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With Total Slaughter just passing, we thought we'd share a clip of Eminem battle rapping back in 1996 for #TBT. For more on Battle Rap check out BattleRap.com



  • andreakelly760

    hmmm check out www.elitestarpromotions.com

  • Anonymous

    Nobody wants it with em when it comes to battle rap

  • Anonymous

    That's the dumbest comment in social media history!

  • kas

    Damn that was nice... Em is a living legend. Haters will have to deal with that. He is one of the greatest to ever touch the mic. "I am pale, but YOU look like you seen a ghost!"

  • Wiggamortis

    damn, this caucasian...

  • White_Boi

    The Greatest Of ALL Time. Biggie, 2Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, all hot on the mic, but none of them come close to Em. Even his worst albums are classics.

    • rideonemfz09

      I dont care who is the "greatest", but that line by Em was in 2002, and we all know jada and kurupt havent really done much since then, and Em has sold double or triple since, 13 yrs later he is still on top. That strengthens Whitebois argument.

    • Andrew

      But he did say that, "I gotta list, here's the order of my list that it's in. It goes Reggie, Jay Z, Tupac and Biggie. Andre from outkast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas.... And then ME!" He knows who the greatest rappers are and gives them credit. Which to me, makes him the greatest.

    • Yaz

      A lot of people would dispute that. I think even Eminem would say that thats not true.

  • ANT


  • stfuuignants

    Hip hop might be colorblind but the consumers aren't. Any white person with similar talent to a black person will always easily outsell the black person. That's a fact.

    • Anonymous

      Damn this is some real shit. As a white man I dont think that way but its insane how most of white america does. How the fuck does Macklemore go platinum and Gambino doesnt? I dont listen to either of them but their similar artists but Gambino actually has bars for days im just not into his music

  • mike

    Emo eminem is a monster in the game and still is out selling a lot of favored artists lil Wayne being one of them there is still no one in the game ballsy enough to take shots at him cause they know he would rip them apart a lot of ppl won't do collaborations with hkm cause he bodies the track basically he is flawless when it comes to this shit he has ocd he always makes other emcees have to raise the bar an I know a lot of you are gonna hate an call me a dick rider but at the end of the day record sales don't lie look it up check the facts em is among the greats you just gonna have to deal with that

    • .

      you dont know what your talking about. macklemore and iggy outsell nas so there better at rapping? your theory os bullshit. second rick ross takes hella shots at eminem i wish eminem would respomnd i dont like rick ross. 3rd you are a dickrider really everlast bodied eminem if you listen to his diss hes not a better rapper but he got at eminem on som personal shit. that faqct is there are better rappers then eminem , eminem is good but recentally hes een hella corny really mmlp and sslp are his only classics eminem show and 8 mile are ight errythang else is pretty bad. like theres talk of emi9nem battling ell git kilt vs any real battle rapper and really the only emcee on eminems level thats ever went at him is canibis and eminem didnt respond to that either

  • Anonymous

    yall better produce another bad ass white rapper because yall wearing eminem ass into the ground and nobody buying the fake media buzz of iggy

    • rideonemfz09

      There are plenty of sick white MCs. Doesnt really menan shit, but to say eminem is the only good one is dumb. Strange music alone has 3: Ubi, Rittz, and Wrek.

    • Anonymous

      The worlds not colorblind so how is hiphop not colorblind

    • Anonymous

      Iggy has 4 songs in the top 10, eminem the biggest selling rapper of all time!! You are an ignorant dummy! HipHop is color blind

  • Godspeed2

    "You Couldn't Slip Up In The Zone, If I Put Banana Peels Around This Fuckin' Microphone."

  • Anonymous

    we must be bored.....

  • stfuuignants

    Never mind on the MC Juice part!

  • stfuuignants

    Ok, now upload some MC Juice, Ryhmefest, ChinoXL and Supernatural.

  • Slim

    A lot of people don't realise that Em has been around for a long ass time too. A lot of people think artists like Nas, Biggie, Pac and others started before Eminem, but the truth is, Em just hadn't blown up at that time. But he still was doing his thing. He got real popular in his late 20s unlike rappers like Nas who was a lot younger when he got to be well known.

    • Bhhh

      The cracca popped at 27 and fell the hell off at 30 just like he joked about on soldier

    • mike

      Em was 24/25 when he officially signed to Aftermath, not that old.

    • Slim

      Even when you look at Snoop dogg. He's just a year older than Em, and also blew up a lot younger with Doggystyle in 1993. He seems to have been around a lot longer but that's just because Em didn't have any major deals at that time.

  • Anonymous

    eminem is much better than these battle fools, hed murk dizaster and swallow da don anyday

  • Anonymous