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  • contracks

    i used to fuck wit this nigga..now I can't even listen to his whiny ass no more...try putting out a hot cd, Beans,you ain't done that since yo first... wasn't that on the ROC?

  • OpenlettertoBleek

    Dear Memphis Bleek, I know you probably keep reminiscing on the good ol' days at the Roc, but those days are long gone. You've been one hit away for almost fifteen years now. It's time to give it a rest. You had your time time to shine. Everyone wasn't made to be a rapper. Their are plenty of other opportunities for you to pursue. But continuing to rap and name dropping Jay-Z in your lyrics as your sole source of income is pathetic. It's time to explore other avenues. Can you collect unemployment? You ever thought of truck driving. You can get your CDL in about five weeks. Now is no time to be prideful we are in a recession. What are you good at? You seem like a loyal and trustyworthy person. How about social work? You could help out your local neighborhood. Teach kids how to read and warn them on the pitfalls of pigeon holing themselves into one career. Let them know that it's ok to have a plan b or plan c just in case plan a doesn't pan out. Memphis Bleek I really like you, but you've got to let it go. You have no relevance in this current rap era and that's not anything to be ashamed of. The majority of rap that sells has an alarming amount of ignorance and perpetuates stereotypes. Your only way in is to completely sell out. Is that what you want your legacy to be? A washed up sellout who got older and decreased in wisdom in order to be successful. Why waste your time and Jay's money in the studio? You could go help out with the oil spill, I hear a couple contracting companies are hiring. I'm just throwing a couple things out there, look into it. Take care Bleek!

  • the fucking poet

    beans need to get over it....jay did some shit that wasnt exactly cool but fuck that was how many years ago.....beans need to go get some money i fuck wit his music but jay aint gone return fire at this nigga.....jay just gone keep throwin these sublimnals out there and beans gone keep makin himself hot...damn beans.....let it go...my nigga...let it go

  • datnuggah22

    beans that nigga. fuck tryin to tell as story of what happend. shit beans is that nigga period best nigga in the roc.

  • slizzow

    yall r sum dumb nuccas!!!!! beans claims he is from philly which is live but he cryin like a lil bitch.. jay gave dat bum more than enough chances to get his act 2gether but he didnt want 2.. fuck dat i wouldnt put myself on da line for dat loser if i was jay 2 so he can destroy everything i built... most of yall nuccas in here is fake talkin dat street shit but kn ow damn well if u were in jays position and some nucca u met u hooked him up cuz he fit da position in ur company right but kept doin dumb shit 2 fuck yall business up yall tellin yall wouldnt off him or just let him go.. be true to da game b4 dumb shit come out yall mouths.. dats just da logical thing to do b4 dat bum brings u down and everything u built goes down the drain cuz sum bum ass nucca u didnt even know growin up as a child good friends came 2 destroy your empire cuz he still stuck in da streets...pls... let me get a good position like dat aint fuckin it up beanie was a waist of potential... he just want 2 stay in da hood.... he said it best himself i dont do much..... wat was dat line "yall nuccas look dumb on da block damn there 40 still runnin from cops" he offed himself in his on song cuz dats wat he iz doin cum on yall nuccas really need to start thinkin wit more logic than emotions cuz dats wat bitches dooooo.......lol.....lmfao.......rolmfao........... bitchezzzzzzz!!!!!!! get a grip stay stuck in da hood and die wont even live to see 30 probably fightin over dumb shit cornballs.......

  • wutangsteel

    Take ownership of your action man! Get in the studio and get 50 on some tracks and show Jay and all of them that you are the truth! You drop an album and I am on my way to the store to get it!

  • Brizzoraw

    Up north cut it da fuk out, Bleek neva made good music. he get hov money not his own money. Beans popped a nigga broad daylight cuz of what he believed in, his morals, etc thats some real nigga shit.. Bleek would be to concerned wit his record deal. See shit is real in philly. its no canal streets, its not a fashion show. Thats why u hear beans still sayin i have no problem seein anybody rapper, whoever on site! Trust me Jay dont feel dat way, nor bleek...fuck it, most rap niggas would rather not run into who they quarrell wit. Down here in Philly evreything aint clothes and rap like u ova niggas...aint nobody gettin shot then goin to da radio staion like dem new york niggas. Niggas is gettin shot and then its off to da morgue...tags on toes and all dat (r.i.p. ruck). So Hov better respond before he find himself gettin approached by dem Big Beards!!

    • Up North

      Nigga please. Hov would have Beans floating in the fuckin Hudson if he wanted to. Get off Sigel's dick. Bitter ass crying ass nigga. That's what's real in Philly? Gettin no paper and whining about it? Blaming another nigga for your shortfalls? Are you even from Philly my dude? I run with cats from Philly. They ain't nothing like you. They proud but not ignorant. They have and give respect. Read between the lines.

  • Brizzoraw

    @Nice u sound crazy!! Sig dont need to drop shit..So yall niggas got Jay dick that far down yall throat that u cant tell a coward when u see one. When his team was rite (Sigel included) he was goin at everybody name droppin : Lance Un Rivera, Nas, prodigy, Jarule( the wathcer), 50 etc..Now da nigga gotta team full of teeny boppers and he know that shit dont work against no fukn team of Gorillas. theres no such thing as earning the rite not to respond in Hip hop, thats wut its about. Fuck all dat money shit cuz it can be gone tomorrow, but your talent wont be. Everybody dat was close to jay sayin the same thing about him... I guess they all lying huh? lol, Like aint nuffin better to do. How Jay gone call da FEDS in on siegal tho, he get a pass for that to huh? Young Chris was signed to this fuck nigga for years after da lil rift they had.....what Jay do, stole his fuckin flow, kept him in shadows...oh but when Drake hit he was on jay album and vice versa. When u say u family every decision cant be made on a business level, so yea drake a money maker, but what about the team Hov had Chris aint drop yet let alone have u heard a Jay feature on anything. Certain love shouldve got shown. Cam and dem had been seen it, Bleek bitch ass gone stay stagnant cuz hey "he's in Hovs will somewhere" Beans got the respect of all da real niggas....drake, wALE, mickey factz and all these other soft new niggas is jus on Hov dick. they jus happy to be there. Dem real niggas im talkn bout is grown ass men wit families to feed....none of dat funny haircut shit over here.

  • Brizzoraw

    all ya niggas got it wrong. Beans dont want nuffin from Jay. He wanted jay to be there for him when he was fightin his case. he wanted him to let him sign with 50 so he could create his own situation. jay wouldnt do either when both times he had the power to do so. Thats holdin some1 back, and deep down we know jay aint let him sign to fif cuz of his pride. Yall talkn all dis Jay so grown up bullshit, but he makin music for Drakes audience, he competing wit 24-25 year olds still. U da king, u da best to do it, u such a real nigga then tellem poke his fuckin head out when anotha real nigga lookin to see u. whining, thats not what beans is doin. Yall all must be New York niggas talkn and i aint suprised cuz ya got the highest snitch rate know to man...so i cant expect for niggas to understand shit like loyalty, family, and the reciprication of love shown. beans frontlined for dem weak ass niggas....Beans dissed dame and biggs too, all of dem niggas is faggots..u see how they operate. beans and the rest of the prop was the best thing to happen to rocafella, next to Nas battle. Hov coulda signed anybody from new york, but he knew dem philly boys wusnt fukn playin.....bleek and dem wus playin. Hov is a bitch. Yall defendin'em so wut dat make yall....and anybody callin they self the best need to be ready to defend it at all times....and beans is more than worthy

  • east_atl_zone6

    As a fan of the ROC this shit hurts... I feel him, cuz if anybody has a nigga you call your brother turn they back on you that shit is hard to get over.. But damn hip hop needs Beans back in his right state of mind... I heard Jay say that the true essence of hip hop was the battle... It may be time for Jay to live up to that statement and jus dead Beans once and for all... (HIP HOP = Our culture, Our music, Our LIFE!!!)

  • wishworks

    beans fuck these cats and get back to making hot shit because all this makes you look bitter my nigga, rise above. Nobody respects a grown ass man bitching, you want to get back at these niggas drop album that sales, remember women lie man lie but numbers don't, get at him on a level that his on, thats how you win.

    • B.Stinga

      WHat the fuck does an album that sells prove. Shut the fuck up. Bottom line the nigga is bgonna bust pipes with that pressure. Like Beans said he was scared to come at Kiss because Kiss would have ate that nigga. Hov is a coward man. He come at Jim Jones but dnt come at Beans or Jada. Them niggas are a challenge. Hove is shook. Let that been Nas, he would have made one ether track and dhut Beans the fuck up. Sales dnt have nothing to do with shit no more. Beans is not a industry nigga he is hard core street and shit dnt sell like that. Just ask Styles P. Them niggas look at Respect more than sales. Fuck the Billboard

  • CP3

    the problem lies in jay screaming roc-la-familia n all that family shit. he used them street dudes for credibility and then punked all of em when he held the crown. still, u cant hate on another man for not making any money on your own. jay is the king of the game, but like most kings he keeps it for himself instead of sharing it with the people that got him there. life's a bitch.

    • S-K-I

      Beans should have played his cards right to get money and remember that the music industry ain't the streets...its more cut throat cuz people stomp on you for not only money but shine. Everybody on the Roc had a time they could have set up they're own camp and go their money together...but you can't deny Jay is king cuz he snaked his way to the top. I knock no man for getting money but you can't deny that fact....Jay is the king of the Hip Hop industry...not hip hop...which is why he won't drop names and go at anybody at this point. He has his legacy, he's making money, why risk suicide by goin in with someone who is hungry...sucks...but hopefully somebody above average ill will go in at Jay Z so hard he'll have to respond.

    • Up North

      Let me ask you this, and be honest. Would you risk everything that you've worked for, for someone who isn't doing shit for themselves? Jay USED to be a street cat. He got older and wiser, learned from the game instead of becoming an example of it. 50, Master P, Ice Cube are all the same way. The problem is that most cats came to the Roc without a pot to piss in and expected to achieve "Jay-Z status" without learning the business aspect of the game. Why is nobody calling out Biggs or Dame? Because it gets you no publicity that's why. Some of the most successful men this world has ever known came from nothing. With all the opportunity Beans had to get his shit straight and profit, he has no one to blame but the man in the mirror for his predicament.

  • Up North

    Dear Beans and everybody else whining about what another man didn't do for you, listen to "Send a Kite" from Styles P and get your fucking mind right.

  • Big Greg

    A grown man being pissed because he's so childish that another grown man didn't want to take responsibility for him, thus putting himself in the line of fire? Fuck Beanie Sigel. Straight up Stan.

  • jack johnson

    attention seeking and childish. if he was only dissing Jay-Z then fine, he actually knows jay-z on a personal level and has some personal issue with him. but the fact that he also had to name drop Drake just when Drake has a new album out only proves he's doing this to be an attention whore. this beef in hip hop is pathetic and this tough talk in this video sounds fake as hell

  • biggavelkingjaffe

    Fuk u GayZ dickryders, Sigel gonna get em. Free Max B. Harlem niggas go hardest.

  • Gotta go

    "hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned", i aint saying women are bitches buutttttt um. the broad street bully is acting like a bitch right now. He acting like an ex girlfriend. or like jay was his girlfriend who didn't hold him down when he went to jail. Like he got out and jay had a new man and had moved on with his life. Beanie sigel keep hopping on everybody dick who opposes jay. That's the common enemy rule. "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". he don't give a fuck about juelz, 50 cent, jadakiss, nas, bleek, freeway, wayne,drake. He drops there names when the opportunity arises. He's an opportunist. There situations aint got shit to do with his fucked up situation. Plus, why he be so mad every time a camera come on. Like, do he wake up planning to be this upset with jay. All his conversations are about jay z. Do the people he hang out with enjoy these conversations and rants. How do these rants get initiated. .

    • Gotta go

      One more thing, does sigel know jay z is one rich mother f***er, doing shows every other night in every other city in every other part of the world, helping promote and run the NJ(brooklyn) Nets, managing night clubs, clothing lines, eating dinner with the president, shaking hands with some of the richest people in the world, SEXING BEYONCE, cruising yacht's, covering magazines, making tv appearances, winning awards, and selling records, and did i mention SEXING BEYONCE, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. He doesn't have time for the broad street bully who's still in the hood. Shit i'm trying to make it out. This aint glorious, fuck the hood, i want to move out IMMEDIATELY, that's why i'm in school trying to get these degrees so i don't have to eat off nobody else

  • Sweet Daddy Poteete

    this is so lame...nobody over 30 should be beefin' with anybody in hip hop

  • graffkid

    beans got the right to be mad look at what happened but i do belive he need to drop it he way to nice on the mic plus lyricaly he's almost on the same level as jay-z almost

  • JDP

    well beaner faghole is gonna look retarted cuz jay-z dont respond to beef and drake beefing? funny jay-z well let j. cole and wale to shit on this dooshbag and handle his light work


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSQPFg_ieiU BLACK VEGAS!!!!

  • mindrelated

    Who cares if his anger is real? At this point it is pointless. He made because another man wouldn't take responsibilty for his actions. This the same man who was out on bail, got caught with a gun and a stolen altima. I wouldn't take responsibilty for him either. Not to mention that Jay was in his own legal trouble at the time. I think Jay should at least call this cat because you get that Beans loves him but other than that...off that.

  • joey l

    diz nigga "nice" talk'n bout b.seggal WAS roc-a-fella n no other artist on da label had nore sucess!! lmao dumb ass nigga...WUT BOUT KANYE??? kanye(shy town stand up) sold MILLIONS of records n broke n2 da mainstream 2bcome ONE OF DA MOST POPULAR MUSICANS N DA WORLD TODAY!!! not 2 metion Killa went paltinum while he was on da ROC!!! i dont think segal eva even went platinum!!! get yo shit str8 b4 u start talk'n like u no wut u talk'n bout next time foo...n neone who eva ben lock'd n a fuck'n cell should FEEL ME wen i say DATZ BOGUS AS HELL dat Jay wouldnt let him parole out or w.e. da situation was n2 his cutody....dat aint how we do it...jay a lame 4dat one!!

    • nice...

      don't bust my balls man. i was on a roll. i'm talkin bout the b.k. era ie before kanye. i'm talking thugged out roc days. b4 the tight pants and the softy emo shit

  • DonSneaks

    Beast on the mic...use to be a fan but FCUK THIS N!GGA...he bitter cause he not doing shit anymore....and the worst is that he went to jail, got out and still was f*ckin with Jay, then all of a sudden some years after the fact he wanna diss him using that bullsh*t excuse?? please I wouldn't have been responsable for this nigga either..

  • nice...

    fuck sigel at this point in time. i think aside form jay (cuz he was the boss) sigel WAS rocafella. no other artist on that label had more success. but right now sig needs to drop it. it's should be clear to everyone JAY broke up rocafella cuz he wanted to move on, and boy did he move on. whole new label whole new roster and he's a much bigger star than he was then. let it go he don't want fuck with yall no more plain and simple. from my perspective given what i just said sig just lookin for attention, he tryin to stay relevant in the game. it's fucked up when big homie ain't ridin with you no more how you end up strugglin to survive. dash tried to the music thing for himself and failed, state property tried to do they own thing failed now as i said before sig jus tryin to stay relevant. and i don't think sig should flatter himself by thinkin jay was "SNEAK" dissin him. there's more people we could think about when jay spit that verse on drakes track i.e jim jones, game and 50 and attempts at "phony rap feuds" and i think it's even more corny going at drake cuz you know he pussy as hell and he ain't even that type of dude sig said it himself him and fifty were using each other for the success of their own projects. (is sig singed to g-unit yet? no his dumb ass got used) and to me he jus tryin to help his carreer by goin at jay. nigga make some good music and trying being more successfull that's the route i would take. instead of doing this corny beef shit. he talks about the court situation, why he ain't flip on jay then since he felt so strongly about it. hiphop fans open your eyes it's just a ploy for attention, soap opera shit. i'm losing respect for sig cuz i thought he was realer than that, but niggas do wierd shit to get by and even wierder shit for money. somebody let me know when some good music drops one

  • entitledtomyopinion

    Of course he's angry he had Jay supporting him all those years and now he cut him off. If you couldn't sell any records on your own and your only life line to sell records got cut off wouldn't you be mad?

    • Up North

      Lou P, I believe you meant Beans and not Bleek. Although Bleek ain't moving units like Jay he still gets money, still makes good music, and above all, he doesn't blame anybody for anything. He goes about his biz like a man supposed to.

    • Lou P.

      you are 100% wrong my friend. bleek as no one to blame but him. jay-z can't sell records for him, and he was probably a waste of money for rocafella. he just bit the hand that was feeding him, what an idiot. he had his chance, and for a while. so get the fuk out.

  • dun

    sig is slippin' into the loser category to me. he's too nice on the mic to be waistin' his time with this. make some records.

  • adrienne23

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  • vancity

    can someone tell him hes beanie sigel

  • ChuppsD

    Dudes can feel it, his anger's real.