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  • HtownVet

    This is probably the most moving beat I have heard all year, and it comes from my city. I'm proud of that. At first I thought it was actually the legendary Bob James lending a hand in creating it until one rapper proves otherwise (this is actually a plausible thing since 'Face last interview about working with legends). 'Face should have taken the opportunity to create another "I Feel Ya" or "I Seen A Man Die". Instead he allows two dudes barely able to rap let alone hold the attention span of the average intelligent man to waste our time here. I dig the concept of the video, with it not having a central character and all. But the topic is much like an old whore's pussy. Used, abused, and approaching menopause; no longer fruit bearing and about to be worthless. The beat saves them here, 'Face's namesake made me give it a chance. What a waste of a soundscape. Then, drugs? Really? Man, any topic about anything heartfelt would have made instant classic material here. 'Face should have taken a chance on someone from Houston who isn't a drug-dealer masquerading as a rapper. Maybe the average person who doesn't sell narcotics? Damn, bitchy college student emcees are more entertaining to listen to. Hell, even an unemployed 20/30-something just rapping about the strife of life would be more interesting. I'm so tired of this kinda music coming from my city. It's time to reinvent the H-town sound. Hell, the only innovative rapper from our city finds new ways to rap about Reefer & Beer. You're a legend, and a great writer. Can't you at least find a way (or find someone) to reinvent drug raps? Maybe a rapping crackhead? Someone whose like a Southern version of Gil Scott-Heron? It's crazy, i know. But... Anything but this.

    • ONEDAY

      Seriously. I can't say one word better than your comment. Im also born and raised in the H and agree with literally everything you just wrote. I was in FYE and saw this mixtape and like you, bought it just on its namesake. Not only is it Scarface but its his first mixtape, it has to be fire right? I never thought I would say this but as soon as I listened to this mixtape it made me wish he never came out of retirement. True shit HTOWNVET.


    H-Town stand up!!!! RT@HTown... This is Scarface and he is still keepin trill... TOP MC....

  • Ceazar

    And since yall like celebrating Killing 2pac allow me 2 show u the first rapper that i ever killed azz a child i didnt become a don over night go get a Makaveli cd,stick your finger in the middle i got a message for u 2 read. A pussy ass nigga Im ya muthafucking killer tell anybody and ill muthafucking kill you.

  • Ceazar

    and u niggaz in Texas betta muthafucking com i got 200,000 troops cumin 2 c bout a man by the name of Chad Butler, and wht 2 know how killed my muthafucking man, and u betta cum or u gon get a muthafucking bloodline crush and u can bet that shit,.

  • Ceazar

    and that radio thing is everyday.

  • Ceazar

    And all yall hot ass mouth radio personalities in New York it went from a gun being from behind ya head 2 it in ya mouth, and let me show u how i feel bout talking shit ova the air, we gon kill a bitch on the air and drag they damn body out the station.

  • Ceazar

    Lets put these rumors 2 rest bout the North being the shit in Rap, Me and Jay-z get up a the Hit Factory do 1 album u pick the tracks i rhyme on, new tracks 1 4 days recording, 3 days mixing we get on like Marvin Gaye u pussy ass nigga and 2 show i dont give a fuck about yo pussy ass nigga im gon hang a Rocafella drape from the muthafucking building and i bet ya pussy ass want even cum out the house and bitch u from New York bitch nigga.


    really like the track.. lyrics are forgettable.. three face verses and its a four.. the alternative emcees couldn't get a hit on the web without face name with it.. and neither took advantage of the opportunity to shine through on the song.. now for the video.. who ain't gon' know the mercedez is the dope man.. lmao.. cops know who selling what and wait until they want to pick them off.. soon as you get your weight up, BANG.. no more dopeboy music.. and the only block you know is the cell block.. glorification of dope dealers is way old and we all know it doesn't pay like they say.. the foreign connects are the ones stacking chips.. just advanced slavery.. be careful you don't put on the chains yourself

  • Money First

    Good to see Scarface back with good music!

  • sese

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  • steezolini

    if you wanna be a witness, all you gotta do is visit....damn, sounds like your snitching on yourself...that and the street signs...if i was houston p.d, i'd be watching like a mutherfucker.but i'm not..... vivid reality, from the best in the game.


    LOL! Seriously, I laughed in the middle of this video.. That's great.. he's rolling around the neighborhood like a Milkman in the 1940s. True Dopeman...

  • kennyken

    this song makes everybody else lose a star!!! this is dope man music

  • Mr.Cee

    Mr.Scarface still servin'em

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Scarface!!! Still going hard!! H-Town, that's what up!! REALESTNIGGA-NDA-239/404"

  • krolik

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  • mallymane

    Its Dope! Man...