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  • Show ya best

    pt2 is better i think

  • GeekTheKid

    I can't knock this dude's hustle. He's ill. He came up from scraps, singing and rapping his heart out to get to the point where he is now. He didn't necessarily sell out, he just decided not to pertain to one genre and make music America can enjoy, not just us Hip Hop junkies. I give the album a solid 4/5 and this song a 4/5 cus the remix was better in my opinion.

  • WizeEarEartotheWize

    Great song. Great video. Best young artist in the game!

  • besteverperiodnodoubt

    BOB needs to step up his pen game with these fucking ABAB simple ass schemes ya'll niggas need to get a clue it's 2011 on the real, dope song though, just lazy lyrics

  • ChuppsD

    Dope song and Video, would be an instant 5 if it was the Pt.2 with EM.

  • Fiddy

    dope ass song and video

  • MightyMike27

    I Used to LOOOOVVVVEE B.O.B!!!! But that latest album was the biggest disappointment since Wale's debut. Asher, Cudi, C.H., Blu, them dudes didn't sell out like these Commercial turned puppets. Hopefully J.Cole doesn't either. Gotta do it for the music, devote classics, don't do it for cash. Fuck man. This songs ok for Radio Disney, and the verses aren't that bad. But that Hannah Montana Chorus just doesn't go with it. Pop.. Clean your ears peeps. PeaCe!

    • PhillyKid

      Gettin tired of this he sold out bullshit, if you truly did love B.O.B. you would of known Bobby Ray is his singing persona and would of already expected the album to be popish therefore wouldn't been so goddamn dissappointed and wouldn't have wasted your time with a type you knew wasn't your cup of tea.

    • MightyMike27

      Your 15. Theirz 12 songs on the album. 5 of them were good. 7 were too lame, and too Pop 4 me. Only good onez: Don't Let Me Fall Nothing On You Past My Shades Ghost In A Machine Lovelier Than You The Kids was good until that chick ruined the song. The rest were lame Pop Trash for the Nickelodeon channel. That's just my opinion.

    • WizeEarEartotheWize

      You're dumb as hell. That album was crazy

  • bleakofase

    Dope ass video, i love Hayley

  • jarman

    AIPLANES? really hhdx? Airplanes. you forgot the fucking R.

  • JNP420

    Is that Eminem with the Tiger Fitted in the begining Only like Marshalls verse on this song but its absent in the video

  • Chris S

    been waiting for this. definitely my favorite chorus of all time

  • does it matter

    i wanna see a video of pt 2

  • Ceazar

    Ok Rev Run Im going 2 need 2 enclose it in a sterling silver case and have it delivered 2 Ice Cube, wit ur letter and the price that it cost and what it is, and friday my Wickerman will needing a prayer because i have a uncle that loves 2 smoke weed and I need his lighter 2 light it, and cube a man by the name of Bun B will be checking it out 2 nite, and pls rev enclose what it is in a letter and write on it do not open until Bun B returns.