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Dr. Dre accepts the ice bucket challenge for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and nominates Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar to take the challenge.


  • sabrina.clark62

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  • former Drefan

    Dre a stupid fad follower these days.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone and there mothers need to get a life n stop hating and over analyzing shit damn people you cats live to hate why no one likes u except that nigha that posted about detox lmao to that one he can drop the ice bucket challenge but not detox lol.

  • Ivan

    What are you? My fucking Grandmother. Let them have fun. It's not like their doing the fucking fire challenge. Fucking pussy.

  • bishop lamont

    i wonder what his wife has heard as far as "detox" and other shit lol

  • Anonymous

    he didnt get the whole bucket for 1..and how u dont want to kiss your own wife smh.

  • Ry

    What he said^^^ you are fucking retarded

  • fullness

    Amazing! Didn't flinch a bit

  • Anonymous

    I've never read anything this dumb in my life

  • Mack

    I nominate Kanye, he needs to cool off with all the complaining.

  • D

    AHAHAHA YO WTF?! DRE is a zionist?! Hahaha why would he support the murder of gazans? Hope u trolling son cause thats fucked up.

  • D

    Are you serious with that shit? What does overrated have to do with not being "real"? And why would you want him to have sold drugs, would his music sound better if he did? Also back in the days of Death Row dude did sketchy shit with those guys like any real gang.

  • Benzino Goon Squad

    Everything about this nigga is overrated, including his Ice Bucket Challenge. Never carried a gun, never sold drugs, never wrote a rhyme. Only produced a few beats without the help of others. Yet he's the face of west coast gangster music. Sad really. #Drdreisazionistwhosupportsthemurderofgazans #Drdrespearheadedthewhiteningofhiphop #Eminemisthewhitedevil #Drdreprobablyhadastuntdoubledotheicebucketchallengeforhim #Drdreisabitchnigga

  • gaz

    its a shame he can drop water but not detox

  • Anonymous

    a man who loved to take cold showers died of a heart attack when the icy water touched his chest. you're gonna get a stroke or something playing with sudden temperature differences like that. this is one of the dumbest and most wreckless thing ive seen a high profile person engage in.

  • john

    It's about wasting more and more of our precious water in the middle of one of the most droughts California has seen in decades.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT'S THIS "Ice Bucket Challenge" ALL BOUT?

  • Tracee

    I thought NO ice too...until I saw the slow mo. There was ice.

  • Anonymous

    all for raising money for charity but this is stupid shit. getting cold for a second. who gives a shit. could've done without the beats watermark as well tbh.

  • SwedishRapper

    It was a little bit chocking. Stay cool Dre