      I've hit people. And never been a gangsta. The fuck out of here.

    • USD

      Yea cuz only gangstas can get violent haha get off the fuckin computer kid.

  • 12willy

    The Roots and Eminem in one performance. Great day for videos on HHDX.