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In case you really thought Your Old Droog was Nas, this video just proves that you're wrong.


  • dazeone

    Anybody hating is racist. ..He is nice...Philly rocking with you. ..real hip hop again finally. ..

  • Anonymous

    how do you know he is white

  • yo

    Hatin ass black boys hatin on Droog cause he's white lol and 50x times better than Nas has been since illmatic

  • Anonymous

    lol @ Nas hiring this lip syncing whiteboi.

  • Anonymous

    droog=nas, niggaz denying this is just hatin.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is so dope

  • Anonymous

    Plus listen to the lyrics... "ruling the streets with an alias and they loving it"

  • Anonymous

    Are ya'll stupid? Fisrt of all this dude is lip syncing. Why do you think the video pans and is blurred like that. They did it to hide imperfections in the lip sync. Your old droog IS Nas! Don't belive it? Watch this video: IS NAS REALLY YOUR OLD DROOG | FEAT NAS (POLOVISI: http://youtu.be/e-Nlz8ot2FI

    • Its really not nas

      Are u stupid? Hes not lip syncing, hes not nas. If u click on that link u posted and go to the channel (marco polovision) he has other videos of droog rapping in person hes not nas, guys like u and marco are feeding into and playing both sides and giving this guy nothing but more exposure, good job

    • Clutching at Straws

      Ooommm OK

    • Anonymous

      ^ this true, nigguz is sleepin

  • Anonymous

    lol @ this dude playbacking those nas verses.

  • For real

    U guys act like uve never heard a rapper aound like another. How many fake lil waynes and drakes are there? J cole, big sean, they all sound the same. Kendrick lamar sounds like a fake andre 3000 from outkast. Every rapper that came out of philly in early 2000s sounded like a fake jay z

  • Lol

    U youngsters are to lil to remember nas sounding like kool g rap and rakim when he first came out

  • Biter

    He is better than Nas in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    nas is foolin all yall. lol, this whiteboy aint ya droog

  • Hmmm

    Just my opinion, but... dudes are hatin cuz he's white...

  • Anonymous

    lip syncing you dumb fucks

  • San Diego Negro

    Wowwwwww. Smh. Get this lame ass biter the fuck outta here. Dude really had me fooled. My man bit Nas's whole aura and persona and tried to pass himself off as one and only. Nas should throw a cup of piss at this dude.

  • kas

    Its a wrap. Your old droog is done. You CANT sound EXACTLY like another rapper no matter how nice you are. That is just biting. Its sad cause he is actually talented. But biting a legend's flow is not going to get him anywhere.

  • d3

    lmao haters are so mad he's white! hahaha yo ya'll kill me. son is nice shut the fuck up

    • Camaro434

      Man, STFU. Nobody's mad because he is white. Muhfuckas mad because it isn't Nas but a dude that sounds like Nas, copying Nas' flow. FOH!

  • clint

    Fuck this cat. He would have been way sicker if he didn't actually write lyrics as if he were nas - "obs throwin my special on". Maybe one day he could have got half the fame of a bronson. But by actually pretending to be nas - dude will never blow now. whoever was advising him is retarded.

    • Anonymous

      Dude never pretended to be Nas. You assumed, and now that you've found out youre wrong, you attack Droog as a biter, because its easier to do that than to admit you were wrong.

  • Anonymous

    at this point you all need to sit down. id rather have rappers sounding like nas blowing up than rappers sounding like wayne. stop hating. dude is dope. let it be and let it shine. get premo to produce an album.

  • Anonymous

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  • Jaguar336

    Dear, Y.O.D. Here's a little story for you. Over a decade ago there were 3 rappers; Sacario, Guerilla Black, and Shyne. Sacario had a song called "Live Big." He sounded just like Jay-Z. Guerilla Black had "Compton," and Shyne had "Bad Boyz." They both sounded like Biggie. They were seen as caricatures and copycats and never taken seriously because although people can take an artist following trendy flows, they can't accept one sounding exactly like one of the greats. R.I.P to your career.

  • Anonymous

    wack ass clown. anyone can rap nowadays! who is this kid?

  • Anonymous

    BOO, he sucks now that he is not Nas