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  • lovers

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  • Soulful Beats

    That's what's up, as long you happy doing what you wanna do, you can never go wrong. Check some of my beats out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQ86HYTmYT0

  • Jersey Finest Kings

    Styles been writing books. This just the first one with out beats...... catch up niggas lol. @DiamondsOva

  • Grinder

    You obviously have not taken the time to even attempt to write a manuscript. You don't know how much MORE work it is to complete a manuscript then it is to do an album. Esp. as 1/3 of that album. So you talkin 10-20 verses, work in hooks... I've never seen any LOX members as producers, so on the creative side of that ordeal, that's pretty much it. Pick up a book near you and glance at the last page number, think about the amount of words that goes into it. Even if he didn't write any words, but just lead the charge (record words, others type, ect.) that still takes a lot more time, thought, direction, structure, etc. Slow down homie.

  • researchhh

    i always got time for SP the ghost,1 of the last real dudes out!! hats of to him on the book thing,at least he dont sell out and make a load af bullshit music wit them bullshit hooks........his catalog is strong as fuck!!! .............the ghost is deeper than most is....... bless!

  • fucku

    I bet this books is gonna be a new york times best seller. (sarcasm)

  • kush nap

    fuck all that book bullshit. ill buy a LOX album, ill buy a styles album. im not gonna buy this niggas bullshit book. LOX got 2 albums in 15 years, always been tight, and styles busy working on books noone gonna check for. wake up. drop a LOX album you lazy ass niggas.

    • alborob

      no, its not bullshit. styles p or the lox dont put out bullshit. they take their time doing work because they need to accomplish shit for themselves and also do it for the fans. it aint about being lazy, they got lives too just like us. if you were really a supporter of styles p or the lox u wouldnt say stupid shit like that. and nobody cares if u are or if u arent gonna buy it. but ur defnitely wrong on no ones gonna check for his book, its obviously something important to him and wanted to try it out so why dont u stfu and appreciate the courage and creativity. peace god