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DX dives into all the recent Battle Rap stories.

From Dizaster and Math Hoffa to Ab-Soul to politicians in Belgium organizing rap battles to help increase voter turnout, this DX Daily Breakdown is all about all of the recent happenings in Battle Rap.

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  • clarence fruster

    Justin, Hip hop is lucky to have you. This is great, well presented & professional. Keep up the excellence sir.

  • trebleclef

    math hoffa wasnt sucker punched, but he sucker punched twice in the past, bottom line math gave battle rapping a bad name and maybe now hell think again becuz his ignant ass shoulda been banned, no excuse for the serious jones situation wats so eva, thumbs up Diz, ignore the sucker punch feeds, and fuck all that east vs west shit bcuz math aint no role model to where he's a representative of NO coast and if he is then shame on y'all for picking a violent no respect for his craft haven bastard

  • bishop mchugh

    Not a sucker punch at all. Not only was he in his face, he gave him a warning that he was gona do it. Not only that, Math said "do it". I'm confused on how this was a sucker punch. I'm confused about how anyone believes Math didn't expect the punch.

    • mike

      exactly. do people even know about the past? also. i know people have said that math should press charges against him, unfortunately people dont understand that you cant press charges if you told the person to do it to you.

  • Frosty

    No clue why you keep referring this to a sucker punch, he was right in his face the whole time!

    • Justin Hunte

      I get that and feel that 100%. But this is battle rap. By nature it's a war of words. It's not a boxing match. That's why I consider it a sucker punch. Diz sucker punched Math just like Math sucker punched Serius. I enjoy the exchange though, Frosty. Thank you for being real. I wish I stumbled into more real conversations in the C Section. We're working on that, trust.

    • Frosty

      The thing is Math was egging him on, was he not telling him to "do it"?, the posture from this Dizaster character was shady and looked as if he was about to swing. You have to expect it at that point, that's not sucker punch. Math should have been ready to put his hands up, either way dude deserved it for that Serious Jones stunt. Where I'm from you don't just assume nothing is going to happen if someone is that close to your face and states he wants to punch you.

    • Justin Hunte

      See my reply to Jack and add in that they were cool with each other all day before that. Dizaster's full Rap Grid interview is pretty incredible. Thank you for the comment, Frosty. I appreciate you checking it out.

  • Anonymous

    Great breakdown. props.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is good at this. Wanna see more reports like this. dope shit.

  • Anonymous

    Justin Hunte is a pussy

  • Anonymous

    that ugly ass pussy arab diz is a punk, that was a bitch move straight sucker punch that pussy dide not look math in the eye fucking lyin bitch

  • Azar

    This was a great breakdown. Look forward to hopefully more well spoken reviews on the battle rap culture. It can be taken seriously this way instead of someone always talking ghetto. People like you are what can push this past ghetto. Oh and I don't see this beef ending any way but bad. Real bad.

    • Justin Hunte

      Thank you for checking the piece, Azar. We're still learning. With so much going on in battle rap these days, this could've easily been 20 minutes long. I hate leaving out all the Queen Of The Ring stuff, for example. Or even NOME4, which was one of my favorite battle events I've attended in years. This is an exciting time for Battle Rap.

  • Jack

    The person reporting this is biased. Dizaster didn't sucker punch, he asked for it and stared him dead in the eyes and said I dare you. Don't dare someone something if you don't know their capabilities or of the have a short fuse. Math thought he was tough and rough and from the hood he got beat up. Simple as that. Remeber there is always going to be a bigger bully than you. Everyone acting tough because they seen a few guns and been to the hood. You haven't seen nothing tell me when an F-16 flys over your "hood" and house and you don't know what's going to happen! Dizaster cut from a different cloth where he from people are tough and don't take shit from no one. Math was acting tough and talking about knocking people out that he got like 8 punches and bashed on. Taste of his own medicine!!

    • Justin Hunte

      I'm not sure how many battle rappers regularly walk into a rap battle expecting to get punched. I'm under the assumption that most of the time most battle rappers walk into a rap battle expecting to battle rap. Unless that assumption is wrong, it's a sucker punch. Even with that, yes, it's not hard to find people who feel Math deserved it. That's exactly what happens when you build a reputation for sucker punching people in a rap battle. Some would call it karma. I sincerely appreciate you checking the piece though, Jack. Thank you for the comment.

  • Manny Faces

    Another well done breakdown... Agreed that this isn't battle rap's fault per se, but perception is going to be reality for a while. Then again, while Total Slaughter might have lost a sponsor or two, this incident will probably have that crazy side effect of calling more attention to battle rap, and therefore, to their show. So I'm sure for them, it's not that bad. But for the sub-industry, and of course, hip hop as a whole, it was definitely not a good look.

    • Justin Hunte

      Manny Faces! I appreciate the comment, man. Thank you. That's the thing, we asked Dirt Bag Dan about it in an interview last week and came with a similar sentiment: This isn't bad for battle rap. This is bad for King Of The Dot. Unfortunately that's difficult to disagree with.

  • C. Dot

    Good job hhdx. Good to see some actual journalism going on. Entertainment news gets more clicks but a real hip-hop news site is what the culture could use. more articles, please.

  • Bars

    Math may of got jumped but sucker punched? Gtfo. A grown man says hes going to punch you and you say do it? The situation sucks in general.

    • Justin Hunte

      See my reply to Jack. Thank you for checking the video. I know 10 minutes on the 4th of July is a lot to ask of anyone. I appreciate it sincerely.