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Dr. Dre challenged Eminem. During his last stop of "The Monster Tour" in Detroit, Em took on the challenge and took the opportunity to challenge Rihanna.


  • mlindoh

    Maybe some of url misunderstood the challenge,he actually challenging her on ranks on top of billboard hits and sales!

  • mlindoh

    Anonymous u bttr stay anonymous coz we knw Andre gt none on the rap God EM!!!

  • madison-rivera58

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  • Anonymous

    He ain't donated tho???

  • Anonymous

    So eminem better than Rakim ,Jay z, and a ton of rappers before him just because he get a lot of media don't get me wrong I'm a fan got all his albums but Andre 3000 would crush him

  • Aligrafi

    WOW! He almost showed human emotion.

  • Caleb Lopez

    Eminem best rapper alive but he should still make more songs it will be cool if he makes slim shady lp2 but he gonna have to release the demon

  • Anonymous

    If em did it noone is safe

  • Anonymous

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  • LuigyThone

    if Eminem can date Rihanna it would be bigger than Hov and queen Bey

  • LMAO

    Man How Lame Can A Person Be ??? WHO Can be a Fan of HIM ???? He's hanging now with Rihanna this Guy is Done. I Call this Guy in my Friendzone "SUCKER"

  • Anonymous

    damn how many people are there?crowd looks live as fuck

    • Anonymous

      60,000 people. I was there. Front and center, Floor 1, most surreal and insane concert of my life, and I've seen a ton of MCs body their live perfomance. Eminem, still has it, plain and simple. FUCK THE HATERS, you just wish you coulda experienced that shit. Criminal and Square Dance were off the fucking hook. And Rihanna looked fine as hell.