The Sounds of VTech / Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix: Untitled/Fantastic

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  • Rachael5922

    well i love the feel, something i would hear walking into a funky new age store really. Its cool, thanks for telling me about the female producer in hip hop because i didnt' think she existed with the dick parade that is going on with all the "pop" rap out there.


    first of all she didn't diss Dilla's music - she said as a female a lot of times she had to tune out what he was sayin and just hear his beats, which is unfortunately sometimes true with MOST hip hop - they are not saying anything you would tell your kid, especially your little girl, acapella. i think 'a waste of the funk' were her words and if you listen to HER lyrics and understand how much positivity and purpose she aligns with her music, you'd HEAR her w/o being an example of another person she's prolly put on mute with that disrespectful language (@dapluva). check yourself b4 you call that or any queen out her name.

    • dapluva!

      this bitch ain't no queen she's an entertainer who probably took the baphomet oath so she can kick rock fuck the dumb quasi tree huggin shit yall still sipp the kool aide these niggaz ain't revolutionary they are just selling you a lifestyle which i see a lot of people are buying into she sneak dissed dilla i don't need you to run down what she was saying who is she to comment on dilla's shit?dilla was a live nigga who didn't tree hug he made beats for them but thats it and she's trippin like everybody got to be like her ugly ass

  • Joey Scarfo

    i went to the suite for ma dukes screening. when i heard them perform this i was happy. but disappointed because no one who had a hand in playing this song had musical ear notice it wasn't right. listen to the original http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8ozhwns_0Y the lil portion played at :21-23 sec isn't rightfully represented by the orchestra, its kind of blurred over, and as small as that part seems it really makes the song because its always replayed throughout. It really bothered me while listenin to it because it could have been perfect.

  • really doe

    this is bullshit...leave greatness alone and your boom clap and three keys with your baby on your knees is wack

  • Allowicious

    What? When and how did she diss Dilla? GAM is dope, like Badu and Jill together. If she dissed Dilla I would be really let down.

  • dapluva!

    this bitch dissed dilla now wanna redo his classics the suite for ma dukes did a better job then this hoe wanna come fuck it up with her mumbo jumbo fuck this tree hugging erykah badu wanna be