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Everyone from Drake to Papoose to Styles P to Mark Batson reacted to Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control." One year later, DX tackles the reasons why.

In today’s DX Daily Breakdown, we dig into the wide ranging reactions to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control” and investigate reasons why the song controlled the entire Hip Hop world.

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    • Justin Hunte

      "This is for my blue collar working', beer guzzling, bootleg DVD selling / Keep hustling / Push / If you represent the struggle the push / Peep the pieces of the puzzle and push / Never let them place a muzzle / Just push." - Pharoahe Monch. One of my all time favorite Monch joints. "Desire" was super slept on. Thank you for the comment and checking the piece, HATER PLAYER. We appreciate it.

  • tigerking79

    Just call it Kendrick Lamar's song. If it wasn't for Kendrick Lamar's verse, this song would just be another song from an ok rapper (Big Sean) rapping over a tight beat, whom nobody would be talking about a year later.

    • Justin Hunte

      I think Big Sean's verse is supremely underrated. He's saying real stuff while assuming somewhat of a battle position. "Cause you live for the moment / And I live for a living..." is a great way to approach life. I really appreciate the comment, tigerking79. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    My nigga my nigga

  • Trey

    I think people got salty over him tossing out names that he wants to "murder" and the King of New York claim. But this guy says he's been doing this already on Rigamortis and Monster Freestyle. Those are some of my favorite songs by Kendrick. But I think, not a whole lot of people were listening to Kendrick at that point in his career. Some people are unaware of his super underrated Monster Freestyle!!

  • Anonymous

    Lil Boosie killed that beat.



  • da OG Preacha

    I think I need me some Farrakhanizm at this beautiful sunday dear brothers and sister. Time and what must be done! Get civilzed you devils!

  • Justin Hunte :)

    Justin Hunte a real Niqka.

  • Royal

    I think K.Dot's verse was huge. A lot of people looked for whatever reason, they could, to hate on it. Reason being because the competition level, in hip-hop, has gotten so weak. Everyone beefing on twitter now, dropping no bars. I think the verses impact would have been better if we had gotten some friendly competition verses from more of the rappers named.

  • superkicks88

    kendrick knew what he was doing with that verse but some folks didn't get the message..tweet me @rackscarsass

  • Anonymous

    DX come on, KiLLuminati was done well before Control LoL

    • Justin Hunte

      Thank you for the comment, Anonymous. You're absolutely correct. I misspoke. I intended to refer to Killuminati Pt 2. Forgot the "Pt 2" part. Still getting reps. Thank you sincerely for the comment. I appreciate it.

  • fifflaren56

    best song of that year and I' mnot even a fan

    • I Used To Love Her

      In my opinion, Jay Elect added more balance to the track. It's almost as if he wrote his verse last. Amazing grace, indeed. Kendrick was just on some Tupac-clone spit! But at least Pac had a focus, a reason for being so passionate on his tracks. Lil' Kenny was just yelling away... All in all, one of the most over-rated verses of all time. Only reason I even checked it out was for the Jay Electronica feature. Real spit! I used to be a fan... but Overly Dedicated & Section 80 was so long ago, so to heaven with Lil' Kenny. He lost me a minute ago

  • Gary

    Word up, been coming here for a long time checking in on the news about Hip Hop and its culture... With this new venture of video news is phat. Keep it up and I'll keep coming back. PS - Where can I get a HIPHOPDX T? Peace goes out.

    • Justin Hunte

      Much appreciated, Gary! We're gonna keep dropping these every day and every week. Thank you for rocking with us. We'll have more info on how to get a DX T in the coming months, along with a slew of new additions. Stay tuned.

  • e

    Masta Ace Inc - SlaughtaHouse

  • Fifthave.

    This generation is really funny, anybody wit a hot song or one hot album suddenly becomes a King or Queen, give these rappers 5 albums before crowning them, cuz most of them are gonna fall off even when they go 5 albums deep.

    • Say what??!!!?

      Every Pharoahe Monch album has been a classic. Common's got at least five classic albums. Please don't forget about The Roots. & don't sleep on the BK Emcee, Talib Kweli [if u include his Black Star & Reflection Eternal joints, he has well over 5 CLASSIX!!!].

    • tigerking79

      KISS' music was just a gimmick to sell merchandise, they made a few decent songs, but other than that it was just corny rock music for corny people to sing along with. Rolling Stones wouldn't have a career if they didn't borrow Blues music. Most of Jay-Z's albums are garbage. And don't bring up Reasonable Doubt. Jay-Z completely ripped off of Biggie's style on that album. Jay-Z was still speed rapping right before Reasonable Doubt came out. I got some songs from 95 Jay-Z is on where he was speed rapping. Jay-Z is just a biter. Listening to a Jay-Z has become more like a hip hop quiz of which rapper did Jay-Z bite that verse or hook from. Nas has had one classic and a few good albums, and a few garbage albums. No matter what music genre you listen to, Classic albums are rare. There is a difference between Classic and Good.

    • Anonymous

      @Anon The Roots and Outkast have at least 5 great albums each. Jay-Z and Nas have plenty of classic/great material. Kanye has critical acclaim on every release of his except for 808's. That's just the tip of the iceberg, but whatever

    • Anonymous

      No rapper has 5 good albums. Rappers are only hot on there first 2/3 albums. Look at the rock genre KIZZ made 5 classics, look at the rolling stones. Rappers just aint real musians.

  • Anonymous

    yall dumb for this. HHDX is falling off. covering shit thats so old and got OVER covered and OVER hyped when it was news.

    • Justin Hunte

      Word up. Thank you for the comment, Anonymous. And thank you for the response, Anonymous #2. We appreciate you watching the video.

    • Anonymous

      bro when an action happens in the past, you dissect. Dig Deeper to understand. Thats whats wrong with the Lister, your attention span is short. So let "rap" $$$ Hoohaas and Wahoogivewhatevs.

  • Beef

    Papoose bodied that track

    • tigerking79

      More like Papoose was bodied the first time he tried to rap. His wack ass doesn't even have an underground following. Over 10 years in the game and nobody can name a song he has had out.

  • Slick J

    Great wrap-up. It's definitely because he said that he would murder these dudes that everybody got up at arms. And though I love Kendrick, and loved the excitement around the verse, it's not something that I would ever call a pantheon verse. Mos Def on Thieves in the Night. Jay on Just To Get By Remix. Nas on One Love -- those are classic verses. Control had some all-time callouts, but as a verse it was "just" hot.

  • gambit82

    Control was what not only what the west coast needed, but the entire hip hop game. The verse still gives me chills when I listen to it. #Props2KDot

    • Justin Hunte

      "TELL FLEX TO DROP A BOMB ON THIS SHIT!" That gets me every time. Thank you for the comment, gambit82. Few things are better than lyricists controlling the Rap conversation.

  • Anonymous

    Last few minutes, very compelling