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  • unique osmosis

    as long as he stay nice on the mic and true to the real world he's cool with me

  • AgenT_Zer0

    Dope as fuck... Blu is the truth I've BEEN tellin people this.. Why won't the mainstream listen.. fuck drake and fuck whoever else they're pushin as the new school, Blu is the leader

  • somecallmeadreamer

    Sweet. Like the money burning at the end. I am what you would call a Blu fan. A fan that is a bit confused about the lack of coverage about him and his music. The music he’s shared with us to this point has been very good and extra consistent. I’m waiting for him to be mentioned along with Drake, B.o.B., J.Cole, Cudi, Wale, etc... He belongs in the conversation (as does Fashawn). Is it cause their from Cali? We on some West Coast discrimination shit again? That can’t be it...maybe people really just ain’t hip...never heard him spit over a Exile produced track. It’s possible I guess. Point is, the dude is dope. And any other word you may use in place of dope. His rhymes are brilliant. He’s got a compelling voice. And his beats are gloriously West Coast and groovy. The ability Blu has at making life experiences relatable to his audience is second to none. He’s not too much of any one thing. He rhymes with a thoughtfulness that few can claim and always seems to be coming from a place of honor and respect for himself and his culture. I want to see dude blow up because I think he has some significant offerings to the world. I think his voice speaks to all of us as individuals and lend itself to positive expressions of who and what we are. Expressions that are not always easy but always positive in that they work towards a progression of self. Peace. Power.

  • homiehill

    this is fire. not really blu's style though this is too commercial- hope he gets back with exile to make another classic