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  • yougotkicks

    so cool the song , fuck it

  • dmvDon

    I fuck wit the song hard but this video is ji suspect if you a DMV native. He shoulda had BYB in the joint. Or at least a slightly better representation of DC. I mean he did have Curtbone in the joint who is a hood legend but most people, from the DMV or anywhere else, wont know who he is so ehh. I hope he keep doing his thang tho.

  • asboiufba

    5 stars for ray rice and michael from the wire makin cameos

  • Travo33

    Yea that Video was the shit....I fuks wit the song but the vid fits the song all the way....cool shit


    check out new music at www.myspace.com/modelboy btw wale is on his grind

  • jdank

    wow! Clinton Portis...fckin scrub screwed me in fantasy two years ina row. its a 4 but portis is minus one.

  • dcstar

    this video is awesome.. nice representation of pretty girls from various ethnics.. DMV



  • steelz202

    Dam Wale, Niggas is right though, you ain't got BYB in the joint?? No real shit here that's reppin the District. I seen a couple cats and my man was rocking the alldaz joint but WTF???

  • MrAnderson26

    The Flows were so solid but you right the Mixtapes had much better music

  • MightyMike 27

    I thought this dude was gonna be the next Talib Kweli... He's trying to go more pop than Britany Spears.. If you know Wale's potential you'll know what I mean. This dude should have had "The Mixtape About Nothing" be his first album and "Back to the feature" his second. Once I heard this song I thought it was sick as shyt until GUCCI MANNE came on LMAO! Wow. Black Thought spit a verse on this track when Wale performed on Jimmy Kimmel. That should have been the official track. Wale's new album was just disapointing. Go cop the mixtapes people, listen to this dude in his prime. This is the last time I talk shyt about Wale going pop too. I thot this guy might compete with LUPE! HA! Yeah Right...

  • Shauna

    Fly Gypsy flips "Pretty Girls": ... Fly Gypsy is set to release another burner from its upcoming project, FG*XL:remixtape. In its take on Wale's "Pretty Girls," Washington, D.C.’s duo builds on the playfulness of the original track while introducing a smart message that many women will appreciate – that they are more than just mindless “pretty girls.” Leaving little doubt that smart is sexy in the Fly Gypsy world, Kom does not mince words: “She was a dumb diva, had to get up and leave her/ I can get to score easy but get bored easier.” Rhyming about a “foreign shorty” whose body “could have made America’s most wanted list,” Kom laments, “She held my attention like it had a handle on it / But couldn’t hold a conversation if it had a handle on it/ Shorty, you look good, but can you read a book good?” Not only is the song's new message pointer, but its sound is also more club-friendly, courtesy of additional production from Alexei. “I had a hard time deciding on the additional touches because the track is already so rich,” says Alexei. “So, I put on my DJ hat and asked myself ‘What would make this track translate better in a club.’ The answer came immediately – some subtle yet sticky synth lines to give the track more drive. So I did my magic and now challenge anyone to not get up and dance when they hear this.”

  • toby

    WALE! solid rapper http://watchthishiphop.blogspot.com


    ill jus close my eyes when i watch this vid....FREE GUCCI!

  • Enrique de la Madre Columbia Rodriguez Henriquez

    He needs to scrap this video, go back to the drawing board, and do it right. While he's at, take Gucci off the track also.

  • wutangsteel

    Yeah fam- I am a little salty about this because if you are from the area, you know how we have been bumping this song for my man Wale being a local dude and all and he didn't do this song right as for the video! Still got love for you Wale, but C'mon dude! WuTang KillaBeez Gears of War XBoXing it all day! WuTangSteel, WuTangRed, WuTangBlue, WuTangPurpleHaze

  • wutangsteel

    Wale!!!! C'mon man!!!! This is not a DC video and you know I am right! This song says DC in the summer time and you failed to show the world just how we do for the DMV! If you are from the area you know that this is not DC, MD or VA... the song is us all day, but the video is wask because you didn't rep! Oh and where the hell is a shooters shit or a DC designer? You can do better Wale! Now I see why Sean price said he don't Wale with them new nigga's! Hey in the end it's all good and I happy to see a DC kat get it in, but rep the DMV man!

  • mad01ness

    i feel u wutangsteel i mean if u gonna use wink y u aint got da whole byb in dis joint or atleast my man sauce or n bugs

  • madness

    i feel u wutangsteel i mean if u gonna use wink y u aint got da whole byb in dis joint or atleast my man sauce or n bugs get da fuck out here

  • wutangsteel

    Nigga!!!!!!!!! Are you rep'n DC or not??? This is a DC song and nothing in the video says DC!!! Where is the gogo band? Where are the DC girls? Nigga Wale is wack and yes this comment is personal!!!!! Penn and Alabama South East! Alabama and 4th St. SE! Stanton and Alabama or 18th St! Nigga you did even have DC B**ch's in the joint! and DC VA MD got some sexy women! You need to do a 2-dollar vid and reshot this!!!!

  • Stanley Roper

    Definitely an ILL beat, but Wale needs to step his game up. He sounds like a Kanye knockoff. Good to hear Gucci tho. Burrrrrrrr......

  • sexycindy

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  • CFFD

    Great track, Such a good feel good tune!

  • AngryJoe

    Dope track, could do without the Gucci verse though. Also... A 7 with low self-esteem > a dyme that's conceited.

  • Sasori

    One of my favorite tracks from the album. Beat goes hard. Damn shame that Gucci couldnt be in the video but we all know why that is.